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  1. BlackThirteen

    creating videos

    hey thanks, this program looks really nice!
  2. BlackThirteen

    creating videos

    hello, I'm working on a game project via internet. Sometime it's quite hard and time-consuming to explain things with words. I would like to teach my team mates how to use certain programs via the use of a video. How could I record events from an application window or from my screen? What program do you suggest me? Thanks in advance!
  3. BlackThirteen

    Dual Ages website

    Can you add my vote for me please? I’m too lazy to register on the forum. I vote for “100% 3D”. Thanks! You’re a real buddy!
  4. BlackThirteen

    Dual Ages website

    Wizard, I suggest that you wait until you have more content before announcing your game. You should ask for help in the ‘Help Wanted’ section, and then show them your Project Design and work on your game. When you’ll feel you have something to show, then announce back your game :) Anyway good luck!
  5. When I copy/paste the source code from VC++ to WORD it doesn't bring the color at all. It didn't find the print with color setting either... So some of you are able to print from VC++ and keep the color? At least if I know we can do that it's a plus :)
  6. I have Visual C++ 6. And it doesn't seem to print in color so far. Pretty annoying I must tell.
  7. Is there any way to print a source code from Window Visual C++ and keep the colors as showed inside it? I.E, the green comments, the blue keywords, etc. When I print a source code everything is in grey, once printed it's very hard to dissociate everything correctly, mainly when the lines wrap. Thank you!
  8. BlackThirteen

    Game engine

    Is a Game Engine built similarly for a 2D and 3D game? I want to create one for a 2D game.
  9. BlackThirteen

    Game engine

    I would like to give myself a new challenge and create a Game Engine. First I would like to know if there’s any website showing the common steps to create a game engine. What should I know to prepare myself and what type of resources do I need? I have experience with C and C++.
  10. BlackThirteen

    Line Tool issue (Photoshop 7)

    Hello. I'm a pixel artist for 2D games. I'm really used to create "low color" pixel graphics with Jasc Paint Shop 7 but my new contractor (for a cell game) obligates me to use Adobe Photoshop 7. I face major issues that make me uneasy with PS7. My first issue is with the Line Tool which produces irregular lines instead of accurate algorithm lines... I really need these lines to be precise so I can go on with my work. Is there any way I can fix that problem? Is my program buggy? Click Here too see an example showing my problem. I would really appreciate your help!
  11. BlackThirteen

    Blossom Soft's Western Lords

    a small update on www.blossomsoft.com (two official artworks).
  12. BlackThirteen

    Blossom Soft's Western Lords

    This game is a sort of distant tribute to the popular anime "The Mysterious Cities of Gold"
  13. BlackThirteen

    Blossom Soft's Western Lords

    Here's a new update for those who already know about us. For those who don't know what is Blossom Soft, we are a new and fresh developer team and we're about to publish a game on Game Boy Advance if everything come along nicely with the publisher we are in contact with. Western Lords will be our first game and we sincerely believe that rpg lovers will like it :) Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02 Screenshot 03 You can visit our website as well. Thank you!
  14. BlackThirteen

    prepress information

    This question is very important. Before to give any other commissions to our artwork designer, I need to know crucial information about prepress. These artworks should be later printed into intruction booklets, magazines etc. What do we need to know about prepress? Color Management? Resolution? Difference between CMYK and RGB? Can we change a drawing that was already done into RGB easily into CMYK? Do you know about CMYK colour space? the difference between PPI and DPI? How should we work in CMYK? Would it work to do it in RGB then convert? Thank you! You could spare us a lot of time with your replies! Elder Prince www.blossomsoft.com
  15. BlackThirteen

    Orchestra Libraries

    Sorry I didn't know you wanted only free sounds. I thought you stored some money because you intended to buy Garritan Personal Orchestra Library. Of course, if you don't wish to do professional music soundfonts are pretty interesting. Otherwise I'm persuaded you could find gigastudio and nice libraries for a decent price on E-bay.
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