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  1. Three Musketeers RPG Released

    Just spreading the word about my new game, The Three Musketeers: The Game for Mac and Windows. It's an action-RPG based on the original novel by Alexander Dumas. It was programmed in C++ and uses the Playground SDK (made by PlayFirst). If you have any other questions about how the game was made, let me know. Youtube trailer More Info Download Demo
  2. Quote:Original post by Vaseghi This looks amazing! May I ask what libraries you are using? Sure. It's programmed in C++. It uses Playground SDK (developer.playfirst.com), which is a free 2d graphics and sound library aimed at making casual games. The most important feature of this library for me is the fact that it is very well tested on a variety of hardware. Also, it works on Windows and Mac. Scripting is done in Lua. Everything else is custom.
  3. Tasty Planet: Eat Everything in the World

    Quote:Original post by Seriema I'm not seeing any labels on the buttons :( I've had someone else tell me this but I haven't been able to figure it out. What OS are you running (I'm assuming Windows, but which version)? Can you try this debug version of the game: Tasty Planet Windows Debug Just run it to the main menu and then exit. Then send me the debug output located here (depends on which OS you're using): On Windows 98/Me: C:\windows\All Users\Application Data\tastyplanet\debugfile.txt On Windows NT: c:\WinNT\Profiles\{Active User}\Application Data\tastyplanet\debugfile.txt On Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{Active User}\Application Data\tastyplanet\debugfile.txt Thanks, it would be a big help if you could send this to me here: support at dingogames.com Cheers!
  4. Tasty Planet: Eat Everything in the World

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the image of the day thing. I posted some images there too. Quote:Original post by James Gregory I keep getting a bug whereby once I am in the game proper (not in the menus) the guy automatically starts moving down and it is impossible to stop moving down. Hmmm, never heard of this one. Are you using Mac or Windows? And which control scheme are you using, mouse, keyboard, or gamepad? Try making sure "Gamepad" is turned off in the options menu (it is by default). Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Tasty Planet: Eat Everything in the World

    Thanks for trying it out. Obviously there are lots of similarities with Katamari. And I don't think that's a bad thing. But I think that calling it a 'clone' is a bit extreme. Can a 2d game really be an identical clone to a 3d game? If you ignore the visuals and just look at the gameplay (think of all the objects in the game as abstract shapes) then the game is actually closer to Feeding Frenzy (or an even earlier predecessor like Shark Shark). Look at a few first person shooters and see how similar they are to each other. First person shooters are rarely considered clones of each other even though their gameplay is virtually identical. Not much has really changed since Doom. (And if there were laws against creating similar games then we wouldn't have anything better than Doom... in fact, depending on how extreme the laws were maybe we'd still be playing Pong) But why aren't all the WWII FPS considered clones of each other? If they aren't clones then how could Tasty Planet be considered a clone of Katamari? I think it is because there is a genre called "First Person Shooter" but no accepted genre called "Growth Game". So instead of saying that Tasty Planet is in the same genre as Katamari we say that Tasty Planet is a clone of Katamari. If there were 50 growth games out there then it would no longer be a clone, it would just be in the same genre. But maybe I'm just bitter after someone called Laser Dolphin the "Exact same game as Echo the Dolphin except they changed the graphics and added weapons and changed the controls and changed all the levels."
  6. Hi game devers, I recently released my latest game Tasty Planet. It could be described as 2d Katamari Damacy. Or maybe Katamari meets Feeding Frenzy/Shark Shark. Here is the press release: Tasty Planet: Eat Everything in the World November 29th, 2006 - (Toronto, Canada) Dingo Games (www.dingogames.com) is proud to present Tasty Planet, a game of growth for Mac and Windows. In Tasty Planet players control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything smaller than it. The more it eats, the bigger it gets. Eventually the goo grows so big that it can eat the entire world. Tasty Planet features over 60 levels, three game modes, and tons of different things to eat. The game has simple and responsive controls which make it easy to learn. Players progress through the game by eating anything that gets in their way: dirt, bacteria, bugs, fish, mice, cats, dogs, cars, trees, houses... everything from the tiniest to the most colossal things in the universe. Comic strips throughout the game tell the story of two scientists trying to create the world's greatest bathroom cleaner. Using nanotechnology they design a ball of grey goo to eat all the dirt and bacteria in a bathroom automatically. Unfortunately, a slight miscalculation causes their ball of goo to eat more than just bathroom dirt; it starts eating everything. Now there is no stopping this out-of-control bathroom cleaner. For more information on Tasty Planet or to access the free demo, available for Mac and Windows, go to www.dingogames.com. Tasty Planet: All You Can Eat Gaming. Links: More Info Trailer Video Mac Demo Download Windows Demo Download
  7. My approach to selling games

    Doing face to face marketing can certainly work.. however, it might be hard to make your money back by passing out demo disks, just because of the costs involved in making the disks. If you're going to a softball event, I think that it would be more efficient to sell the full version of your game instead of giving away the demo. And for people that don't want to buy the full version (i.e. most people) you can give them a flyer to go to your website and download the demo. Although I'm not sure about the legality of selling cds at a softball game...
  8. Laser Dolphin Swims into Action!

    Quote: I wish I had some art skills like that I am mainly a programmer, but I have managed to learn enough art skills to get by. Just takes a bit of practice. Quote: I guess you're using OGL and my OGL is borked because I get double images like when you set the frequency of your monitor too high. I get the same problem with the Torque demo and Half-Life 2. Why is that? (would be nice to know) Yeah it uses OpenGL. I'm not sure what the problem is, I haven't had any reports about that in the past. Could it just be 'ghosting' which happens on LCD monitors? I get a bit of that on my laptop monitor but it happens in both OpenGL and DirectX (and it is barely noticeable). Quote: I just played a bit stunt and a mouse would make it awesome (notebook touch pad sucked). Seems really nice! Congrats! Hope I get to play it for real sometime soon :) Thanks! Yes, it is almost impossible to play with a touchpad - as are most games.. well I always plug in an external mouse because I hate using touchpad so much, even just in windows. Quote: But, living in Canada, I'm sure we both know I'd rather NOT save the PM or his evil friends... No comment on politics [wink] However, it is never specifically stated in the game WHICH prime minister you are saving (ignore the building that looks vaguely like the canadian parliament building).. so you could just assume that it is the PM of some other country. [smile]
  9. Laser Dolphin Swims into Action!

    Quote:Original post by Moe how long was Laser Dolphin in development, and how many people worked on it? I developed the whole game myself (except for music). Art in Blender/GIMP, programming in Visual C++ .NET. I worked on it for about 3 months full-time and 6 months part-time. I used the graphic/sound library PTK which cut down on development time and allowed easy porting to Mac.
  10. Laser Dolphin Swims into Action!

    Hi everyone, I'm the developer of Laser Dolphin. Thanks for the kind comments. @SumDude: I did post an early version of the game on these forums.. that was probably back in December. @Moe: Sales have been pretty good, thanks to feature as "Hot Game" on the apple.com download site and Joe's press release. Here are a few links for your convenience: Laser Dolphin Download (Windows and Mac) Laser Dolphin Website Lots of Screenshots Wallpaper:
  11. Laser Dolphin Released

    First of all, I released an updated version. This version features improved controls, help screens, and better laser aiming. So check it out! (same download link as before) Thanks for the feedback. One of the things that I want to add is more weapon upgrades. I'm not sure what to do about the difficulty. I was actually considering making it easier. I know that the game is much to easy for hardcore players (probably most of the people on Gamedev). Crank up the difficulty to 'Extreme' and it's pretty tough, trust me. The problem is that a lot of the people that buy the game are probably not going to be as good at games so I question what the default difficulty should be. I might have to do some testing. e.g. half the people that play the game get easy difficulty and half the people get hard difficulty. Then see which version sells more copies. Or maybe just force them to choose a difficulty when the game starts so that more casual gamers will choose 'Very Easy' and the rest would choose 'Medium'. Thanks everyone. Please try the new version and let me know what you think!
  12. Laser Dolphin Released

    Thanks for the feedback. I am currently working on improving the controls. I am planning on doing a "swim towards the cursor" as well as the current arrow key controls. Swimming towards the cursor feels more natural but during intense fights you really need the arrow keys to maneuver in all directions. I think I know what you mean link3333. Right now the laser gets shot in the direction that the dolphin faces. The dolphin tries to maneuver itself to face the cursor. So if you do fast mouse movements the laser will not hit the cursor. Also the laser usually fires slightly above the cursor because of the way that the laser is mounted onto the dolphin. I'm thinking about fixing this up a bit so that the laser feels more responsive to mouse controls. Basically by subtly angulating laser towards the mouse cursor. So that even though the dolphin is not quite facing towards the cursor, the laser will still shoot that direction. I'll try this out and see how it feels. Thanks everyone, more feedback would be appreciated.
  13. Laser Dolphin Released

    Hey everyone, I have just released my latest game, Laser Dolphin. I posted a beta version of my game here a month or two ago. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback - I tried to include as much as I could. The idea behind the game is that you play as a dolphin who has a laser strapped to his back. It is 2d sidescrolling action game. Some of the enemies include: Robo Sharks, Missile Fish, and TNT Turtles. :D I’m interested in any and all feedback. I don’t really have any idea of the system requirements (although probably quite low) so please post your system specs too. Download Windows Demo More Info Images: Title Screen Robo Shark Ice World Volcano World Desktop Wallpaper 1024x768
  14. List of free libraries

    Great list, but I didn't see PTK on the list. PTK is a great Mac/Windows 2d library running on top of OpenGL (so it's fast). It's free for freeware but it does have a PTK Watermark in the corner. I'm using it for my next game ( coming in a few weeks ).
  15. Free game sites and money

    Many download sites also take advantage of affiliate programs. Basically they have a "Buy Now" button and they split any sales with the game's developer.