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  1. sathenzar

    Vista RTM

    Does anyone know if windows connect users will be able to download the final vista RTM build?
  2. sathenzar

    Networking my sound

    What is the best application for networking sound together (play my music on one machine and listen to it on a another computer)? I can't seem to find an application that does this on Does one exist?
  3. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    Odd, it hasn't been secured that it will work but it actually when I inserted a DVD-RW instead of a DVD-R it is at 8% now. It normally stopped at 5% on nero burning rom and 1% on nero express (which is what I'm using now)...
  4. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    Well I would say a fualty disc 2 but I have gone through 10 DVD's and they all do the same thing. Maybe it is my drive. I'll try cleaning it and coming back. I tried a slower speed, I get to 5% on Nero in the burning process and then it fails saying there has been a "power callobration error" as usual.
  5. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    No other files failed 2, this is flat out ridiculus. Everything was burning fine until now. My DVD Drive is barley a year and 1 month old. It's a Sony 2.
  6. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    I guess but it's been successful at burning all the other ISO's for Vista. I'll try burning other stuff.
  7. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    Oh wow, not virtual PC I'm sorry I meant Magical ISO. Wow. My bad.
  8. sathenzar

    Vista ISO is going to drive me crazy

    WEll before I do any of that ( I don't have linux right this second ) I just got a power callobration error from Nero 7 when trying to burn it again. It's like it fails right before it actually starts the burning process it's weird. I'll try to copy from a mounted iso on Virtual PC and doing a copy like you said but what does power callobration error mean?
  9. I have kept trying and trying ot burn the new Vista build onto a DVD disc. I have bought 10 DVDs from 2 different companies and I only have one left and I'm really getting mad. It always says "Failed to burn". On Vista, I tried a numerous of free and commercial software burners and they didn't work. Then I redownloaded the ISO 3 times now on another machine (running Windows Server 2003) and tried Nero 7 and it failed on 2 DVD's. When I try to extract the ISO, it just gives me a readme file and then that's it. If I load the ISO on Virtual PC, it shows all the contents. Does microsoft just suck so bad they can't even make an iso burnable? I can't get it to burn on anything. Any ideas would be appreicated.
  10. sathenzar

    ASM, NASM, MASM....ARG!!!!

    Wow, this is amazing. Thanks for all the info. I am going to be reading for weeks (or maybe months lol) on this stuff on the ASM and OS wiki. One quick question before I delve into continue reading. The only thing I am still confused on is the concept of the way the author here ( outputs any of the characters because I don't see any asm commands. All I see is him increasing the pointers in size. I don't see the actual asm code in that kernel telling it to output everything. Maybe I just should keep reading this os wiki but I just see no connection with the asm and the C in that example he provides here: In C: void _k_main() { int num; char ch; char *text_video = (char*)0xB8000; char attrib = 0x07; char *str="Kernel Loaded"; while(*str!=0) { *text_video = *str; *text_video++; *text_video = attrib; *text_video++; *str++; } return; } I see the video memory address being referanced, that's it. No asm command(s). Thanks again for all the help :) I'll be reading forever.
  11. sathenzar

    ASM, NASM, MASM....ARG!!!!

    Wow, I can't thank you guys enough for all the help. I think I have a wealth of information here. I'm going to start reading. I'll be back if I have any more questions. Thanks again I'm rating all of you guys up.
  12. sathenzar

    ASM, NASM, MASM....ARG!!!!

    I'm so sorry I have no idea why I said C# I meant C. (Big difference :) ). But anyway thanks for the advice/resources. I love NASM so far, I havne't looked to far into MASM. What is that Microsoft ASM? I have Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite so I know it has something of asm in it b/c I have seen it. I think my hardest part is I don't know what all that asm stuff is. The C part I understand but that's like 10% of the tutorial if that. The rest is all NASM in the one I'm reading ( Idk maybe I am reading a tutorial that shouldn't be read at entry level OS programmers. What do you guys think?
  13. I have a major problem...I want to just for a learning experiance create a simple OS. However, every tutorial I read uses a different type of ASM code. One uses NASM, another uses MASM. Why are there 10 billion different asm versions. And is there a tutorial set that goes more out then the boot loader and then booting into your simple C# kernel that says hello world? Maybe I have just read to much and that's why I'm fursterated (help ful source just to many versions of ASM). Any help with tutorial sources would greatly be appreciated.
  14. Hey I am having troubles with my internet client right now. Is IE or firefox better? Thanks.
  15. sathenzar

    New tutorial vault...

    O yea lol
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