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  1. acid2


    WOOT! FSOL! Someone with some good taste in music ^_^
  2. acid2

    No no, I'm awesome.

    Oh, don't worry, that's genious compared to me. I've done the exact same, cept with a sleep of 500. Top THAT :)
  3. acid2

    BLACK I.C.E.

    Firstly, on those shots - very nice stuff! I can't fault a single one of them. The XML stuff is some interesting content that got me thinking too. I probably slip into that unneccessary use category a bit, and the idea of block files made me think, "I should really think about what format is best first...". So, all good content, and a very nice read!
  4. While I can't say the exact model, bottom left looks like some kind of anisotropic model, maybe ward? Bottom right looks like standard isotropic phong, but I can't say on a plane model :p I prefer the bottom left look myself, but it feels too flat. Is it bumped?
  5. acid2

    It's amazing what a GPU can do in 63ms

    Wow, I know HDR and lighting took a lot to get right, but I didn't know it was THAT much. That's a realllly cool chart, and a big thanks for getting that out! Onto the image: In my opinion, your bright pass is too low. I think that only the really bright things should glow. Which filter are you using in that image as well? If it's star, it doesn't look very prominent!
  6. acid2

    TI Z80 Development Gets Cool

    Wow, that's looking really neat ben :) Can we run this stuff on an emulator, I'm guessing that's how you're getting those gifs. I like the style, keep it up :)
  7. acid2


    This sounds like the perfect place for scissor regions, have you looxed into using them?
  8. acid2

    Busy busy busy

    Please do post the Visio daig, I'm really interested in the project :) Also, is your report going to be open - like, can we read it?
  9. acid2

    Variable height sectors

    Why hello ben ^_^ Does the Z80 support colours?
  10. acid2

    April 2006 SDK

    Woooow, they look so pretty! Can't wait til I get to do some stuff like this in my engine :) Do you have any plans for translucent materials?
  11. acid2


    Good ol 4chan ^_^
  12. acid2

    I think I fixed it

    Big congrats on the mention in GDC - you need to link to the slide if/when its online ^^
  13. acid2

    I love debugging

    Glad to see things are (sort of) getting brighter - no pun intended :p
  14. acid2

    Interpreter, Part 3

    Just read over the last 3 articles, and it sure does sound cool. I havent done a whole lot of work with the interpreter pattern, so I`m gonna do some extra reading now :)
  15. acid2


    I thought it would be worth to say that you can also do this in Managed DirectX. All of the PIX related functions seem to be grouped together in the performence class: Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Performence You use them in a similar way. Just call BeginEvent and then EndEvent when your done. I haven't tried it myself, but looks like it works like that anyway.
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