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  1. Aph3x

    Unity raytracer

    Messing about with Unity, wrote a little raytracer - quite easy as Unity does all the hard work! Have a bash... stick a few spheres, planes, lights in a scene then stick this script on an object:using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class Tracer : MonoBehaviour{ public Color AmbientLight; [Range(0.0f, 1.0f)] public float Reflectivity; private Texture2D Texture; private Light[] Lights; void Start() { float ratio = Screen.height / (float)Screen.width; Texture = new Texture2D(256, (int)(ratio*256)); Lights = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType(); } void OnGUI() { GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(16, 8, 256, 64)); if (GUILayout.Button("Trace")) { DoTrace(); Texture.Apply(); } GUILayout.EndArea(); GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(16, 48, Texture.width, Texture.height), Texture); } private void DoTrace() { float dx = 1/(float)(Texture.width); float dy = 1/(float)(Texture.height); Vector3 vec = new Vector3(); for (int y=0 ; y 0) { if (!Physics.Raycast(aPos, dirToLight)) { float dist = Vector3.Distance(aPos, l.transform.position); float v = (dist/l.range)+1; float intensity = l.intensity / (v * v); clr += l.color * NdotL * intensity; } } } return clr; }}
  2. Aph3x

    Once is happenstance...

    Well you can give [the dev build] a bash here with a few caveats:   1. The graphics are all placeholders mainly from the speccy chaos, others from all over the interwebs. 2. Bugs! 3. The AI is rudimentary at the moment and has no idea how to use most of its spells, but you can get a reasonable game out of it :)
  3. Aph3x

    Once is happenstance...

    Twice is coincidence, so Mr Fleming wrote. I love Chaos. The game that is - that old Speccy turn-based peculiarity. Mr Gollop is one of my programming heroes. His work probably influenced me more than any other to take up programming; games programming in particular. I used to dream up great new ideas that I'd add to Chaos when I became a programmer. One of the first 'proper' programs I wrote allowed you to hack into Chaos and change the names, graphics and attributes of the creatures and spells. 'Death to hackers' indeed ;) Speaking of which, the Rebelstar series wasn't too bad either - that game (along with Laser Squad and XCom after it) sealed my adoration of the TBS genre for good. I remember nearly killing myself racing round my paper round, desperate to get home and play it yet again. So to the point. Whenever I get a new device nowadays, one of the first things I do is try and get Chaos running on it somehow. I've just installed a version on my Android phone in fact. So a few months ago I came to thinking... there's nothing new been added to the game by the 'remakes', why don't I follow my dream of years ago and do a remake myself to take advantage of the new mobile revolution? It surely can't go as badly as my last attempt at a remake can it now? It's been almost 30 years since the original Chaos after all, surely Mr Gollop has moved on... Roflcopters. Somebody above is telling me to stop attempting remakes. I'll just leave this here...
  4. Aph3x

    Well well well...

    The official Carrier Command remake is finally released. It took them 6+ years with a smallish team, and the results... well let's see.
  5. Many thanks for sharing all this invaluable info LordYabo!
  6. Aph3x

    Earth Fly-by

    Amazing. More so in that I had to look really REALLY hard to see any lod pop too!
  7. Aph3x

    Codemasters : Week 1

    Congrats man! Now, about this OpFlashpoint follow up... ;)
  8. Aph3x

    Time for a new chapter

    The games industry both rocks and sucks... good luck!
  9. Aph3x

    TrackMania Wii Teaser Trailer

    Four... Player... Split... Screen?! Oh yes :)
  10. Aph3x

    Horizontal displacement 2

    OK... having seen this awesomeness, I now NEED to get something even approaching this in my own little project! How the hell would one even start to create something like this? Are there any refs I can look at?! [ed] aha - just read your May post :)
  11. Aph3x


    LOLZ - had hours of 'fun' using CodeWorrier programming for mobile phones. Urgh.
  12. Aph3x

    'Vulcan is now an enemy island!'

    Only slightly disheartened ;) I have been concentrating on another project recently - you know how it is - a house & 4 mouths to feed with only one job :-/ I'm trying to recruit a few people so I can actually get 'Archipelago' finished one day. So if you code or do 3d modelling etc, give me a shout. @Tim & PB: check PM please.
  13. Aph3x

    HD5870 - Impressions.

    Finally: parallax mapping functionality at usable framerates (and better looking) :) :)
  14. Aph3x

    'Vulcan is now an enemy island!'

    Hey Grunes, lol yeah - no 's' on the end of mine, and it's a 'working title' ;) I remember briefly playing it on the Amiga - another strange one.
  15. Aph3x

    'Vulcan is now an enemy island!'

    Oi oi! No-one said nuffink about giving up. It's all said in the first post. I just gave up worrying about legalities of making something available to the public :P
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