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  1. F.E.A.R: the story - Part 2 added!

    is it a fetish if you're only attracted to asians
  2. Journal closure

    damn, I can't believe it's been 7 years since I registered
  3. Confused - Graduate School

    Quote:Original post by Pouya Well, I can tell you one thing about graduate school: Now that I have my masters degree, I don't really feel like I know any more than back when I only had a bachelors. To be fair, you were already a bit on the insane side before you even finished your undergrad.
  4. NVIDIA Tesla

    So how long before we have a full GPU-side LAPACK implementation?
  5. Hello ladies!

    this thread gets all the girls
  6. OpenGL inverse matrix

    I have a warning. If you naively google "matrix inverse", you will probably find the expression giving the elements of the inverse in terms of the cofactors. This is NOT how you calculate inverses in general, because of the number of operations required. I think that even for n=4 calculating the inverse in this way is slower than other methods (i.e. reducing the augmented matrix A|I to reduced row echelon form), but correct me if I'm wrong. Additionally, you should also be aware of questions of numerical stability of whatever method you use.
  7. Moon labs forum

    Quote:Original post by Toolmaker Quote:Original post by Evil Steve Quote:Original post by Pouya Quote:Original post by Run_The_Shadows Captain Planet.
  8. Harmonics of a vibrating string.

    Quote: Original post by Grain @jonnyfish & timw: Thanks, I'll look in to wave equations and Fourier series and report back here. It might seem a little advanced if you've never taken a differential equations class, but as long as you've done a bit of integral calculus it's not too bad. I would be happy to go into the details if you need me to.
  9. Harmonics of a vibrating string.

    Look into solutions of the wave equation; this is a well known problem. If you're interested in amplitudes and harmonics then you will probably want a Fourier series solution. If I remember correctly the problem is only as hard as finding the Fourier series of the impulse (pluck).
  10. surface normal calculations

    As long as all the vertices are in the same order (CW or CCW, it doesn't matter which), then this is easy. If you have clockwise A, B, C, then (A-B) x (C-B) will be outward. If CCW, (C-B) x (A-B) will be outward. Remember the right hand rule: take your right hand and extend the fingers forward with your thumb 90 degrees to them (on the same plane as your palm), almost like you are about to give a high five. If your thumb is in the direction of u and your fingers are in the direction of v, then your palm is in the direction of u x v.
  11. Game Physics Magazines/Journals

    This isn't exactly what you were asking for, but it is all you will ever need: I should warn though that it assumes the reader has a cetain level of competence in calculus.