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  1. It's all in how you implement it. Multithreading is a disaster if you get it wrong. I've seen far more cases of BAD multithreading than Good. It's not pretty. My advice: start small with networking and file reading. Work yourself up to rendering and physics after you've gotten a handle on things. And for gosh sakes, don't make 500 mutexes for less than 5 threads. It's a bad idea. TRUST ME!!
  2. Phlegmy

    Flight simulation

    X-Plane uses something called blade element theory. The flight forces are computed in realtime based upon the aircraft's geometry. For more info about it, try http://www.aircraftdesign.com/books.html MSFS uses large tables of data on how the plane responds under various conditions. This is great when you already know how the plane responds. Flight Gear has at least 3 swappable flight engines that use varying systems. Might help if you brushed up on fluid dynamic simulations.
  3. I'm a bit "old school" in that I learned standard corporate flow charts back in the 80's. I was wondering how UML compares? Is UML only used for relationship diagrams? Can you describe a complete program in UML the way you can using flow charts?
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