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    Windows Installer is Terrible

    Quote:Original post by Promit Alright, now I'm done. Despite all these problems, apparently developers everywhere just accept the status quo as perfectly normal and acceptable. Or maybe there's a "silent majority" not explaining to Microsoft that their entire installer technology, from top to bottom, is completely mind-fucked.I don't know that I would call it a "silent majority"; every user of an alternative installer is expressing by their actions, that Windows Installer is a massive failure. The real issue is that Microsoft apparently doesn't see this as a problem. If it were any other software I would agree, but installing software is about as core to the OS experience as running it. You have to get those applications from somewhere!
  2. nuvem

    Revolution, Part 1: Audio

    Quote:Original post by benryves It sounds like a good demo, though I'm not convinced by its revolutionary claims; binaural recordings work thanks to the head-related transfer function, and there are a number of existing hardware and software HRTF implementations (eg Dolby Headphone or ffdshow's HRTF mixer setting). The results are not as good when coming from mixed sound rather than the original positional audio, though. Edit: That sounds needlessly negative; don't get me wrong - I love this technology and would love to see it used more. [grin]Yeah, a quick bit of googling even found a paper on a real-time DSP implementation from 1997. Still, incredibly cool work getting it on the iPhone! Whether the tech is revolutionary or not, what will be revolutionary is having it on a portable gaming device.
  3. nuvem


    Love the vehicle physics!
  4. nuvem

    I'm falling out with shared_ptr

    Quote:Original post by Deyja Consider boost::intrusive_ptr instead. It works nicely with nothing but a forward declared type (So long as the add_ref/release functions are in scope for any code that actually uses it.) My only gripe with smart pointers in general is that operator-> on iterators doesn't reach through them. You end up having to do things like (*iterator)-> Actually, shared_ptr does not instantiate or access members of the type, and therefore will function with forward declarations. For the latter, take a look at boost:ptr_container.
  5. nuvem

    Google Chrome - First Impressions

    With respect to #4, you can also right click the title-bar to get the built-in Task Manager, complete with site titles.
  6. nuvem

    Dear World,

    And both pale in comparison to Maxthon (previously MyIE) :) Firefox is nice, but it just isn't quite tweaked yet, especially the tabs. I might one day switch, but not until I can control where tabs are created (such as, beside the tab they were opened from), what it switches to when you close a tab (perhaps the last open?), create hotkeys and mouse gestures for everything, and close the browser knowing I won't lose my place. Best of all, it's free! (or can be, it does prompt for a donation, but only once)
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