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  1. red_sodium

    IPod or Creative Zen Touch?

    I ordered the Zen Touch 3 days ago because I believed it was the best overall for my budget (less than £170) and my size requirements (>= 20GB), and battery life and non-conformism were factors in my decision. I have yet to receive it, and PM me if you're interested in finding out how I found it when I get it on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I did quite a bit of research on all the HDD MP3 players, by the way, it wasn't a feminine "impulse buy".
  2. Could I have one please? Thanks GDer(s)! EDIT: Thanks for the gmail account, I no longer need one! [Edited by - red_sodium on December 25, 2004 6:16:22 AM]
  3. red_sodium

    Game hallucinations

    I remember when i used to play TFC and Counter-Strike a lot, seeing the HUD in my vision when I walked around. That was weird. Only in my mind's eye, of course. Quote:I know what you mean. I once woke up thinking my blanket was a VB properties box. I also remember programming mixing with real life during that time when you're drifting off, and me somehow feeling like my mind was a program that I had to program in C++. It's very hard to explain and I can't even remember it properly. Here is something only slightly related in that it also happens during the "drifting off" period:
  4. red_sodium

    Thank you, 2004.

    Thank you, 2004. You brought me my first gig/concert, the start of my long term game project which will never finish, my first experiences with ebay, my standard grade exam results (on second, thoughts, damn you 2004 for that one!), my first empty, my first electric guitar, philosophy, quite a few more drunken encounters than last year, introduced me to a huuuuge load of new music and got a whole load better at table tennis (my "sport de resistance"). Over the next week, you have to get me just a little more and I'll make sure you're the best year yet! Thank you, 2004.
  5. red_sodium

    What do you drink?

    Quote:It's a glitch in the GDNet. They must be changing something. I wonder what it is. LOL. Yeah, Ouzo is great but too much of it can be quite overpowering, in more ways than one :) I think Ouzo is the Greek version of the drink, and there is a Turkish one as well, and probably a few others. It gives really meaty hangovers because apparently it crystallizes and these crystals lie dormant in your stomach overnight, so when you wake up next morning and have a glass of water, BOOM it hits you again. So I'm told, I've never drank the stuff in large enough quantities.
  6. red_sodium


    How about some kind of pampering/massaging device?
  7. red_sodium

    How to get rich quick!

    I am in the same position as you, (going to university in 1.75 years, am 16, am in the UK, am looking for a job). I think these job ideas sound quite reasonable, but you're probably more likely to get a job in PC world than carphone warehouse, because there's more stock handling, sales desks, etc, I think. If you want to make an income online, then you're going the unpredictable route, which more often than not doesn't work. You could try selling on ebay, i did for a short time but it helps if you have capital to get you started, buy in bulk, then sell on ebay. The problem with it is that you can unexpectedly make substantial losses because it's an auction. Or you could always make an AAA game, get it published and make your millions, but let's face it, the odds are against that happening. Shareware development? Web building for small businesses in your area?
  8. red_sodium


    Quote:I think those whom drink to have a good time and not for the flavour simply are stuck up and don't know how to have a good time. When you're my age and still at school, you're limited to how much fun you can have. You could be right but I don't think that means you shouldn't drink at all.
  9. red_sodium


    Quote:Obviously I don't have to drink excessively, but it seems like it is not the easiest thing to control. Depends. You're right in that if you start drinking, its easier to keep on going, but if you don't drink to excess you can easily control how much you drink. I don't think alcohol is for you. Quote:I think 21 is a little high in this country. I think 18 would be fair, since you are technically an adult then. I don't see why not. I think 21 sucks too. I actually think it works against stopping young people binge drinking because it makes it more tempting, sort of like a forbidden fruit. The more liberal French laws are in place and they have a healthy attitude to alcohol. Quote: Yeah, one time I drank a bit too much too quickly. It caused me to puke back up my dinner. I'd advise everyone to be careful, and drink in moderation. lol, me and a friend have a running joke about him drinking "straight 100% water" and how he should do it in moderation. Anyone drink Jagermeister here? It's my life's ambition to taste it...any good?
  10. red_sodium


    Since it's the time when everyone goes to christmas/new year parties, I'd like to know everyone's opinion on drinking. (What) do you drink? How much do you drink? What is your opinion on the minimum age of purchase? Any regretful incidents? :/ I am 16 and drink occassionally, usually on special ocassions and when I'm with my parents or friends. I have never drunk to the point of a serious hangover or loss of memory and enjoy it that way. I do not think drink is necessary to have a good time but it does help, especially when you're with boring people :P I think there should be varying levels of purchase minimum ages (like in some European countries), with beers and wines being able to be bought at 16 (the age for all alcohol is 18 in this country). I think this kind of positive thinking towards alcohol will help curb the binge drinking problem in this country. Anyway, your experiences, please!
  11. red_sodium

    Some games deserve to be pirated

    But only the most popular games are pirated, so surely you'd be sending out the wrong message? Surely the best way to protest against the game is not to buy it? Don't forget you also have to pay for pirated material, so it's your waste of money.
  12. red_sodium

    Cheesecaek. Caek or Pi?

    PI to 50 d.p from memory: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937511 It's impossible for me to forget it now...
  13. As a matter of fact, I find "wind shield" hilarious :) Windscreen, like sunscreen, but for high protection against the erosive qualities of the wind ;-)
  14. red_sodium


    I was thinking of getting a Zen Touch, can anyone recommend this (in particular, over an iPod). If not, I'm looking for the following: - approx. 20GB (give or take 10) HD player - stylish - under £200 - playlists (can be made on the player itself) - battery life of > 10 hours - good sound quality and preferably: - a backlight - small/light - shuffle, browse and find - Support for WMA/OGG/WAV - decent earphones provided Does anyone know of any websites that offer a good features comparison between hard disk MP3 players, such as a matrix table?
  15. The goat is tame compared to the bath picture IMHO. Neither is pleasant. This thread should also carry an epileptic warning :P EDIT: Presuming we're talking about the same pic.
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