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  1. Jotaf

    Some advice

    Good advice, and always worth repeating since someone relatively new wasn't here the previous times to hear it :) BTW, there's one aspect of your journal that's a bit annoying: the text goes waaaay past the width of the screen, so every line I have to scroll left and right. The width of my screen is 1440 friggin pixels!! It's not a crummy netbook or anything. Lately, I either copy the text to Word to read it, or don't read the entry at all... I don't want to be rude, but if you could please try to work that out, I'd really appreciate it :)
  2. Jotaf

    AI System Overview

    Impressive system :) Also, the quality of those screenshots is amazing! Congrats!
  3. Jotaf

    Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur!

    Dude, this is freaking hilarious! It looks really fun :D
  4. Jotaf

    Update For The Past N Months

    Wow, that looks incredible! Somehow I never get tired of space shooters. A few days back I was on a spree and downloaded like 5 of them :P BTW the canyon there looks great, it really sets it apart from other shooters! And good tip on the low-res buffer for particles too :)
  5. Jotaf


    Personally I like it, coloring the top part has a tendency of making it look like a little playhouse, like you're peeking up the top, while black is pretty discreet and can be interpreted as a shadow. The screenshot looks so cool! You really have to inject some simple gameplay there and release a very very early alpha :)
  6. This "presentation" reminded me of Krusty the Clown unveiling the new Itchy & Scratchy show... "1969: the Man lands on the Moon. 1970: the Man lands on the Moon again. Then for a while nothing else happened. Now we proudly present..." Looking forward to new juicy info on the upcoming game :D
  7. Jotaf

    The ghost of layouts past

    Good read, and your project sounds really interesting! The issues you pointed out in the first post are all true and it's refreshing to see someone approach the problem like that. May I suggest that you continue "diving in" to reach the first lab experience soon? I feel that it really helps with big projects like this :)
  8. Jotaf

    Livin' fine in '09...

    I can already see it morphing into a Gundam!! Please, oh please give us a shiny new shooter to play, will ya? :) BTW how was the distorted map generated?
  9. Jotaf

    10 Fantasy Fights: Update

    Congrats on the new job, I hope you still make mad progress on the SENG prototype though :) Is it just me or the journals have been a bit quiet, in terms of comments? There was a time, one or two years back, when this thing was bubbling! Anyway just to say I always enjoyed your journal so I thought I'd drop by a few words :P
  10. Jotaf

    Entity system

    Well, I'd love to show an example but it happens to be highly coupled with my game. In my other component designs I could show you the "add_component" function, and all that; but this system doesn't have any functions at all. What I described is really all there is to it. It's not something you code, it's more something... you just use. Like it was there all along :) Hm, it seems to me like you went a bit overboard with the design (I did it too in the first version). It's easy to define components for everything, but you should always think long and hard if breaking them down so much is really needed. Realistically, when are you going to need an object with position but no mass, or the other way around? If it's immovable, just assign a special value to the mass, or have a flag for that. Actually, I decided against having a position component. Since it's used so often, all objects have it. Yes, when an item is in the inventory its position is unused; but that shouldn't bother anyone. Don't be afraid to make decisions like that, or you'll over-complicate. For instance, there can be a component that means an object can be carried by the player, it can be empty or have values like weight and size; or a component that makes an object behave like a monster, with tons of AI functions. Would it be wise to break down the big AI component into different components? Maybe. But until I need to, I won't do that, or risk devolving my game into a huge, perfect, inter-connected, non-working system. (Until I need to.)
  11. Jotaf

    Propagation By Water, part 1

    Cool! Anyway, you need to make particles check for other particles nearby and have a "pressure" proportional to number of particles; randomly displace the particle proportionally to the pressure, that should do it. The problem is that many particles accumulate in the same spot. They could form a basin, fill up and eventually spill to another basin; the method I described could accomplish that with a couple lines of code :)
  12. Jotaf

    Entity system

    My hair grew longer and I started riding horses shirtless in Scotland after I implemented my first components system. For the record, my latest system is lighter than all the others. It's in python. It goes like this. An object has a MAP of components. They're mapped by type. I ask an object for a component like this: if Health in object.components: object.components[Health].hp += 5. Type validation comes for free, and I didn't write a single function to handle it. Component base class (the only base class ever) defines default functions that some components might not need (for ease). One default property is a pointer to the owner object, so components can directly communicate with other components in the same object. Event dispatching is as simple as a list, like drop_notify. Add a listener: drop_notify.append(obj.listener_func) (bound methods are fun). Call all listeners: for func in drop_notify: func(). Again, I didn't write a single function for the system. That's it. I practically didn't write any code at all for it to start working!
  13. Jotaf


    The image loaded fine here :P What do you mean the cogs didn't work out? Weren't they just some objects you were supposed to pick up and put in specific places? Just asking :)
  14. Jotaf

    Dredmor UI, AO graphics/digital painting

    That progress image is like "spot the differences" times 10 :P Awesome job mate. My favorites are the last two, but I wasn't so critical on the others until your comments pointed out what you thought was wrong with them.
  15. Jotaf

    Newsletter #36 - /its/

    Great to continue hearing progress :) BTW it's amazing what you pixel artists can do with MS Paint! Congrats!!
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