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    No more wisdom teeth

    Wisdom teeth out was an interesting experience. They told me that because I had bracers they all HAD to come out, regardless of any actual problem occurring. I'm convinced my orthodontist and this surgeon were in on it together to bilk me for more damn money. I had all 4 out at once, and I was put under for the whole procedure. "Start counting backwards from 100". I think I got to 97... Then an entire weekend of being drugged up. Not being able to eat was crappy, but I was in la-la land the whole time, so it made little difference. I can remember the wads of drooley cotton in my mouth sopping up much blood, the soreness of the wounds and the brief 5-minute stint of blindness I suffered after getting up from sitting all weekend. I still don't know how to explain that one. I'm feeling the scars on my gums with my tongue as we speak. It was so terrible when they were huge gaping holes. Gawd that was weird.
  2. Cosmic One

    Whats your regular breakfst meal?

    Weekdays: - Instant Oatmeal packet (or two) - Coffee, 2 sugar - Usually a yogurt cup too Weekends: - Lunch
  3. Cosmic One


    Imaginative forests of cacti. The geometry of the terrain can also play a much larger role. Sand dunes can take on any form, large or small. Keep them interesting with that amazing windswept ripple pattern they get, not just flat sand that you would see on a beach. Don't forget the role of the sky. If you're able to switch out your skybox texture for something more dramatic and colourful it would go a long way to keeping the whole place interesting. Otherwise, yes. Deserts are boring =P
  4. Cosmic One

    Well.. It is GameDev.net....

    I'll assume the lack of World of Warcraft responses is due to the increasing difficulty to stop playing it by most players =P. If I wasn't at work I wouldn't have responded to this cuz I'd be playing it. So yeah... WoW.
  5. Cosmic One

    Worst movie you ever saw.

    Quote:Original post by Anon Mike I know several people that like it but the worst movie for me is The Fifth Element. I did like it actually... For me: The Time Machine
  6. Cosmic One

    Absence Test Character Wip

    Nice work. To add some constructive criticism, I would say that since you've done Low poly so well on the body, try to lower polys on the head as well. It hardly seems like he needs that many around his ears, a small area which will likely not be a focus during gameplay. Also, above the knees it looks like he isn't wearing pants, either that or they're very tight, which may be a style you're going for. This is quite noticeable from the back where he has defined butt cheeks. That may just be an aesthetic thing. Again, it's cool overall. Keep us postd
  7. First hand smoke is voluntary. I do not choose to second hand smoke, so any discussion of "well it's not THAT bad for you" is irrelevant. Should I move out of your toxic cloud area, or how about you just not create toxins around me? Maybe I should just stop breathing for a while instead. If I can smell cigarrette smoke that means it's not fully dissipating into the air and some of that shit is getting into my lungs. Even one molecule of an intentionally produced carcinogenic substance is one too many in my opinion. Smoking is a filthy, pointless addiction whose benefactors profit from the illness and deaths of thousands of people per year. Cut the crap.
  8. Cosmic One

    Watch out for Doctors :)

    Quote:Original post by Roach (B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500 Roach Good one. I doubt the number of intentional deaths due to physicians compared to the number of intentional deaths due to guns. Still funny though. Is it really 120,000??
  9. Cosmic One

    Reanimating dead dogs?

    Of all the nice doggie pictures to put up on that website to announce that they've created 'zombie' dogs, why did they choose one that inherently looked bloodthirsty and rabid? I would want to downplay the 'these-zombies-are-going-to-eat-your-face' factor of the whole phenomenon. "Look honey, rover's back to life! What? He's gnawing on your trachea? Oh the pamphlet said that would be a normal side effect."
  10. Cosmic One

    Gimme some chocolate milk!

    Quote:Original post by mittens I say we all go find some random 10-11 year old and knock him to the ground. Then kick him a few times. I filled my quota for the day today, sorry.
  11. Cosmic One

    Turn based combat

    The RPG-Fighter is exactly the kind of game I'm working on now. We're building the engine to test out how to balance this kind of hybrid combat (nothing testable yet) and I plan to post the battle system doc here of the basic ideas within the next week for critique. The idea of this combination has a lot of merit to it. For one thing, it spices up a genre which often relies heavily on stale gameplay. RPGs have so much to offer in terms of story, character, and world immersion, I think that falling back on turn-based systems 95% of the time is a terrible shame. This is a stereotype and generalization, of course, as a good number of games try to toss in new elements to the system, but the core concept of 'select x from list' doesn't complement such a dramatic and otherwise interesting genre. It would also help to add to the role playing element if a player had more real-time control of their character, where instead of ordering banal and generic commands at an avatar you would be controlling the characters' every move.
  12. Cosmic One

    The Thread of Greatest Words

    Oo, oo, another one: Trambompoline
  13. Cosmic One

    The Thread of Greatest Words

    KRANKENSCHWESTER As in: If you're going to be in ze Los Angeles area und would like tickets to Hitler call 213-DU WERDEST EINE KRANKENSCHWESTER BRAUCHEN!
  14. Cosmic One

    Awesome Lego website

    I. Love. You. So. Much. Right. Now.. ' < e-tear I now honestly have to go home, pull out my lego boxes and do some of this. It's been too long ^_^
  15. Cosmic One

    GDNet at the Movies: May The Farce Be With You

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, George Lucas is a hack. His movies are hack work. He has a wonderfully creative and imaginitive mind, but there is no talent in writing, character crafting, directing, screenplay, or any other facet of movies worth mentioning. Star Wars, in the hands of another, would be much better off. But it's not, and likely never will be, so you have to take it for face value, which is EXACTLY the kind of campy entertainment bullfrog you mentioned. I still love them, because they're fun, and the ideas behind them are inspiring enough to spawn some imaginative exploration. I don't much care that Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman and Hayden Christianson couldn't act out their horrible script. It doesn't bother me that the flashing of lightsabers is there to cover up the lack of substance in the movie. If I want a meaningful, artistic film, I know better than to see Star Wars. I hope you do too... Beyond Episode 4, the intended "B" movie, they were intended to be blockbusters. Blockbusters = good movie? Not usually.
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