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    Writing AI from scratch for Doom 3

    I know all of those things. Except that there is a special structure to script, etc. Plus if I delve into AI dev, I wouldn't be able to work on art (I do art primarily, and some gameplay scripting; sometimes I poke at C++ code; so do more programming would generally means zero progress on assets :( )
  2. I am looking into writing AI from scratch for Doom 3 mod (AI scripts), but I am not really sure where to start. I just want to start small, basically just have spawned AI to idle and look at player (turn toward) when player is inside a certain radius around AI. I am not sure if anyone here ever modded Doom 3, but I figured it worth asking  Thanks.
  3. I am wondering if anyone has tried implementing behavior trees AI in Doom 3 using Doom Script for the most part? I'd like some pointers on how to organize generic framework using the script. Thanks.
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