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  1. Another gif of the game in action, this time in the Hell's Porch arena!     http://gfycat.com/ConfusedLeanIcefish
  2. Here's a Gifycat of the game in action!     And an html5 version:   http://gfycat.com/WeepyJaggedHellbender
  3. Oluseyi, A.K.A. "the lone voice of reason in the lounge". I'd like to pipe in with a little "I heart Oluseyi" here myself. In a strictly non-sexual way of course.
  4. BattleStar Galactica is the best show on television. It has usurped every other show I've like in the last 10 years. Better than 24 (which I love) Better than FireFly (which I liked) Better than Farscape (which was very cool) Better than Lost, Smallville, or any other scifi/comic book/drama out there. It's just the best show that the television gods have seen fit to bless us with in ages. But I hate them for that Pegasus episode. I hate them, because I have to wait till January to see what happens!!! I've never had a show effect me the way this show does week after week, leaving me thinking about it and pondering it days after seeing every episode. If you've ever been to Aintitcoolnew's coaxial section, you can see how every espisode spawns pages and pages of debate in their talkback forums over the moral issues, social relevance, and just great writing and acting that gets packed into it every week. Man, what a great Frakking show!
  5. Ok, just saw it, and I want to comment here. Hear me out - I liked it, a lot, but there are somethings about it that just don't sit right with me. I LOVE the new BattleStar Galactica, and I didn't think anything on television could come close to it. So, when the SciFi channel did the FireFly marathon, I watched as many episodes as I could. And... it was pretty good. Surprisingly good. Not even close to BattleStar's level, but very good and I really liked the characters, so I was looking forward to the movie. Now, I am very familiar with Whedon, from his work on Toy Story to Alien Resurrection to Buffy (which I hated) and Angel (which I liked and was sad to see it cancelled). And I just have to wonder about him sometimes. Did he get lots of dates in high school? Because man, that guy loves his little girls with super powers. He always has a little girl, who can out-kung-fu 300 pound monsters in all of his series. I mean think about it, Buffy and the slayers, Faith and what's-her-name (Dushku's character) in Angel, even Ripley in Alien Resurrection has weird alien hybrid powers, and Whedon's next project is likely going to be... you guessed it... Wonder Woman. So, other than the fact that I think Whedon dreams of being a 16-year-old girl with kung fu superpowers, I really enjoy his writing, and most of his work, even though I think it tries waaaaaay too hard to be "clever" with the dialog. All that to say this: Saw Serenity and I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It was violent, funny, moving, *** spoiler!!!! *** and not afraid to kill off several beloved characters, which takes some brass kajones. Very good movie, and I would definitely recommend seeing it. Support good SciFi! We need more of it!!!
  6. "In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence" ~ Sir Isaac Newton Thanks d000g, for pointing out that many brilliant minds, both today and down through history, have believed in God, and have felt their research only proved their faith more to them. It's nice to see rational people post in threads, instead of pile-on "you believe in God you moron n00b haxor!!!!1111oneoneone lol rofl lmao" "you're going straight to hell you immoral heathen!" types. However, it is stunning that anyone could possibly take an article by the Onion as anything but a joke.
  7. I agree with the need to reply with a "your momma" joke. For example: "thank you for your suggestions on how to improve my game. Now let me suggest how your mom might improve. First, she could stop being so fat that I had to roll over twice to get off her. She could also stop being so ugly, I mean so motherfrakkin ugly, that I only slept with her twice. Also, she could stop being so poor, that when I tried to mug her, I was just practicing. Oh, and she's also so dumb, that she couldn't teach you how to write a coherent sentence that actually makes any grammatical sense." But I'm a known bastard, so you might not want to do it my way.
  8. I'm going to admit something here, and I hope it won't get me rated down... I recently rated a fairly popular forum member down for his response in a political thread. Not for his beliefs mind you, but for his response to another poster. In the thread, someone posted their beliefs on America and fascism - this poster replied, that if he really felt that way, that he must be close-minded, brainwashed, or still a child who hasn't seen enough of life, the world, blah blah blah. Basically, he acted like a closed-minded brainwashed idiot while calling someone else a close-minded brainwashed idiot. So I rated that assclown down. It really is more about how you post your opinion in the lounge, then what your opinion is.
  9. Recently, while flying over the Rocky Mountains on my way to California, I thought to myself, "wow, the height mapping and bumps on those mountains are almost perfectly rendered, with real-time volumetric fog and specularity too". If you're a 3D modeler, you will eventually begin to see everything in wireframe.
  10. check out my game here. We are big fans of most of the games already mentioned in this thread, and are trying to make an action title with lots of cool space ships to choose from. We'll have a playbe demo ready by the end of this month.
  11. Freedom Fighters is one of the best game's I've ever played. The squad-based gameplay is fantastic in multiplayer too. It makes it so much fun for even just 2 players to get together and fight it out with about a dozen AI squad mates on each side. You feel like part of a huge team match, even though there are only 2 human players involved. Great game.
  12. I just want to clarify, that I was not butt-naked in front of Hansol0 - I used a hand towel, not my towel. Years of training is needed to truely pwn flies...
  13. Sparky Quaker's Way
  14. I have a funny PaperRPG story. Back in high school I got a really hot friend of mine, Jennifer, to play Star Wars the RPG with us on a fairly regular basis. We dated for a little while after that too. *Sigh* the memories... Wait, that wasn't funny... Oh, and one time, we were playing this Bounty Hunters adventure that had an IG88 hunting us. The thing self destructed in Mos Eisley after we beat him up pretty good. When he blew, our GM rolled 7 dice and declared "Mos Eisley suffers 7D damage". I thought it was funny... but I am a major geek.
  15. Oh man, this reminds me of a joke: Ok, Saint Peter is interviewing people in line to get into heaven. He's had a long day, so he decides to just let one last person in today. So he declares: "the person with the most ironic death gets into heaven today" So, the first guy tells his story: "Ok, I live on the 30th floor of a high-rise apartment building, and I have a beautiful wife who I suspected was cheating on me. So, one day I decide to come home early for work and check in on her, and sure enough, there she is in our bedroom naked and sweating. So I start screaming 'Where is he!?!? tell me so I can kill him!!!' And I run around the apartment looking for him, when I finally go out on the balcony, and sure enough, there's a man hanging there begging for his life. So, I start jumping up and down on his hands to get him to let go. He finally does, falls 30 stories, and miraculously lands on the awining in front of the building, bouncing harmlessly into the bushes! So, furious, I grab the heaviest thing I can find, our refridgerator, and lob it off the side of the building, squishing him flat! it was great! But, when the adrenaline wore off, I fell over dead from a heart attack!" Saint Peter thought it over and agreed, that was pretty bad, and ironic. So, he asks the next guy "what's your story" He goes: "ok, I live on the 31st floor of a high rise apartment building. In fact, my apartment is the entire floor becasue I was a very wealthy man. Well, I like to keep in shape by jogging around the balcony of the building, when sure enough, I slipped and went over the edge. But, I am in great shape, so I was able to grab the ledge of the balcony one floor below me. I'm hanging there calling for help, when this enraged, red-faced man starts jumping on my hands screaming for me to die! I'm begging him to stop and help me when I just couldnt' take it anymore and let go. I fell 30 stories! but by some miracle, I bounced off the awning and into some bushes. I was laying there, thanking God for sparing me, when I look up and here comes a refridgerator to squash me flat!" Saint Peter thinks about it for a minute, and agrees, there's not much that could top that. But, he asks the last guy in line anyway, "what's your story" The guy says: "picture this, I'm naked and in a refridgerator..."