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    Non-linearity, a second look

    I think the next step in multiplayer non-linearity would be to make X version(s) of the same quest. If you are Group2 to do it, some of the changes by Group1 would still be visible. You took the example of DiabloII, so I'll stick with it. Imagine that you need to kill Diablo in Act4. In order to do that, you need to open 6 gates first. Let's say Group1 didn't succeed in its first attempt. Well, maybe in your "instance" your party would see dead corpses of Group1 with still some gates activated. Sure DiabloII was more real-time than a normal MMORPG, but if you start with this idea, you can mix it with your mega story tree of doom and it would be some sort of "new" step.
  2. Darknean

    Next generation innovation

    PC Hardware: I don't think that a new type of controller would work. Seriously, the joystick we know is there since a long time, yet not that useful. I don't see any game developers aiming for a unique controller either, because the game would cost more for them as well as for the customers. The keyboard is here to stay. Multiplayer games are really popular and came with a chat system. You need to access your keyboard really often. The mouse is something everyone can use easily too. In fact, if there will be any real changes with game devices, it will first start with a new console idea. Making games on PC depends on what hardware you are aiming for first. If you can't reach a lot of people, you die. On a console it is far more easy as you know which devices gamers already possess. PC Software: Something that may appear is more than one client for the same game. Wouldn't it be cool if in the Sim Online you could do stuff while surfing the web (Sim Online site)? Or using the auction of World of WarCraft directly on their site? -- Well that's enough for now. You've got great ideas guys BTW.
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