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  1. File Loading Header Issue

    Never mind i was up to late and was being a Block head, i was not allocating memory correctly . My issue has been resolved, thanks for the assistance
  2. File Loading Header Issue

    Well i am trying to follow the book "Focus on 3d Models" and type all the code in myself instead of copying and pasting. if i create a local variable within the load function it will work just fine, but if i try to use the private variable i made in the class it will crash at that line every time even if i make the variable public it will still crash. its like it does not want to put the data into my private variable. so i started looking at other importers and they used the reinterpret_cast<char *>(&m_Head) format i have my .tga loader use the (char *)&m_Head way of things usually.
  3. I am trying to load a file format and i have the code below but Visual studio 2010 always crashes at the line below and i do not understand why as i have a .tga loader that uses a similar way of opening and reading files. if (!f.read(reinterpret_cast<char *>(&m_Head), sizeof(MyFormatHeader))) [code] class MyFormat : public CModel { public: //Load the file bool Load(const string szFilename); //Render file at the initial position void Render(); void Render(unsigned int uiFrame); void DrawModel(); MyFormat(); MyFormat(const char * szFile); ~MyFormat(); private: MyFormatHeader m_Head; }; bool MyFormat::Load(const string szFilename) { ifstream f(szFilename.data(), std::ios::binary); if (!f.is_open()) { return false; } ////// Always Crashes on this line what am i doing wrong if (!f.read(reinterpret_cast<char *>(&m_Head), sizeof(MyFormatHeader))) { return false; } return true; } [/code]
  4. Teaching games design/programming

    Quote:Original post by hansol The modelling was just to give the students an appreciation of how models are made. How could you explain the importance of low poly modelling to someone who has no idea of modeling ? We would not expect them to produce anything too impressive but at least box modeling to make a alien character etc. Does the fact that XNA 'protects you from Direct X' make it a weakness or a strength ? Thanks if you want to give them a great resource for 3d modeling you can send them to 3dbuzz.com they have lots of free VTMS(Video Training Modules) they are for the older versions of the software but they also have cheap up to date products that cover the basics of 3DSMax and Maya and advanced modeling in maya they also have an XNA course as well the first volume covers C# programming the second set covers several Small games as well here is a link to volume 2 that tells http://3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_xna2_info.php
  5. Quote:Original post by graveyard filla Do yourself a huge favor and write your level editor in a different language then C++.. C# is a great choice, any .NET language really... Java even if you prefer it. I've personally written a level editor in C++/SDL/OpenGL, and I've written them in .NET. I can honestly tell you that you would be 5x more productive using the latter, without a doubt in my mind. Any Chance you could make a tutorial over making a basic level editor? in any language...c# and opengl etc...
  6. 3D Maya Tutorials

    i go to http://3dbuzz.com they have some free max and maya and xsi and Unreal modding Video training tutorials
  7. Morgan Kaufman Publishing

    I recieved one as well today
  8. Tutorial C++

    Quote:Original post by RAZORUNREAL I've heard 3d Buzz has some C++ video tutorials. They also Have C++ and OpenGL Training Videos I won them and they are really really Great here is the Description from the Opengl Videos and here is a link to there Full Pafe Full of all there information http://3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_info_gl.php OpenGL In-Depth (C++ VTM #6) Are you interested in learning about graphics programming using OpenGL? Have you ever wanted to create your own fully-interactive 3D applications? Now is your chance to get in tune with this popular 3D graphics API! The OpenGL In-Depth will take you from the beginner level to a thorough understanding of the OpenGL graphics API as you explore the graphics techniques behind many of today’s modern game engines and 3D applications! You’ll learn multiple methods for interfacing with OpenGL as you create your own multiplatform 3D graphics programs, allowing you to design and explore your own virtual worlds! You’ll also see how to integrate custom geometry, texturing, lighting, and fully navigable viewports into your applications! You’ll also see how to create your own particle engine to populate your scenes with sparks, fire, smoke, and other environmental effects! Once you’ve laid a foundation for using OpenGL, it’s time to take your skills to a higher, more professional level by learning focused techniques and advanced applications. In this VTM, you’ll see how to handle many of the techniques currently used by professionals in the graphics industries! You’ll see how to handle real-time shadowing and reflections, antialiasing, and bump-mapping, as well as creating your own custom shaders! The VTM also includes how to optimize your 3D environments using Octrees, Quadtrees, and BSP Trees! In addition, you’ll receive a full lecture over the creation of three-dimensional curves! You’ll develop an understanding of the mathematics behind Bezier, Hermite, and NURBs curves! These techniques can then be applied for the creation of your own curved-based surfaces, such as NURBS! As an added bonus, we’ll also show you how you can tap into the FBX format for bringing a variety of 3D assets into your applications! You’ll see how you can create an importer for your programs to allow you to use the FBX format to bring geometry, textures, lights, and even skinning information and bone animation into your scenes! The lecture will cover how to use FBX to bring a fully animated and textured character into your own OpenGL application! The OpenGL In-Depth VTM will cover the following topics: - Rendering Techniques Discussion - Exploration of the OpenGL Library: GL, GLu, and GLUT - Graphics Architecture - Interfacing with OpenGL using wxWidgets, SDL, GLUT, and the Windows API - Applied Linear Algebra including matrices and vector operations - Geometry and Transformation Handling for Animation and Interactive Viewports - Texture Mapping using BMPs and TGAs - Lighting techniques utilizing multiple light types and a discussion of lighting models - Techniques for fast geometry rendering using display lists - Creating and using text BONUS TOPIC: Creating an OBJ Loader for importing custom geometry from your favorite 3D application! Utilizing the Stencil Buffer to create real-time shadows and reflections - Using antialiasing techniques in your applications - Discussion of optimization techniques including BSP Trees, Octrees, and Quadrees - Curve discussion covering Berstein Polynomials, Bezier Curves, Hermite Curves, and NURBs Curves - Discussion of Scene Trees Shader Creation with Vertex Shaders and Fragment Shaders - Selecting objects in your 3D viewports BONUS TOPIC: Creating an importer to utilize the FBX format to bring in your own models, lights, textures, and animation from many of today’s most popular 3D applications! This VTM is your one shot opportunity to get started creating your own 3D applications using this incredible graphics API! You’ll find everything you need to develop a deep understanding of graphics programming using OpenGL!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=3DBuzz they are offering free videos on how to make a simple game and an mp3 player in Delphi
  10. http://www.youtube.com/3DBuzz they post free turbo delphi videos
  11. "Tank Game" Team Project - First Screenshots

    the game looks really great when will there be a playable demo???
  12. C++ Workshop - Introduction

    How about some of the resources at this site it just may help in the process http://www.pclx.com/itcc/
  13. Fantasy/Educational Games: Wing Gamepak (+ source)

    i got a virus from schoolsim.exe backdoor.trojan is what it says
  14. Now this is an INTRO to programming and Not the whole series but now if you like Module One of the VTMS you can get Modules 1 thru 5 and Module 6 The Opengl Vtms FOr 150 Dollars this is Excellent training to learn from,as soon as i get permission to release one of the students creations of an advanced particle editor that was made in the opengl vtms ,i will post it here for everyone to see i posted this as a news item also go here to http://3dbuzz.com and sign up to get the free downloads http://ostamo1.serveftp.net/dltest.php?id=14 a BASIC Scenegraph Demo Taught to code from the OpenGl vtms this is a temporary link. [Edited by - ostamo1 on February 23, 2006 6:10:05 PM]
  15. OpenGL DialogBlocks and OpenGL

    either that or he can copy the one made from galaxsql into his project
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