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  1. Quote:Original post by luzarius If you were making a mmorpg and had to do server collision check on the server, what do you think would be the most efficient way? Ray casting? AABB, OBB? or none of the above. Just a quick note, I work in the web industry and I guarantee you a MMORPG will not be run on just one server. Most likely there will be a cluster of databases for the game logic with a cluster of web servers for the 'serving of pages' logic. Building a MMORPG is not very different from building a website like facebook/myspace. It just has sooo many more rules and requries a client binary so that the user sees nice mountains and blood etc... But yes if you use good sub-division of space you will rarely do AABB colision checks, and then if you do do further checks it will be even more rare. I recommend you do this though. Use AABB checks for your main logic and then layer further detection on top of that and stick it into the client binary, so collision detection with a higher resolution than AABB becomes purely an aethestetical thing.
  2. dawidjoubert

    php game programming

    Quote:Original post by password PHP is a server-side language and is impossible to make any sort of games with except text games. It's like making a book by cutting out small pieces of paper which you've written stuff on and glue the pieces on a bigger paper many times until you have a page. The difference is that the example I just told may work. javascript/Java/Flash/other language would be a better choice. If you still want to stick to PHP, I think there is an actual language of PHP like C++ with OOP aswell. I found some information about it: PHP-GTK Don't agree with your generalisation. It is not true, you can create data driven games in which you want all the mechanics to happen on the server. Think of the back-end of an rpg server or consider oilfight.com. With a good combination of javascript,css,html,php you can really make something nice.
  3. dawidjoubert

    Why drawing a triangle make cpu 100%

    Quote:Original post by hcl_hit i made a prog .But i found my cpu 100% can anybody tells me ? my code is here! ... You are quite probably looping the code endlessly without calling a sleep(x) command which tells windows the cpu is open for use. Have you added a counter and started to measure your fps?
  4. Quote:Original post by etsuja If I were to use a games source under GPL to make a retail game would it really be so bad to release my games source? Would I have to make it available to everyone or just bundle it with the retail game? From what I understand of the GPL I just have to bundle it with the retail game. Does the gpl define clearly what the source is? You could write a program that kinda of renames all the c++ variables and so makes modifying it very difficult. You could give him the assembley source, since this is still source and since it is under the gpl you have the right to modify it as you will. Have some server authentication that is required, hook the dll in and then you don't need to provide the dll's source
  5. dawidjoubert

    NO wonder IT jobs arent being filled...

    Curious I am to see where I fare. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight C++ XML Visual Basic SQL SDLC SQL Server Oracle HSQL .NET J2EE Java C# Shouldn't be hard to pickup from C++, besides it is a managed language HTML CSS javascript DHTML --> If you can do this then it means you are a master of css,html and javascript. Why include them all? AJAX Documentation Unit Testing Use Cases
  6. dawidjoubert

    How to split a game income?

    Quote:Original post by TractorTom Hi there, Me and my friend are working on a small Internet based RTS. He is an artist, so he is the main designer of the game and I sign things off to make sure they're technically doable and not too ambitious for our first game. We did share the design work, but recently I've moved onto programming to leave him to complete the design (although I am still overlooking it all). However, he mentioned that the pay would now be more like 40%-50% for him because he's doing nearly all the design. We're not dreaming of making millions from this game and are quite down to earth about it! :) However, he knows nothing about programming and it's quite hard to explain to him just how much work is involved even for something basic. So like I said we're not planning to make much (if anything!) from this game; it's mainly for the experience. However, if we want to continue this hobby I don't want to set a trend of such a low percentage for all the programming work, when contrasted to creating the 3d models and designing. Since if we ever do make some money, it's going to be a bit of a kick in the mouth. So, can anybody please suggest something to what you'd expect to the work load? p.s. I've had programming experience for about 8 years, although none in a professional game industry. However he's had none other than playing around with 3DS Max. Many thanks, Tractor Tom. The assumtion that designing would neccesarily be more work than the implementing of the desiging is false and void. That is however why there are more than 1 programmer on the team and 1 designer. It is easy to draw up the basis of a class and show its connections. Programming that however in my opinion is more demanding. With the design goes more accountability and responsibility however and this is what you are payed more for.
  7. dawidjoubert

    JavaScript Optimisation

    Quote:Original post by BloodWarrior ops! Guess I didnt make myself clear... when I meant that it took forever to load I meant the dynamic building of the combobox took forever to execute. I didnt meant that the page was downloading stuff. Imagine that you have a page with a button. Clicking on it will trigger a script that creates and displays a combobox. However the combobox has 1000 items that are all created dynamically and so the time it takes to create this is quite long. I will update the first post to add an example soon. Yours Truly K Use a timed creation.. Writing the text to the box at 100ms intervals.
  8. dawidjoubert


    You mean int AddNumbers(int a,int b) { return a+b; } Where A and B are the arguments
  9. dawidjoubert

    Will you guys train your soldiers or what ?

    Quote:Original post by superpig Quote:Original post by Nypyren ...breakdown of how CAS works...That's really interesting. Thanks for posting it [smile] Yeah thanks, now I suddenly want to be a fighter pilot (i am serious).
  10. dawidjoubert

    Generate a circle from 2 points and a radius

    Quote:Original post by ehudros Right! That's so much easier, I can't believe what a complicated solution I was trying to implement... Thanks a lot :) You will possible be able to generate two different circles using that data
  11. dawidjoubert

    Which formats should my engine support?

    Quote:Original post by darkelf2k5 Just make your design so that you can add any loader without problem. Separate the engine and the loader. The model data looks the same in vid memory regardless the format you load it from. Some formats will just represent your program memory model closer and so be easier to load (easier to program the parser). Consider one format which faces point to vertices and another in which faces own pointers (as a clasS)
  12. dawidjoubert

    Clipboard contents [possibly 56k unfriendly!]

  13. dawidjoubert

    Which formats should my engine support?

    Quote:Original post by Stev Studio Hi, I'm currrently building up a new game engine. I already made the directX render, and before doiing the openGL one, I would like to be able to load 3D scenes and animations from 3DS max, Maya, Blender etc, to my engine. My question is, which format do you guys think I should support in my game engine? If you could also provide me with a link to the format explanations, I would be very happy. This game engine will be open source, and I will create a website for it, once I'll have some loaders created. Thanks all for your help, Stev Write your own script for blender to expert to your own format, this is what I am doing and it gives you more power
  14. dawidjoubert

    Line over image?

    Quote:Original post by eedok I'm playing around with some OpenGL examples again, and for some odd reason I'm getting a line over my sprites head and I can't figure out why. The problem: Original image: the code: *** Source Snippet Removed *** and yes I know there's not enough error checking, but this is my code in sandbox mode :p. This is a blending artifacts. First lets explain why it happens. You are currently using glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D,GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER,GL_NEAREST); glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D,GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER,GL_LINEAR); Which basically means when enlarging things larger than the sprite you linearly blend it. The texture is wrapping at the top of the head so that line you see is actually the fade from gray to the starting of the feet. This is because in default opengl tiles images, this is very easy to avoid as simple as saying glWrap(GL_CLIP) or something similiar but you will have to go search for urself!
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