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  1. Finished my third game for the Play Store. Give it a try and give me some feedback. [url]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=djs.game.zero[/url]
  2. djsteffey

    To Callback or not to callback

    callback seems fine for this. or just in the command that needs it, have an additional member variable such as m_command_has_executed with a get_has_command_executed() member function. Have the original object that created the command maintain a reference to the command. On the next tick when the object runs its update() method, have it check the last_enqueued_command->get_has_command_executed() to see if it already ran. but don't see how that is really any much better than a callback function. just another way.
  3. djsteffey

    Tiled SDL 2D Tilemap Glitch

    that may be the case, however, you are using some kind of camera somewhere that has floating points as its position. what framework are you using? SDL? SFML? ultimately underneath that framework is OpenGL. And you may be giving the tile positions in "ints" (although it is a float hence the xxx.00000), but the transform done by the camera the location on screen ends up being in floats with actual values past the decimal. I used SFML before in my life. Look into using a sf::VertexArray (or whatever it is called) to do a mass tilemap drawing. It is more efficient and will clean up those problems. If you are using SDL then someone else may be able to help you.
  4. djsteffey

    How to learn the math necessary?

    this has always been a great resource for game dev math. it is a very long youtube playlist. each video on the order of 5 to 10 mins
  5. djsteffey

    Tiled SDL 2D Tilemap Glitch

    floating point precision. please post the code with the snippet where you do the actual drawing.
  6. djsteffey

    name change?

    thanks. taken care of. any way to change the username used for login as well?
  7. Is it possible to have the username changed but attached to the same account? I have been a member since 2000 but wish to have my username (and display name if different) changed to reflect what I use on all other sites that I frequent. I know I could just create a new account, but I don't want to abandon this one from 2000.
  8. In agreement with MMK, you may want to rethink the title of your post. I clicked to take a look with the expectation that you were just looking for a small modification to an existing code base. That is not the case here.
  9. djsteffey

    Leaderboards Without a server?

    I urge extreme caution against letting the client connect directly to the database. If you do then a modified client can connect to the database and issue *any* database command it wants, such as delete the whole thing. If you have a server, even a very cheap one, that the client connects to, it shields your data from the client. You could also do some kind of detection on the server when a client submits a score as well to ensure it makes sense. For example, in a racing game, if the client said it completed race #5 in 4 seconds, you know that is impossible and discard the score without recording it in the leaderboards. You have no such option if the client directly connects.
  10. Lucky 13 Just released my second Android game this morning. Lucky 13!!! Isn't 13 the luckiest of all the numbers? Give this game a try and find out!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think or ways to improve. This is a casual block matching game with mechanics simple enough for a beginner.This is a cerebral block matching game that will require strategy in order to complete.Play:- Touch a block with at least one neighbor of the same value and color- All connected blocks of the same value and color will collapse onto the clicked block- All other connected blocks will disappear and be replaced with random new blocks- The collapsed block will increase its value by one and color accordingly- If you can get to 13 then you win!!!Features:- Casual gameplay with quick mechanics for fast play- Four different board sizes to master- Soothing music- Slick graphics- Google Play Leaderboards- No internet connection required (only for Leaderboards and IAP if desired)- IAP only to remove Ads and unlock larger boards
  11. djsteffey

    Ultimate Prepper - 2d mobile survival clicker game

    ok then. sounds good. I just *hate* games where there is some kind of competition (such as global leaderboards) where a non-payer has absolutely no chance. I do understand the need to monetize though so if a game lets a payer do something faster (maybe gain XP for an RPG or dress in a fancy costume in the game) then I am ok with that. Good luck to you with your game.
  12. djsteffey

    Ultimate Prepper - 2d mobile survival clicker game

    do you have leaderboards? if so then this is very much in the category of pay to win and not even close to balanced that non-payers have a chance.
  13. I am a professional and certified Network Engineer for a large telecom in the US. I do limited programming at work but do a lot of hobby stuff on my own and consider myself very proficient. I also have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science. My daughter (almost 10 years old) has expressed to me that she would like to learn to code. And that has me nerding out lol. I would like some feedback on what language would be good to start with. I am very proficient in C, C++, C#, Java, and Python so one of those would be best. I do not want to use just one of the visual editor WYSIWYG editor or anything like that for programming. Just an IDE and compiler/interpreter. I was thinking Java might be the one to go with. Any suggestions?
  14. djsteffey

    First Game Published

    Just published my first game on the Google Play App Store!!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=djs.game.ball It's block smashing time....with a ball....Ball Smash Block!!!This isn't your average paddle and bouncing ball block destroyer.There is no paddle with slow bouncing balls here!!!Take aim with the launcher and destroy the blocks on the screen before they reach the bottom and end your game.After each turn, all the blocks advance one row and new blocks arrive from the top.Completed turns grant a greater number of balls to launch on the next turn.Get into the hundreds of balls on screen at once destroying the blocks with special effects.Features:- Casual gameplay with quick mechanics for fast play- Multiple block types with special abilities- Upgrade your abilities to devastating effect - Earn coins through playing for purchasing upgrades- Three different play speeds available- No internet connection required (only for Leaderboards and IAP)- Google Play Leaderboards
  15. you need to decide what the data in the packet means to your game.  the format of the packet.  you will want something like that first byte being an identifier for what kind of data follows.  then based on the byte you know what to do with the rest of the data in the packet.   i.e. the first byte is a 0 which means it is a chat message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent the message and then display that message on the screen. the first byte is a 1 which means it is a position update message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent an object id and position.  you then move the object with the id and set its position. the first byte is a 2 which means is a "fire ze missiles" message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent the id of the object that fired the missile, the start position of the missile, and the vector of its movement.  you then call your method to add a new missile to your game. etc....
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