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  1. Deux

    New sprite

    Very cool, I like the style :) Very bomberman like :)
  2. Deux

    Clipboard woes

    I hear ya. I have yet to complete a project, but you seem quite close, keep it up :)
  3. Deux

    Clipboard woes

    Cant wait to see a demo :)
  4. Deux

    Development to resume soon

    Alot has happened recently, I have had not much time as of late. Development will resume shortly again on the project I was working on.
  5. Deux

    more and more, and still some more

    Hi there Mushu :) The game is a 2d vector shooter, and while it is fun for me, I dont feel right now that it would be engaging for the user. There is also no plot :) Do you think it wise that I release what I have, so as to get thoughts from people ? Or do you keep it under wraps until finished ?
  6. Deux

    more and more, and still some more

    been trying out some more ideas, prototyping still continues. Some dynamics in the game just do not gel like I want them too. Gonna have to work hard to get it all right.
  7. Deux

    Prototyping Going Well

    Got the game at its most primitive up and running as a prototype, seeing that is seems fun enough, going to start expanding on it and fleshing out the test code, and making the program more robust. At the same time, adding everything else I need into it :)
  8. Deux

    More Prototyping

    Got a little prototype up today, been a mission working around some small problems, but getting there, hopefully I can show some screenies soon.
  9. Deux

    Getting ready

    Getting ready to start prototyping my new attempt at a game I have been wanting to make. Updates shortly.
  10. Deux


    got lots of time right now to get coding again, yeeahhhaaa
  11. Deux

    Working animation

    dude, your work never seizes to amaze me, good work !
  12. Deux

    packer update

    seems I will be writing my own, as most people dont deem it necessary to pack and encrypt files. Unless ofcourse you buy assets and makers insist you do so. More on this later.
  13. Deux

    compressing and encrypting

    well, tonight I will venture into the making of a packaging solution to keep my mediazz safe. Dont really want to pay $$$ for existing apps out there. If I fail though :) I will pay :)
  14. Deux

    Geo Defender Version 1 released

    thanks for trying it out and giving your critique :) I will post it in the showcase once I have gotten more input from more users, I have been getting steady comments on what I should change etc.. So once I put em all in, I will be sure to release it :) Thanks again.
  15. Deux

    Geo Defender Version 1 released

    hi all, grab it here http://members.gamedev.net/deux/GeoDefenderV1.rar please try it out and lemme know what ya think. Crits are welcome. Thanks.
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