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  1. Kandolo

    ITS DONE!!!!!

    Feather: A Tale of a Rabbit, a Bird, and a Hunter My animation is finished! And you all thought it would never happen ;)
  2. Kandolo


    Oh hell yeah! I just found out that I am going to be an IRTS Fellow this summer. What does this mean? Well, the IRTS Fellowship is essentially an all expense paid internship in New York City. They accept only 25 of the best and brightest people in the nation for this. I'm telling you - competition was tough. I've been applying for this since last September and have had to send approximately 30 essays and go through an interview. IRTS is sort of like a communications trade organization. They select people from all areas of media communications and place them with companies in New York that fit their backgrounds. I will be placed in a commercial production company. They haven't told me which one yet though. Regardless, I'm becoming a New Yorker this summer, and will probably be one for a while. Any Gamedev New Yorker's out there? - Tom Wade Murphy
  3. The new Sprite Editor, featuring a GUI designed by yours truly, has just been released alongside the uber-awesome free and fully featured FlatRedBall game engine. Here's a screenshot. GUI is still under construction. While the engine is fully functional, we are still working non-stop on it. Keep up with the engine and download the SE and FRB.dll at http://www.flatredball.com
  4. Click here to check out my new website. (Check out the streaming flash video... made the player myself even! ;P)
  5. After a short pause to finish the bird and get it rigged, I've finally extended the intro to this animation just a little bit. Now I'm up to a minute -- two months to my festival deadline!!! *sweats* (download it from this directory... its XVid, so you'll need either videolan(.org) or the xvid codec for windows media player (www.divx.com))
  6. Kandolo

    IPTAI Splash Screen

    Heh... thats not a sperm :) its a microbe. Sperms aren't capsule shaped (i had this conversation with the scientists already ;P) Whats really cool, that you don't get to see in this animation, is how it "tumbles". Those flagellas wrap together and form one spiral, that pushes it forward... when it wants to turn around, or change directions, it flays all the flagella out (like it is in this animation) and tumbles around until it rights itself, then wraps all its flagella together again to move forward. :)
  7. Kandolo

    IPTAI Splash Screen

    Finished this today! Quicktime Movie 8.8Mb 30secs
  8. Kandolo

    Job hunting...

    Still looking for a permanent job. I just sent out an app at the Walker *crosses fingers* along with about 15 - 20 apps to a bunch of small production companies that I've never heard of. All my business major friends already have jobs lined up... and they tell me "You did realize you were asking for this when you decided to become an art major" meh.... Should have an interesting animation clip and poster to show by the end of the week though... ;)
  9. Kandolo

    Ideas Festival

    Each year, Indiana University hosts Ideas Festival, which includes a category for game design. If anyone is interested its http://www.ideasfest.org
  10. Kandolo


    You might notice a lot of broken links on old posts. I changed domains to http://www.tomwademurphy.com Until I take the time to fix them, just change the domain manually to view them.
  11. Kandolo

    Recent Work

    Just tossing around some stuff I recently uploaded... Finally after working for NASA for an entire year I get to move out of the subsurface and into space hehehe. Here's a quick render of a couple planets in no particular order or scale. Kind of an odd pose... and with a blue wash over it. But, the final version of the rabbit for my animation. Heheh, the "grim reaper" bird. Notice the reaping visual metaphors heheh. I've got some more, I'll upload later for sure.
  12. Kandolo

    I'm... still alive :)

    School and work have been taking up a lot of my time lately. Currently looking for a job to get me the hell outta indiana. I just had my senior thesis show and participated in a group show that were both huge successes. Things are starting to slow down and open up, so expect me to start posting again... hopefully. In the mean time, I am in the IRC chat very often as IrishArtist. Current Projects/Events (More info to follow): -Educational Documentary for NASA Astrobiology (National Distribution) -Video Installation for New York National Hall of Science -Short Festival Animation (Feather... yes, I'm still working on it!) -Some prints for a show in april - http://www.flatredball.com
  13. Kandolo


    Making a forest in 3d is tough... But I'm making due. Here's what I have so far...
  14. Kandolo


    Finished my pirate flash game. Play it Here
  15. Kandolo


    Yeah, so I've been away for a long time... Busy as ever with classes etc. I'm still here tho... busy working away on an animation project. Here's a recent render...
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