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    Career dilemma

    I might be missing something but if the position is a project coordinator at both places and you want to work in the game industry then I don't see why you wouldnt pick the position in the game industry. About your question I don't think it would be that difficult to break in with experience in a different field. As long as you are able to show that the skills you have can translate to the game industry it shouldn't be a problem. The only issue I could really see is that since you want to go into management most positions I see for producers want shipped titles when they go to hire an experienced manager.
  2. Well, when you're right, you're right. I've discussed plans with my fiancee, so we will be moving to Austin in December. Thank you for your advice! [/quote] Are you living in Maryland now? Depending on which part there are development studios in Maryland that you might be able to apply for. If you check around the Hunty Valley area and in the Bethesda area you should be able to find some studios you could possibly apply at. Anyway if you've already decided to move to Austin then I wish you the best of luck in finding a job there.
  3. mumbo

    The Supreme Court Decision on Violent Video Game Law

    Are children allowed to buy adult-rated movies (e.g. Saw) in California? Can children go buy porno films in California? If yes, then this decision makes sense as you're just being consistent. If not, what makes games/films such that classifications should only apply to one and not the other? We've always had classification stickers on films and games here, so it seems pretty normal to me. Kids can't buy alcohol - they have to get their parents to buy a it for them. Kids can't buy cigarettes - they have to get their parents to buy a them for them. Kids can't buy porno - they have to get their parents to buy a them for them. Kids can't buy 18+ movies - they have to get their parents to buy a them for them. So going by this status quo here, it makes sense for me kids to have to get their parents to buy their 18+ games for them too. [edit]I read up a bit on it and it seems retails can voluntarily stop selling things to minors, but SCOTUS is stopping legislators from making it law, due to these restrictions being a violation of free speech. If that's the case, aren't these retailer's "we don't see to minors" policies also a violation of free speech? [/quote] Frob gave a great reply to this already but I wanted to add that there are a lot of people even in the US that don't really understand what laws there are with regards to selling things like movies and games to children. Legally there is nothing stopping a child from buying a movie in a store or going to see it in a movie. Unless for the reasons frob mentioned it is a pornographic movie. All of the restrictions that are in place have been voluntarily enforced by retailers and the rating system that was created by the movie industry. The video game industry has their own rating system that publishers and developers can submit games to to be rated. Stores can then voluntarily enforce the ratings on those games to restrict sales of games to minors. Over the years the FTC has ran secret shopper reports showing how easy it is for minors to walk into big box stores and purchase games, movie, and music with M, R, or explicit content warnings. Games have consistantly outperformed the other media in the voluntarily enforcement of the ratings which showed that dispite the constitutionality problems of the bill also meant that the bill was simply not needed.
  4. I don't really have any better ideas then what has already been suggested by yourself and other people but have you looked into how Google Chrome handles their updates and decides what needs to be sent to clients? I can't find the article now but I read in the past that they had a pretty interesting way of diffing for their updates so that the downloads were as small as possible.
  5. If you're going to use windows forms in your C++ app. then you should realize that you are getting into the world of C++/CLI which can be a pain to work with. Personally I wouldn't advise going that route since it can be very confusing when you starting having to dealing with code that handles native functionality and interacts with .NET. If you are determined to get it working in a window I would go with one of the suggestions oler1s listed. edit: didn't see the second page. To port your code into the form most of your work is going to be in the event handlers you created for the text boxes and buttons. The TextChanged events will be where you assign values to variables and the Click events will be where you put in your calculations or reset the values in the text boxes.
  6. It depends on how late it is at night and how close we are to a deadline. If I've been sitting there trying to fix something about its going on midnight then I don't care why the fix worked as long as it worked. Likewise if we are close to a deadline and running out of time then I need to move onto other tasks once that one is finished instead of trying to figure out why a fix worked. I always tell myself I will come back someday to see what magic happened, but I rarely do.
  7. mumbo

    Making an image shoot

    Your tank class doesn't define an update method. Also doesn't your Tanks fire method and your Bullets update method need to have self added as the first parameter for the functions?
  8. mumbo

    flash or XNA?

    You say you're in college now, so what language does your college use? I would suggest sticking to that language so that you don't have to worry about trying to learn programming concepts and multiple languages at the same time.
  9. It looks like it is referencing the WPF DialogResult instead of the Winform DialogResult. Have you tried something like this? System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult dres; dres = form.ShowDialog(); if (dres != System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK) return;
  10. You don't need C++ to write a game. I prefer to write most of my programs in C# whenever I can. If you don't really want to learn a new language I would just use C since you already have so much experience in it.
  11. Quote:Original post by EvincarOfAutumn You can make this more concise and easier to manage by using "goto case": <code snippet removed> I wish C# had fallthrough for switch statements, but you get what you get if you choose to use a safer language. All those goto case statements aren't needed. This should work fine: protected override void OnKeyPress(KeyEventArgs e) { // Only allow certain keys to function as valid input switch (e.Key) { case Keys.Back: case Keys.D0: case Keys.D1: case Keys.D2: case Keys.D3: case Keys.D4: case Keys.D5: case Keys.D6: case Keys.D7: case Keys.D8: case Keys.D9: case Keys.Delete: case Keys.Left: case Keys.Right: e.Handled = false; break; case Keys.OemMinus: if (Text[0] != '-') { Text = "-" + Text; } e.Handled = true; break; case Keys.OemPeriod: e.Handled = Text.Contains(".") ? true : false; break; default: e.Handled = true; break; } base.OnKeyPress(e); } }
  12. Have you tried something like this? const CString CMaskedEdit::EDITING = CString((char)0x08) + CString((char)0x0D); I think the errors are coming because you're supplying an int value into the CString when it doesn't have a constructor taking int.
  13. Since it sounds like you want to do different actions for different text boxes, I would go with your option 3. Any common code that is needed by all three event handlers can be moved into functions so that you're not duplicating code all over the place.
  14. Have you considered using SlimDX? That would give you a similar interface that DirectX has while still being able to use C#.
  15. mumbo

    Resume feedback

    I think it's a nice improvement from your previous resumes, but there was still one thing that stuck out to me when I glanced over it. Your formatting wasn't consistant throughout the document. I don't know if it was google docs messing it up or if that's just the way it is, but the inconsistant formatting made it look slobby and lazy to me. I've listed the things below that stuck out to me. - Your degree under University of North Carolina wasn't tabbed like the rest of your document. - Your bullet points under employment aren't indented. - Your role for 3i Infotech wasn't dropped down to a new line. If you're still having problems shrinking it to one page, you could easily get rid of your references section. As frob said, that section is really more of a filler section for when you need to complete a page. It's pretty much a given that you will provide references if asked so you don't really need to put that on your resume.
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