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  1. to SET bit use inclusive OR pCurrentPixel = pCurrentPixel | 0xff000000;
  2. Crusty

    [DX9] 2d animation

    theoretically u have it so just code it :) ... or whats the problem?
  3. or test for U,V coordinates if(u > 0.2 && u < 0.8) { //do shader }
  4. Maybe you should try to create these two textures and blend them together with correct setting of alpha-blending
  5. can we see any screenshot?
  6. Crusty

    Wheel spin

    At each frame I get new value of time and set it to CurrentTime. When wheel start rotate I save time, when it starts, to StartTime I set how long rotation take ... for example TotalTime = 2.0 (2 seconds) Then at each loop I calculate current elapsed time. Its percentage-like value, from 0.0 to 1.0 I get value what i saved to TimeRatio : TimeRatio = (CurrentTime - StartTime) / TotalTime; Then I simply multiple it by lenght of track to get current position. ... maybe I have just "visual" problem like stroboscopic effect. Because at low FPS differences between symbol positions could be too big.
  7. Crusty

    openGL question

    to settis : maybe default value :) and at your source code, try to find all functions what sets up this farPlane value ...
  8. Hi All Im doing slot machine game and Im confused with one think I have wheel represented as 4 tiles.Each 1 tile have bitmap of 1 symbol. These tiles are moving from up-down to simulate wheel spin. Id like to get some hints from u ... how to make em rotating "frame-rate" independent and to stop at correct, alligned possition? I tried to define lenght of track to move, start possition and total time of rotation. at each frame im doing somethink like this : TimeRatio = (CurrentTime - StartTime) / TotalTime; TrackRatio = TimeRatio * TrackLenght; ... but this didnt makes me FPS independent .. what is problem. can any1 help plz? (and sorry about bad english ...)
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