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  1. I am a professional and certified Network Engineer for a large telecom in the US. I do limited programming at work but do a lot of hobby stuff on my own and consider myself very proficient. I also have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science. My daughter (almost 10 years old) has expressed to me that she would like to learn to code. And that has me nerding out lol. I would like some feedback on what language would be good to start with. I am very proficient in C, C++, C#, Java, and Python so one of those would be best. I do not want to use just one of the visual editor WYSIWYG editor or anything like that for programming. Just an IDE and compiler/interpreter. I was thinking Java might be the one to go with. Any suggestions?
  2. Just published my first game on the Google Play App Store!!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=djs.game.ball It's block smashing time....with a ball....Ball Smash Block!!!This isn't your average paddle and bouncing ball block destroyer.There is no paddle with slow bouncing balls here!!!Take aim with the launcher and destroy the blocks on the screen before they reach the bottom and end your game.After each turn, all the blocks advance one row and new blocks arrive from the top.Completed turns grant a greater number of balls to launch on the next turn.Get into the hundreds of balls on screen at once destroying the blocks with special effects.Features:- Casual gameplay with quick mechanics for fast play- Multiple block types with special abilities- Upgrade your abilities to devastating effect - Earn coins through playing for purchasing upgrades- Three different play speeds available- No internet connection required (only for Leaderboards and IAP)- Google Play Leaderboards
  3. you need to decide what the data in the packet means to your game.  the format of the packet.  you will want something like that first byte being an identifier for what kind of data follows.  then based on the byte you know what to do with the rest of the data in the packet.   i.e. the first byte is a 0 which means it is a chat message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent the message and then display that message on the screen. the first byte is a 1 which means it is a position update message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent an object id and position.  you then move the object with the id and set its position. the first byte is a 2 which means is a "fire ze missiles" message.  you then read out the next bytes that represent the id of the object that fired the missile, the start position of the missile, and the vector of its movement.  you then call your method to add a new missile to your game. etc....
  4. will be interesting to see what her sentencing is versus past male teachers who have done the same.... I mean equality right?  That should go for the punishment of a crime as well.
  5. do you lock the door to your house?  why? I would wager that almost every single person that comes to your house does NOT want to do you harm....but there is the possibility that someone will.  so you lock your door.  and when someone comes to your door you look out the peephole, or you open it to see who it is.  you vet them before you let them in your house.  if you don't know who they are or you *can't* vet them because there is no reliable information about the individual then you close the door and don't let them in.  why can't our country do the same? because it is "racist".  because it violates their constitutional rights? last I checked the US Constitution does not apply outside US territory to non-US citizens.  If it does that is news to me and someone should alert China, North Korea, Russia...and well the whole world that they all better start adhering to the US constitution. Now is this ethical?  I will say it is an ethical gray area. And if the US and other western Europeans would stop screwing in the affairs of those in the middle east then some of it would probably stop too.  I make no illusion that we don't stick our nose in everything.  But when s**t goes down, and genocides, mass atrocities, dictators/others mass killing of civilian populations...who does the world always ask to go in and help.  Then the rest of the world generally wants the US to intervene.  So they want our nose in it.  And when we don't (Syria...mostly but we do *some* covert stuff there) the world it like WTF.  Why aren't we putting an end to it (like the famous chemical weapons red line from Obama that didnt stick).  But of course, that then pisses off the ones doing the genocide/mass killings..... So you can't win that one when everyone wants you out of their business, except for when they want all your foreign aid money, except for when they want you to defend them, except for when they are being slaughtered. This is my last one in this thread.  I don't say I have all the right answers and it is important to listen to others point of view without just yelling names and labels.  Unfortunately, that is how the US works now.   And for the programming comparison above, I would elect new members on the board of the company that would change the policy that allows the removal of the offending library.  Then to make a policy that since the library continually caused us to crash, and the company we got it from refuses to fix it then we would accept no future libraries from them.  The ones we already have with that company we will just deal with until they expire.  Or I would change companies.....do they speak English in Iceland?
  6. Or possibly they're aware that they're not the only people holding nukes anymore. If we send an ICBM at ISIS there's a very high probability that we'll get hundreds of them coming right back at us from all directions. And that's not even touching on the moral issues involved in annihilating the innocent people who are caught in the middle of it, let alone the practical issue of continuing to aggressively irradiate the only planet that we have to live on. It's not as if we aren't bombing the piss out of them already. We've been doing that for many decades now, and it's not solving the problem.     The point the guy was trying to make is not that we need to nuke them.  The point was that the willpower and stomach to do what is necessary is no longer there. Nukes are not neccessary.  But stopping them at the border is one thing that would help.  But we can't even do that because of PC, and fear of being called a racist and many other labels. And some of the attacks are probably motivated by the western countries interference.  But guess who everyone goes to for help when s**t goes down?  Guess who everyone loves to take money and assistance from?  Guess who everyone loves to lean on to provide defense for their country so they don't have to spend the money on it?  When a dictator is on the loose and slaughters his own people, who do the rest of the world wishes would step in and put a stop to it?   I am ok if the western world would stop interfering in their countries.  I am ok with them not liking us.  Want to have Sharia law and kill all non-believers, fine, keep it in your own part of the world.  Meanwhile, I would be happy if we would focus on helping and improving the lives of our own population.
  7. "The hell you can't. Because we did it. These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese. The Japs had their suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can't stomach. And until you can, this shit won't stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took 2 atom bombs on top of it. But if that was what it took to win we were willing to do it. Until you are willing to do the same...well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain't going to stop." Quote from a WWII veteran overhearing someone say that `You can't bomb an ideology."   It can be done.  But current leaders don't have the willpower to do it.  People of the "love everyone", "no guns just hugs", and "tolerance above all especially to those who wish to kill us" attitudes don't have the willpower.   People can think that will work all they want.  It won't.  All these celebrities that preach this, I am waiting for them to go over somewhere in that part of the world and just walk down the street or hold a concert.  No, not on a military base or something like that, but really out amongst those people.   All the people that support letting anyone and everyone into their country, why don't they let them come live at their house (or one of many houses for the rich).  Why do they lock their doors at night?  Why do they live in a gated community or gates around their house?   If you move to another country and want to be part of it then you should assimilate to their culture.  You dont need to give up everything you came from, but you cant expect the new country to change its culture to fit you.  You are the one that decided to go there.  One of the guys that did the Manchester or London attack (forgot which one) has been on documentaries in the UK out in a public park in the UK.  Praising ISIS.  Demanding Sharia law be imposed immediately in the UK.    And then you have the Mayor of London about a year ago, just saying that terrorist attacks are just part of living in a major city and to get used to it?  Really?  Really?!?   We, people of Western Civilization, are just too weak-willed and too "OMG I got to be PC" to do anything about it.
  8. JohnnyCode, not really sure you know what you are talking about. it is actually NOT read from only as evident by the index = index + count line of the code   This gets a pointer to a specific location within the src buffer.  What is wrong with that?  He could have just did char* psrc = src + index, but either way same thing and I see nothing wrong with it.    He is not copying from "some random space in memory".  It is from the space he specifically calculated as being in the src buffer passed in.  It is somewhat "arbitrary" the number of bytes as it is a passed in parameter.  That would be better to use sizeof(int) if he is indeed reading it into an int.  And yes he is reading it into a local variable....but he is returning that value at the end.  What is wrong with that?   index is an int.  count is an int.  how is that a memory reference adding to an integer?  he is using index to guess what, index in his array!!!  How else would you index other locations in an array or buffer without adding to the index?   pot. kettle. black. 
  9. c++ standard library all the way
  10. first thing: SDL_Rect uses integers for its values, and you are going to want to use floats. next: if it moves in the "opposite" direction, just invert the sign on the math (ie change the - to a +) next: moving sideways? where are you expecting an angle of 0 radians to be at?  straight "up"?  nope.  in math cos(0) = 1 and sin(0) = 0.  since you are using cos to modify your x value, then when the angle is 0 then you are changing your x component by the speed and the y component by 0
  11. For network stuff, I always create a separate thread where the only purpose is to receive packets (in a blocking manner) and then pushing them into a queue.  Then on the main thread in the update method, I will loop through the queue and process them all.  That means you need to protect that queue with a mutex though.
  12. have you tried calling the function and see if the correct value is returned?   that being said, if you are trying to convert "10" to 10, then no, this wont work.   Look into build in functions like http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdlib/strtol/
  13. my opinion is keyboard/mouse.  there may be a case where a controller would be better but I cant think of one, at least not where I would prefer to use a controller.  I am partial towards strategy (RTS or TBS) games though.
  14. pretty sure you need a window to get events the console you are printing to is not a "real window" per say....and definitely not the SDL managed one that events come from
  15. does your server sit behind a firewall?  if so block the offending ip address at your firewall. if no firewall, then block the offending ip address at the operating system level (different for each OS so google it) or in the webserver software, any webserver software worth anything should give you the ability to block ip addresses. In short, dont let the offender connect in the first place.   if it is a small range of IP addresses then you can do the same.  If the offender is coming from lots of random IP addresses massively at the same time.....well what are you running that a botnet wants to DoS you anyway?