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  1. One problem with non-uniform scaling even if you get the transforms correct: Imagine hand clapping animation where each hand supposed to touch each other at some point. If you apply non-uniform scale, the arms might get longer/shorter/fatter/whatever, torso size changed, etc. that may cause the hands no longer touch each other correctly.
  2. yogiwp

    realloc returns zero

    If you're using VC6, then this might be it: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;225099 Edit: wrong URL
  3. yogiwp

    TCP-based High-level Library?

    Two reasons: (1) Our game is turn-based. So you see, from our point-of-view UDP libraries are bloated because we don't need all that tech that makes efficient transport on UDP (i.e. we don't really need efficiency, we just want reliable transport). (2) We want it to "just work" on any network setting (no NAT troubles or what have you). The fact that this requirement is very important makes UDP libraries (--which might have problems with NATs) even less interesting for us. So basicly what we want are: (1) reliable transport (2) the high-level stuff (3) "just work" on any setting Yes I know RakNet (and TNL); they are great, in fact they both are my main candidates. CMIIW, they both seems deal with NAT to some degree, but cannot be considered "just work".
  4. Anyone knows of a high-level game networking library based on TCP? All I found are using UDP. High-level = login, typical client/server game tasks, security.
  5. yogiwp

    elusive music genre

    Metal: - I *really* recommend THERION. I have 7 their albums, all ingeniously dark stuff! Newer albums are more to dark orchestra + choirs than metal. Their latest double-album (Lemuria/Sirius B) sounds like their glory days back then with more dominant metal elements. - Tristania and other gothic metal bands are also great (i.e. dark). - I also recommend Dimmu Borgir. Black metal at its finest. Also check out Cradle of Filth, Samael, and Rotting Christ. Classical: - Check out death/requiem compositions from Mozart, Verdi, and Dvorak. - Some gregorian chants are dark. Can't remember their titles though.
  6. yogiwp

    Official Game / Game Engine Screenshot Thread.

    Currently coding engine, tools, effects etc. for a game. I hope we can actually finish this... god, game biz sucks >_< [Edited by - yogiwp on October 7, 2004 5:33:59 AM]
  7. Quote:Original post by Lokken can you post a link to the Carmack paper? See my earlier post.
  8. Quote:Original post by Lokken can you post a link to the Carmack paper? See my earlier post.
  9. Re: shadowmap size problem for large terrain. Read Carmack's idea on multiple-sized shadowmaps here: http://benryves.com/bin/jcqc2004keynotes.txt Same idea by Jonathan Blow (look at the 2nd image): http://number-none.com/happycake/notes_8/index.html
  10. I don't think terrorist attack achieve *any* result. I actually live in Jakarta, Indonesia where they bombed the Australian embassy yesterday and the J.W. Mariott hotel last year. I'm not even sure that their target is really Australian, because all (!) casualities are actually local (Indonesian) people :( This is so sad, if they must kill people I wish they used a sniper rifle or something :( I know that sounds mean, but really, if you see innocent people (non-targets) suffer like that you'll understand.
  11. If you're into these stuff, I recomend the book "One Two Three...Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science" by George Gamow. Presented in normal everyday language, it is very *fun* to read. Somehow it made me losing interest in coding and digging more and more into physics. Actually, I recomend all his books, they are all great (I have 5 of them). But be careful that some of the materials are outdated.
  12. Quote:it is easy, Render to texture->Add a light map-> Render. Um, CMIIW, this still bakes texture on per-object basis? (not per-scene). Quote:Anyway I think this is great for little levels. I´m making a rtype clone in 3D and levels are pretty large, so, I think 3dmax is not the way to go (can anyone confirm it?). So, I guess your level is one large object? You can cut it into smaller parts (objects) and generate a lightmap for each. We've been using MAX to generate lightmaps. For our case it has been very effective as the artists are already familiar with MAX lighting/shadow system. Our maps are made of many small objects. Too many actually, so I'm trying to find a way to merge lightmaps.
  13. Quote:Original post by HexDump ... My first priority was to create then in max, but the problem is that max only creates a lightmap for all the scene in a big texture, and this is not what we, game developers, need, am I wrong? How do you do that? The "render to texture" in Max 5 creates one lightmap for each object. Actually I want it like yours: only one large lightmap for the whole scene.
  14. Look for "Directly Mapping Texels to Pixels" in DXSDK doc, and also "Mapping Texels to Pixels in D3D" pdf in NVIDIA dev site. They recommend to add & subtract 0.5 to screen *pixel* coordinates (not texture coordinates). I've successfully used it for my post-processing. Anyway, both methods (offseting screen coords or texture coords) should produce identical result if done correctly. [Edit: added NVIDIA doc]
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