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    A little syntax help...

    yours looks better, but it doesnt matter all that much
  2. ASCII is only from 0 to 127 and so it only needs 7 bits, maybe some systems only give you 7 bits for it, perhaps you should explicitly say signed or unsigned to make it 8 bits
  3. Good on you mate, but if you are going for c why not use malloc and free? And to the c++ class obscurants, objects can be implemented just fine in c
  4. Quote:Original post by TangentZ Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster __declspec(dllexport) ring any bells? Nope, that's not exactly Standard C++, is it? [razz] And why would you declare a function "dllexport" if it's not meant to be? In other words, it doesn't work for all functions, even if you restrict yourself to just using VC++. [rolleyes] who cares about the c++ standard? you should declare functions as exports so that your dlls are more reuseable. almost every compiler supports dllexport/dllimport dev-c++ digital mars, borland [razz]
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