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  1. Promit, here are some specs I found. http://www.consoledatabase.com/consoleinfo/sonyplaystation/index.html
  2. paradoxnj

    getting whats under the mouse pointer

    Here are the steps I would use: -- Convert the mouse XY coordinates to 3D coordinates -- Cast a ray from the 3D mouse coordinates in the direction of the terrain -- Determine the exact impact point of the collision between the ray and the terrain -- See what vertices are nearby and collect the X and Z coordinates you require. Here is an article related to picking with DX.
  3. From what I understand...you are better off having one VB and 8 DIP calls. That is more efficient than 8 VB switches.
  4. If you are not using the D3DPOOL_MANAGED flag when creating your resources, you must recreate them all. Resources include vertex/index buffers, models using ID3DXMesh, effects (FX files), textures and fonts.
  5. I don't remember off the top of my head, does Milkshape support vertex weighting? If not, that may be your issue as WoW models use vertex weighting.
  6. paradoxnj

    Converting types in C++?

    Try this: int NumRecs; NumRecs = 0; Also, what compiler are you using? If you are using MSVC, try doing a rebuild all.
  7. paradoxnj

    Audio in Direct X 9

    You can either use XACT or DirectSound. If you are a beginner, XACT is probably easier to use.
  8. paradoxnj

    Effects replacing Materials

    Ashkan, what you said makes perfect sense. I am using AngelScript for my scripting language. Maybe I can use that to make mappings to the FX files.
  9. paradoxnj

    Effects replacing Materials

    I've been looking into this also. I've come across a limitation that I am not sure how to get around. The Effects framework cannot load textures from my PAK file system. How I can use FX files to define my texture stages without having a separate file to define the filenames for my textures?
  10. paradoxnj

    CreateSoundBuffer failed

    Please post your buffer creation code. That will help us out in determining your issue.
  11. paradoxnj

    XNA Content Processor Question

    Highlight the resource in the Solution Explorer and set the Build property to None and the XNA Framework Content property to False.
  12. paradoxnj

    The future of AngelScript

    The only request that I have is that classes be handled like Java. Extend a class and implement an interface. For example: class B extends A { } // or class B implements C { } This will make your life easier and provide a familiar syntax. It also will kinda look like UnrealScript. ;)
  13. The only other way would be to use a 3D sound and move it away from the listener gradually, but that's actually harder and cheezier.
  14. CoCreateInstance() gives you an HRESULT as a return value. You might want to somehow print that data to the screen, then look at the documentation for CoCreateInstance() to see which error code you got. Couple of questions: 1. What OS are you running and do you have the latest DirectX runtime installed? 2. What version of the DirectX Software Development Kit are you using?
  15. I modified my post. It seems you were quicker than me. :)
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