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    Original Content Thread [56k warning]

    Went camping with a friend in the "middle of nowhere" in northwestern Ontario a couple weeks ago. Hiking, more hiking, then mtb'ing through whatever we could find Taken on a Canon Powershot A620, resized.
  2. sordid

    Maximum size of texture

    To summarize without giving out too much free bread, you have to initialize OpenGL. Otherwise it has no idea what card you're trying to query specifications on...
  3. sordid

    what joystick to buy?

    I must recommend the Saitek pads. P2500 for the wired, P3000 for wireless.. or the P2900 if you can actually get a hold of one. I used one for a while as I was planning on reviewing it, but the job was moved to somebody else who decided to crap out completely, and it was awesome. The Logitech pad feels pretty much exactly like a PS2 controller (test one out in an electronics store) if you're really set on it. The Saiteks are a bit wider/thicker, but still very comfortable. Check the user reviews, rather than the dedicated website reviews. You'll get more results, even if they are subjective -- but atleast you'll be able to get an impression of its reliability. I say this because I haven't been reading good things about the Logitech pad(s). They seem to lose calibration/accuracy after a month or more which somehow becomes permanent. After that, the pad is useless. I do not know if there has been a hardware update.
  4. To me, a reinstall in this manor constitutes downloading the entire binary package, or a very large portion of it in order to update. I understand that updating critical files will require a restart (even non-critical updates/installs within Windows "require" the user to restart the infernal thing), and the ability to restore all windows/tabs open before you click "Restart Firefox" would have been nice... but not in this case. *shrug* It was a 2 second download, so it wasn't the entire package -- just some runtime files. That's a patch rather than a full reinstall in my opinion.
  5. sordid


    Quote:Original post by LessBread It goes away immediately with soap. Ironically, the word smegma is derived from the Greek word for soap. Speaking for myself the overnight build up of the stuff occured more frequently during puberty and tapered off as I got older until ceasing in my 20's. That was the basis for my comment. I was referring to post-coitus. Ah ha, Trebek!
  6. sordid

    I want to leave Brazil... Where should I go?

    Quote:Original post by Moe Quote:Original post by Ravuya Come to Canada! I second that! Mind you, it is considerably colder here than Brazil, but still a pretty darn good place to live. I think what you're saying sort of gives Canada this image of a winter-baron country with its inhabitants wearing parkas year-round. C'mon man, you gotta help remind people that we still have 30C+ summers with 60%+ humidty. Very little rain this year though :( It's just that the winters suck monkeynuts. I have to keep rebuilding my igloo every fall.. it's starting to piss me off.
  7. sordid


    Quote:Original post by Funkymunky actually it started way back in the day to ward off infections, diseases, vermin... and dickcheese.
  8. sordid

    A case.. a case... my kingdom for a case..

    My only two picks: Lian-Li V1000 for a mid-tower (6 hard drives) Lian-Li V2000 for a full-tower (12 hard drives) I have the former, and it can be a bit cramped with lots of drives (I only have 3). The V2000 is much more spacious, and has more room between the top of the case. A friend has the latter with 6 or 7 drives and the same system as mine below , sans 165 in lieu of 170 at same clock, with the same fan setup and has never had a heat issue. With my system (Opteron 165 @ 2.4 on a A8R32-MVP, 2GB, X1900XT, 3 HDDs), it produces a fair amount of heat, but stability has never been an issue with the stock fan setup (2x low speed 120s both intake, only exhaust is psu). Plus it's a beaut. ... or one of these.
  9. sordid

    What did YOU learn today?

    I learned that I can produce really foul odours after 4 days straight of eating eggs, and about APC's superfluous third testicle. I don't think there's enough liquor in my house to make me forget today.
  10. Quote:Original post by Way Walker The idea is that wealth is proportional to merit in a capitalist society. The better you are and the harder you work, the more wealth you get. I disagree, but most people I've talked to who whole-heartedly support capitalism see it as the means to a meritocracy. How could you disagree? Are you saying people like Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton don't actually work for their money? [lol]
  11. Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Quote:Original post by Conner McCloud In a similar vein: Some old horse, caught a horse, taking oats away. Sin opposite hypotenuse, cosine adjacent hypotenuse, tangent opposite adjacent. Wow, that's one long way of remembering that. I took the short-cut back in high school of "soh cah toa" (pronounced as is) I forgot a lot of stuff from linear algebra, calculus, and discrete mathematics (along with probably a few things from high school math and physics), but before all else, one thing does and always will play in my mind atleast once a day for some reason: d = Vi*t + 1/2a*t^2 That's not the only equation I remember, though damn near close, but it's always the one I hear in my head.
  12. sordid

    hosted website or local on your pc

    Firstly, I'd look at your ISP and connection itself. A deciding factor would be if your ISP allows you to host any sort of server application. Usually it's against the TOS you have with your ISP. They can, and will, shut you down completely (terminate your service) if they find out you violated this sacred rule. Then I'd look at the amount of bandwidth you have, and any such "maximums" you have per month. It's easy to exceed this if you run something 24/7 (think torrents). DO you think you'd also be happy with a website possibly consuming a lot of your daily bandwidth? Throttle it, and people will leave because it's slow -- if it isn't already.
  13. sordid

    I'm bored so...

    Quote:Original post by mhamlin Mark Hamill Heather Locklear
  14. sordid

    How far along is your project?

    Can it be a negative number? I haven't quite even gotten an idea down on paper yet.. trying to not become too overzealous and create a project that was doomed for failure from the very beginning, while remaining atleast somewhat unique is an incredibly difficult task.. even for the creative minded. no it was NOT a mmorpg.
  15. sordid

    Post pictures of your hobby! (56k Beware!)

    Gonna go replace those Shimano Vs with some Juicy 7s, throw on the Specialized Enduro Sports, and it'll be ready for the trails in the Whiteshell in a few weeks.
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