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  1. relpats_eht

    Aporkalypse Gold (beta)

    Hey, A link is finally up for the gold-ish version of my Junior DigiPen game Aporkalypse. The objective is rather simple: Kill pigs, destroy houses, fight the boss, eat bacon. Check it out: Trailer Download Aporkalypse Let me know what you think.
  2. relpats_eht

    Animated objects not drawn on ATI cards

    No, I am checking for errors and have tried compiling the shader under a number of external tools. It builds entirely correctly without any compilation or linker errors.
  3. Hello, For some reason, the following code to draw an object does not work on ATI cards. There are no warnings or errors during compile and link and everything is drawn properly on nVidia cards. I've searched but have been unable to find any sort of reason why. Drawing code: glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, mesh.vertVBO); glEnableClientState(GL_VERTEX_ARRAY); glVertexPointer(Vertex::POS_SIZE, GL_FLOAT, info->vertexSize, info->posOffset); glTexCoordPointer(Vertex::TEX_SIZE, GL_FLOAT, info->vertexSize, info->texOffset); glEnableClientState(GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY); glNormalPointer(GL_FLOAT, info->vertexSize, info->nmlOffset); glEnableClientState(GL_NORMAL_ARRAY); int weightID = glGetAttribLocation(programID, "blendWeights"); glVertexAttribPointer(weightID, 4, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, info->vertexSize, info->weightOffset); glEnableVertexAttribArray(weightID); int indexID = glGetAttribLocation(programID, "blendIndices"); glVertexAttribPointer(indexID, 4, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, GL_FALSE, info->vertexSize, info->indexOffset); glEnableVertexAttribArray(indexID); glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, mesh.idxVBO); glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, mesh.numIndices, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0); Vertex Shader: #define NUM_BONES 4 // --------------------------------------------------------------------------- // uniforms #define MAX_MATRICES 80 uniform mat4 boneMatrices[MAX_MATRICES]; // --------------------------------------------------------------------------- // varyings varying vec3 normal; varying vec3 pos; // --------------------------------------------------------------------------- // attributes attribute vec4 blendWeights; attribute vec4 blendIndices; void main() { //first, apply the bone transformations normal = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0); pos = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0); for (int i = 0; i < NUM_BONES; ++i) { int idx = int(blendIndices); pos += ((boneMatrices[idx] * gl_Vertex) * blendWeights).xyz; normal += ((boneMatrices[idx] * vec4(gl_Normal, 0.0)) * blendWeights).xyz; } normal = normalize(normal); //Then, apply the model to viewport transformations // calculate the position in projection space gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * vec4(pos, 1.0); // calculate the normal and position in camera space normal = gl_NormalMatrix * normal; pos = (gl_ModelViewMatrix * vec4(pos, 1.0)).xyz; // pass along the vertex color unmodified gl_FrontColor = gl_Color; // multiply the incoming texture coordinate with the texture matrix gl_TexCoord[0] = gl_TextureMatrix[0] * gl_MultiTexCoord0; } I've noticed if I use boneMatricies[0], rather than boneMatricies[idx], the model is still drawn, however, if I set idx =0, the model is not. I don't understand what is going wrong. Thank you, relpats_eht
  4. relpats_eht


    Thanks for the feedback, Beather. You are right on a number of points. Had I more time, I definitely would have made the controls configurable (although, I will point out 'W' actually does jump, but only sign subtext ever tells you that), but my artist was rather late in getting me the options menu art and I was a bit lazy about implementing it, so I just ran out of time. In the next release, I'll be sure to add it in. I don't think I'll make the blocks fall any faster, however. The idea was you can actually use them to make midair jumps with some skill. Although, I can see how putting one up high would be obnoxious. Perhaps I'll make them slightly faster. I certainly will be adding more enemies than the three there are now. My artist is already drawing up sprites for a blue squid like creature, but any suggestions are more than welcome. As far as health goes, the tier three utility power gives you half health, but I don't think we got the sign in portraying that before release. Would eating be improved were I to have the sprite stick to your hand as it was eaten, then get thrown behind you before it runs back up around your ankles? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I know it the effect of the corruption vials is very non-obvious, but they actually let you hold an extra minion every time one is grabbed. Are there any suggestions for making this effect clearer to the player?
  5. relpats_eht


    Thanks, getting an artists really helps quite a bit.
  6. relpats_eht


    Hey all, I just put out a release of a game I'm working on called Corrupion, a 2D platformer/brawler. Check it out. Site - Download - Trailer Nothing is immune to corruption… In a land where fuzzy cuteness reigns and hugs are never in short supply, something wicked lurks. Bummer, the demon harbringer of darkness and his winged Helper have come from the abysmal depths to wreak havoc upon the brightly colored inhabitants of this world. They have one mission and one mission only; corrupt everything. Tear your way across bright and happy landscapes, devouring anything that will fit down your throat. Create minions and use them as fuel for the insidious inferno of your wrath. Be sure to unleash the secret darkness hidden within the land to aid you in your conquest. Ultimately, you seek to defile The Sacred Gates, the only things standing between you and complete domination. Impose your dark will upon them and seal the world’s fate. You will be King.
  7. relpats_eht

    Should I switch to Dev C++?

    Switching to Dev C++ one can never advise. Stick with Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Code::Blocks if you need an IDE on an equal or greater scale. As far as Allegro goes, I've noticed it getting quite a bit of undeserved bad press. For a long period of time it was caught in the grips of stagnancy, and it is that period of time which is held in the minds of most opponents; however, it is now a stable library at the 4.2 release with 5.0 being actively developed. The 4.2 release is still largely a software library with support for built in hardware acceleration coming out in 5.0, and that is the libraries main pitfall at the moment; however, there are add on libraries to 4.2 for hardware acceleration, if need be. In my opinion, Allegro is an easy to use library with no granted inferiority to SDL. If you find its API suitable and understandable, then by all means use it. As far as setup is concerned, the people at the forums of www.allegro.cc would be more than obliged to aid you.
  8. relpats_eht

    Problem with glsl loop

    With the code given, I don't see any problem with removing the loop and simply copying its contents seven times and writing in the values for the index variable.
  9. relpats_eht


    TruType font's is one of the things I have already added into OpenGLUI, however, since that isn't ready yet, you could always add it to SXML GUI yourself. I can provide you with my code for you to use as a base if you wish, though I won't have access to it for a couple of days.
  10. relpats_eht


    That is caused by anti-aliasing of the font in the font file itself. If you do not want it, make a new font file without using anti-aliasing.
  11. relpats_eht


    Quote:I found the font renderering has some problem if the color is not white. There is a "shadow" behind the font. Please refer to my attachment to compare the white font and the blue font. Font color should be changed through the gui, not through changing colors in the font file itself. The font file should be all white with alpha if you want it to work properly. (If I remember correctly) Quote:If you want to support image library such as DevIL, better support to load from memory instead of loading from file only. Well, DevIL support would be optional, however, in the source on my computer has supported loading image files from memory for quite sometime. Quote:Hey, when you have new information or ideas, post it on your website. I bookmarked it. ;) Alright. I plan to post on there whenever I have accomplished something important.
  12. relpats_eht


    Current, when the CUSTOM flag is set, the Image class is not defined, though, I may add another flag so that something like DevIL is used for the Image class.
  13. relpats_eht


    Well, I'm not done yet, but when I am, it will provide support for a few of the things I thought essential which were missing from SXML GUI, namely moveable windows, sliders, textareas, scroll bars, skins, etc. However, don't wait for me. Though I do spend much time with the code to it open, most of it is spent figuring out in what direction I want the code to go. However, that time should be shortening, as all the base classes are now done, so I have nothing but widgets left to make.
  14. relpats_eht


    OpenGLUI is my particular port of SXML GUI. The version up for download is basically the same, though it may have a few more fixes for gcc; however the version is SVN is the version I am actively working on (even though I don't update the repository often, I work on the GUI constantly) and should not be downloaded as it will not compile. The good news is that I am documenting all the code so there will actually be documentation this time around. Also note that it can be compiled with things other than Allegro and SDL but passing the CUSTOM flag, but if this is done, some classes/functions need to be defined. I chose to use this method while I was re-designing the base SXML GUI code because it makes setup much easier for people using common frameworks for OpenGL window creation (for instance, it provides key and mouse handlers), while still allowing use of other window managers. I may also build in support for more things later. I hope this clears up any confusions about SXML GUI and OpenGLUI. Basically, they were the same thing, but I felt I could improve it, so they are separate now.
  15. Well, I seem to have hit a bit of a problem. After making major structrual and design changes to some GUI code, it no longer properly compiles. I continually get the expected unqualified-id error. While normally this would be no problem, the error has been popping up in standard headers, such as assert, fstream, etc. To the best of my knowledge, in theory, header order for standard headers shouldn't matter, but in practice, it does, and I need to reorder them, however, I can't seem to find an order in which I don't get the error in any standard header. Fixing it for one causes it to pop up in another. I have gone through the code to try to come up with a list by which headers are called (duplicates not included), hopefully someone here can tell me a proper way to order them so this error will cease. Thank you. #include <allegro.h> #include <alleggl.h> #include <GL/glu.h> #include <vector> #include "MathUtils.h" - #include <cmath> - #include <cstdlib> - #include <iostream> #include "XMLUtils.h" - #include "tinyxml.h" - #include <cctype> - #include <cstdio> - #include <cstdlib> - #include <cstring> - #include <cassert> - #include <string> - #include <iostream> - #include "GenUtils.h" - #include <sstream> - #include <fstream> Also, with this current orientation, it is cassert which is causing problems.
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