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    Not Dead :D

    Quote:Original post by Aardvajk How do I make a hockey MMORPG? HTML with variables.
  2. =P Like I said, I was speculating. Plus, my examples weren't the most solid because I honestly have never written a single piece of code for sound. Just seemed like something that might be an issue. For example, in my project, an RTS, there could be lots of battle sounds going on that can't be baked into a single environment sound, but a "5 minutes remaining" announcement or a super weapon charging up would need to be heard. I was exploring avenues that I might want to go down later, I have yet to tackle sound in my design, so we'll see.
  3. QRebound

    Life is good.

    Ah! I hadn't thought of the tree structure, offset designs and such for a while, definitely since I wrote my component system (which I detailed to you.) *starts scribbling furiously* Yes, this will be cool. Now, instead of convoluted garbage collection on my Marbles, They can just percolate upwards until their handled or hit the root, at which point a warning gets logged and it gets deleted. In light of this image I might rename my "Marbles" to "Bubbles". (This isn't going to make sense to a lot of people since it relies on information I shared with Staaf elsewhere. However, if you're interested, I have a writeup on it. Just email me at
  4. Well, say these 16 sounds consist of: game music A (outside, fading away) game music B (inside the bar, fading in) flickering of a torch someone walking across the room someone in the corner mumbling under their breath GUI sounds, the "hover over" chimes that seem to be popular Someone's chair scraping back as they stand up the chink of coins as they pass hands at the bar someone sipping from their mug the bartender asking what someone wants to drink that person responding the door to the bar opening random hustle bustle from outside (carts etc) the town clock ringing 8 o'clock your own character talking about what he needs to do for a quest the player is dropping his armor so it makes a clink on the ground All of these are low volume (thus priority sounds), but even with all of these playing i should hear the lady who bursts into the bar screaming that orcs are attacking. Just thought i should bring it up. The "must be heard" flag is a bit too binary for me. I'd probably implement a byte that stored a 0 to 255 "priority" and a new sound finds the lowest priority sound, and if it's priority is lower than it's it force stops the sound and plays itself. Or even, it might use some audio rendering to render them into the same sound file to play. *shrug* just speculating here. (Sorry for horrible punctuation/capitalization, this keyboard is stiff and difficult to type on.)
  5. How do you handle prioritizing sounds? For example, say 16 unique sounds are playing (possibly looping), (1 from the game, 1 from the room, and 14 different actors, or whatever). All of a sudden, an actor enters screaming at the top of his lungs. Shouldn't this force another emitter to give up it's channel so that the scream can be heard?
  6. QRebound

    State Lines

    Hmm, interesting thing I stumbled into. I was looking around the Project Offset webpage ( and was reading one of the developer blogs/interviews, and happened to remember reading our gdnet journal here earlier today... Do you happen to be working on this game with the graphics programmer over there? Or perhaps, this is you? =) EDIT: Just now noticed the interview was with SIM, not SLIM. So it is you. =)
  7. QRebound

    Tech lives!

    Awesome! Sounds really exciting, I'll be waiting to hear about it. =)
  8. QRebound

    Tech lives!

    =D Great work! I love this concept of extensibility. It's actually very reminiscent of my own current project... I'm taking extensibility to the point where each iteration of our level editor will be a level developed in our level editor. >_> Trust me, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it too haha. I went back and reread your whole archive, and noticed you don't update very often. Just wanted to post to let you know I'm now an avid follower, if the encouragement helps you to post a bit more often! =)
  9. QRebound

    "Tasking" Architecture

    I'm working on getting it wrapped. If you'd like, I'll post it online when it's finished.
  10. QRebound

    "Tasking" Architecture

    Hah, I don't plan on having a 1 to 1 ratio. The whole point is that the system itself can configure the granularity. The get task is to allow the system to determine "What needs doing now", and then when the Scheduler detects that there is some space free in the task queue it retrieves some of these tasks. Also, this is in C#, and with Delegates, the ease of implementing each is trivial. Thanks for the Advice, I think I'm going to go with the Task with an exposed delegate option.
  11. Hello all, been a while since I've posted here. I'm looking for advice on which direction to take with an architecture designed to take advantage of multiple cores. I'm using Intel's Threading Building Blocks, and integrating it into my project. I have a list of "systems", (graphics, physics, etc), each of which needs some time to execute code (obviously). Instead of just doing round robin, which is difficult to parrallellize if one has a different frequency than another, and won't take advantage of multiple cores, I'm using a "task scheduling" system. So, each system exposes a "GetNextTask()" function, which will return a task that can be put into the "TaskQueue". My question is this: Should I use One Task object, which exposes delegates that the Systems can attach too, or should i subclass a base "Task" object for each type of system? I'm not sure I know what the benefits and disadvantages of each would be. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you. =)
  12. QRebound

    On MMORPGs

    =D I, for one, am really looking forward to Age of Conan.
  13. QRebound

    IBL: Incredibly Bad Luck (tm)

    Setup for an elaborate april fools? Wouldn't have the opportunity to post on april fools, so he posted a day early?
  14. Looked around for a bit, and I didn't see any other posts on these questions. Is there ever a situation in which you would need more than one sprite batch? If not, what would the affect of this be? Does the sprite batch automatically sort sprites that you "draw" with it? (I'm assuming that's what the sprite batch is _for_). Thank you :)
  15. QRebound


    I still have all my files. I just need to shift all my particular settings over to this partition of the harddrive. (i just cant boot to the other partition)
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