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  1. djsteffey

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Trump has absolutely nothing to do with amending the Constitution. That is a power of the House and Senate or a power of the States if enough of them would vote one forward. If you want to disparage him, and there are plenty of things to disparage, at least do it with some thought and not rattle off vague things like "he will amend the constitution so he can serve more than two terms" stuff which is just factually incorrect. Maybe you want to say something like he just will refuse to leave office when his term is up. But even stuff like that only works if people will listen to that, accept it, and back him up on it. Which I would find highly unlikely. A large portion of his base very much believes in the constitution and would in no way support this. IMO he won because Hillary was just *that* bad. Imagine, no matter how bad you think he is, and he is in some respects, he *still* beat Hillary. And the easy thing to do is blame it on sexism, racism, *ism.... While it is probably true that a certain percentage of people voted for Trump because he wasn't the woman, is it any less sexist to vote for Hillary *only* because she was a woman? Because there was plenty of that talk going around that people should vote for her because she is a woman. Regardless, we had two very bad choices. I would just like to see him get credit when he does good, and get the blame when he does bad. Get behind him and help him when he wants to do good. Oppose him when he wants to do bad. Instead, all we get day after day after day is bashing, hope he fails no matter what, etc....its getting old.
  2. djsteffey

    Grass Munchers

    On Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=djs.game.slide Grass Munchers is a unique casual puzzle game where you must guide your animals around the farm to munch all the grass. The fast pace of play and nearly endless levels will keep you munching grass....until the cows come home.Features:- Easy swipe controls- 10000 unique levels- Leaderboards- Achievements- Unlockable Animals- Powerups- Retro pixel art- Upbeat musicHow To Play:1- Swipe left/right/up/down to move all animals in the direction swiped.2 - Animals will continue munching grass in the direction swiped until they hit an obstacle.3 - Munch grass until no moves available to complete the level. Earn stars and coins based on how much you munch.4 - If you get stuck then you can use the Grass Powerup to regrow grass on a dirt tile.5 - Use earned coins to purchase new animals and powerups in the shop.
  3. djsteffey

    Grass Munchers

    Album for Grass Munchers
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