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    Genetic Algorithms

    y = sin(x)*cos(z)+ x^2*z^2 for x = 0 z = 0 = 0 * 1 + 0^1*0^2 = 0 Thats the lowest (non-negitive) it can get. If you need two different values, x = 0 z = 1/infinity Thats pretty much the same. For negitive, the solution would probably -infinity for both x and z. If both can't be the same, then -infinity for x, x - 1 for z. As for ga's, you need to give em a better problem... (how about getting a ga to make an ann, thats about the best thing i've seen em do :-)) Either way, nice tutorial. Any chance you can do something on simulated annealing. (its a nifty thing to use). From, Nice coder
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