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    GDNet at the Movies: Hancock

    Quote:Original post by iNsAn1tY I went to see it last night, and I was most disappointed to find that the film was not in fact a biopic of the late, great British comic Tony Hancock, with Will Smith in the lead role, but rather one of those in-vogue 'superhero' films. Despite the urge to leave, I stayed for the film and I quite agree with Oluseyi; the second half wasn't nearly as good as the first, but it was quite funny in parts. Unfortunately, the staff just pointed at the posters and made fun of me when I tried to get my money back after the film, and I was going to call their head office and complain bitterly, as it's every Englishman right to, but I thought nah, forget it, yo home to Bel-Air. You
  2. Arclight

    "Why won't you remember my toolbar settings?!"

    I'll tell you why it wont remember all our toolbar settings...... it doesnt like you.
  3. Arclight

    Little Help With My PC

    I have just installed SP2 after many months of deciding to do it, but my issue after it was installed said it needed a reboot so it did reboot over and over again it gets the the Windows splash page with the scrolling bar then decides to restart. I can get to a command prompt from the windows CD but I cant get into Windows to enter my password or into safe mode. I've had this problem before but with a hardware issue because I restarted while using a phantom CD drive didnt have it installed on my PC this time, so i can rule that out. To get past the issue last time I reinstalled I dont want to do the same again Anyone had similar issues with thier PC constanly restarting, and how did you sort it....... hopefully not reformatting? Or if you can think how i can fix it, please tell me. [Edited by - Arclight on January 7, 2006 7:14:33 AM]
  4. Arclight

    How Are Games Patched?

    If they simply replace the .exe and add other files that are needed, why is it that some games require you to install earlier patches for later patches to work? Is there an industry standard, companies follow in order to allow games to be patched? Google has nothing on Game patching that I can find, and nobody has brought this subject up before. *Reads Post above, that appeared while typing and posting this one. Is this the way patching is done in the gaming industry?
  5. After a developer/ publisher releases a game onto the world, how is the task of actually patching the game achieved? Im insterested in the technical side of it, how its it achieved. Do they simply rewrite the .exe and replace it in the game folder, etc. Any links or comments would be helpfull. Thanks.
  6. Arclight

    Star Wars 3 Trailer

    So does anyone have a link to a full version of the trailer? Im Just wondering if its different to this one I found on the net some time ago.
  7. Arclight

    Are my megahurtz being stolen?

    I see your problem............ its what’s know as "Steamius Crapius" this common virus manifests itself into an exe called steam. This virus then takes over your PC overwriting files and deleting others. It also sits in the background waiting for you to do something important and its at that moment it decides to utilise your CPU into overdrive and kill you network connection, remove this threat immediately.
  8. Arclight

    After Longhorn?

    Does anyone know what the OS after longhorn, from Microsoft is called? I cant remember I was told a few months ago but Ive forgoten
  9. Arclight

    Breaking out of loops, in C?

    So its possible he is just making a point that I shouldnt exit the loop through anything other than the condition, just to teach me a resonable programming sytle? Git......... well he didnt have to cut my grade in half to show it. A simple postit would have been enough.
  10. Arclight

    Breaking out of loops, in C?

    No it was 'Break' exact comment he wrote on my coursework is - <Quote>Break - Not used in For dangerous! Only used in Switch.</Quote> And he penialised me down to a high C grade :(
  11. Ive been told by a lecturer at univeristy that you shouldn't use break statements in 'For' loops to exit them. he says this is "dangerous" ................................. why is it? I havent been able to get hold of him to ask so I thought this would be just as good to post it here. [Edited by - Arclight on December 15, 2004 9:27:01 AM]
  12. Arclight

    I still cant believe that we havent found an answer to this, we have been at it for over 8 months!
  13. Arclight

    Rome: Total War

    I also like the option to play as a smaller clan which expands the game further.
  14. Arclight

    Rome: Total War

    The sheer size of the game is amazing, Ive played it for several hrs and ive taken over spain, gaul, germania, and started to take the UK. But I made the mistake of taking Rome to early and now all the other families have attacked me, and I dont have enough men to defend all my provinces from attack. I may start again and do things right. At least I learn from my mistakes.
  15. Arclight

    You favorite Classic game!

    Quote:Original post by MikeMJH Man, I loved Wing Commander: Privateer back in the day. And Strike Commander. Oh, can't forget the Quest for Glory series. Those were awesome! Wing Commander: the Kilrathi Saga (WC-I, II and III), Classics.
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