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  1. raydog

    Pirate Bay to buy its own country!

    A couple torpedos from a nearby sub, or maybe some small nuke charges in right places should do the job. This piece of junk needs to be sunk. British should get off their fat asses and take out the trash.
  2. Show me a link to an official Microsoft statement, otherwise I don't give this much thought.
  3. raydog

    How to normalize gradient?

    Thanks, I figured out a another way to do it with colors of my choice.
  4. raydog

    strcat crashes program

    Just clear out both strings so you don't have to worry about putting in NULLs before or after: memset( szBuffer, 0, 1024 ); memset( szWebPage, 0, 4000 );
  5. raydog

    Dog for dinner?

    I find it kind of funny that Koreans would clone a dog. Afterall, westerners view dogs as pets, while people of the east view dogs as lunch. Yummy! Cloned dog on a stick!
  6. I have this linear rainbow gradient that I want to normalize so I can access it, but I don't really know how to do it. Like I want to pass a value, t=0 to 1, where 0 would return the starting color and t=1 would return the ending color. (gradient has more than two colors). No actual index array is being used. All I have is a couple defined colors that make up a linear gradient. All color values are floating-point. I'm trying to figure out something that will return a color given t=0 to 1.
  7. My graphics card has over 100 pixel formats and I enumerated them all. There is no such thing as a hardware-accelerated PFD_DRAW_TO_BITMAP. void EnumerateAllPixelFormats(HDC hDC) { int iMax; PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR pfd; int iPixelFormat; iPixelFormat = 1; do { iMax = DescribePixelFormat( hDC, iPixelFormat, sizeof(PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR), &pfd ); if (iMax == 0) { break; } // Examine bits in pfd.dwFlags } while (++iPixelFormat <= iMax); }
  8. Pbuffers are ALWAYS hardware accelerated. PFD_DRAW_TO_BITMAP is NEVER hardware accelerated.
  9. raydog

    Shadow matrix

    I'm doing this for some older graphics cards without stencil support, so I would like to render it as a non-intersecting poly.
  10. I have this shadow matrix I would like to use, but I read drawing the model twice gives z-buffer artifacts. Is there something out there I can pass as input my intersecting shadow polys and return one (or more) combined polys? void shadowMatrix(GLfloat shadowMat[4][4], GLfloat groundplane[4], GLfloat lightpos[4]) { GLfloat dot; /* Find dot product between light position vector and ground plane normal. */ dot = groundplane[X] * lightpos[X] + groundplane[Y] * lightpos[Y] + groundplane[Z] * lightpos[Z] + groundplane[W] * lightpos[W]; shadowMat[0][0] = dot - lightpos[X] * groundplane[X]; shadowMat[1][0] = 0.f - lightpos[X] * groundplane[Y]; shadowMat[2][0] = 0.f - lightpos[X] * groundplane[Z]; shadowMat[3][0] = 0.f - lightpos[X] * groundplane[W]; shadowMat[X][1] = 0.f - lightpos[Y] * groundplane[X]; shadowMat[1][1] = dot - lightpos[Y] * groundplane[Y]; shadowMat[2][1] = 0.f - lightpos[Y] * groundplane[Z]; shadowMat[3][1] = 0.f - lightpos[Y] * groundplane[W]; shadowMat[X][2] = 0.f - lightpos[Z] * groundplane[X]; shadowMat[1][2] = 0.f - lightpos[Z] * groundplane[Y]; shadowMat[2][2] = dot - lightpos[Z] * groundplane[Z]; shadowMat[3][2] = 0.f - lightpos[Z] * groundplane[W]; shadowMat[X][3] = 0.f - lightpos[W] * groundplane[X]; shadowMat[1][3] = 0.f - lightpos[W] * groundplane[Y]; shadowMat[2][3] = 0.f - lightpos[W] * groundplane[Z]; shadowMat[3][3] = dot - lightpos[W] * groundplane[W]; }
  11. raydog

    Intergrated graphics vs PCI graphics card

    It is funny how fast technology advances when you wait 2-3 years to buy computer. Buy a PCI-based computer 3 years ago with a 30GB hard drive, and now the smallest in-store can only find 80GB hard drives, 450W power supplies, and latest graphics cards use something called PCI-Express. I was totally unaware how much things have changed. Damn, really need to get a new power hungry computer. :)
  12. Can anyone recommend a free email service that allows you to send empty email messages? I mean empty, as in no headers, no footers, zip, nada. I'm trying to send an email to someone, but it seems they have a type of spam protection enabled. In order to send them email, I need to verify my message first, by sending an empty email message. I tried hotmail and yahoo, but they add their own footer to the email body. My sent emails are rejected because they aren't empty.
  13. Let's say I was creating text on bitmap, and I wanted to save memory by limiting to only creating the first 128 characters, ASCII range 0-128. Also, let's say I don't use any error checking. Can someone using a standard 101 keyboard type in a character outside this range ( > 128) ?
  14. raydog

    Vista! pop pop fiss

    How many Microsoft software engineers did it take to come up with that name, Vista? Sounds like a soft drink, like Mountain Dew to me.
  15. raydog

    $39.99 vs $40.00

    Can yeu reed thus setecene bekuase the humtn brein oely leoks at the fiwst apd layt lettres of eceh wrod in a snetcene.
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