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  1. The Christmas Sale is on!   Go to and get 50% off on all our content packs until the end of the year.     And if you already own the Warriors & Commoners, the Females or the Wizards characters pack, you can update to the Fantasy Characters at 50% off. More information here:   Merry Christmas to everyone!
  2.         Frogames Store $20 (full version including 3D source files) file formats: fbx, collada, Max Unity Asset Store $15!/content/23587 Web Player   Video   Contact     Reference page Haussmanian style buildings for urban games levels. One Targa texture with Specular alpha channel. • 12 buildings • 8 sidewalks • one 2048x2048 shared texture • one demo scene Christophe CANON
  3. Frogames Summer Sale

    Indie Game Developers don’t miss out on Frogames Summer Sale! 25% off our cartoon characters, buildings, weapons ...     Frogames Summer Sale 8 Jully - 15 August 2014
  4.     The Frogames Fantasy Characters is a Royalty free NPC ressource for RPG and MMO. It allows thousands of combinations to create your own unique NPC!   More Info, Screenshots and Videos here!  
  5. Only 2 days left to get our assets at 50% off with the coupon code FrogamesChristmas2013!
  6. Save 50% on the entire Frogames art content packs collection, including the new Frogames Village and Frogames Bridge. Go to the Frogames Store and use the coupon code FrogamesChristmas2013
  7. Frogames Sales

    LAST DAY!   Tomorrow it will be too late to save 40% on the [url=""]Frogames Store[/URL] with this coupon code [COLOR="red"]FrogamesNY2013[/COLOR]
  8. Frogames Females for Unity

    Tomorrow is the very last day to save 40% on the [url=""][/url] Store with the coupon code FrogamesNY2013!
  9. Frogames Sales

    only 3 days left to save 40% on the Store with the coupon code FrogamesNY2013!
  10. The Frogames Females package for Unity3D is out!   Until the end of the month, go to, pick up a copy and save 40% using the Coupon Code FrogamesNY2013       This pack is a NPC resource for RPG and MMOG that allows thousands of combinations to create your own unique character. Take a look at the Reference page for a complete overview:             The CS:Females, the CS:Wizards and the CS:Warriors and Commoners are sharing the same structure. They are 100% compatible and allow developers to mix textures, animations, objects, hairstyles...           The Females pack is also available in the Asset Store     Enjoy! Christophe CANON
  11. Frogames Sales

    Frogames sales start today! Use this coupon code and save 40% on the Frogames store until the end of January: FrogamesNY2013 3d models, content packs & art for game developers
  12. [center][img][/img] [size=5]Weapons: Swords and Daggers is a collection of low poly (from 90 to 230 triangles) daggers and swords.[/size][/center] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] This pack is 100% compatible with the [b][url=""]Warriors & Commoners[/url][/b] and the [b][url=""]Wizards[/url][/b]. Like every Frogames content pack, the Weapons: Swords and Daggers is available in both the Store and the Unity Asset Store. [size=5][url=""][color=olive]Click here[/color][/url] to get a copy in the [b] Store[/b] for $30 (including 3D source files).[/size] [size=5][url=""][color=#4169E1]Click here[/color][/url] to get a copy in the [b]Unity Asset Store[/b] for $25.[/size] Christophe CANON [url="!/ChristFrogames"][/url]
  13. Frogames CS:Wizards

    [center][size=4]Frogames just released a new content pack, the [b][url=""]CS:Wizards[/url][/b].[/size] [url=""][img][/img][/url][/center] [center]This pack is a NPC resource for RPG and MMOG that allows thousands of combinations to create your own unique Wizard.[/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] The [b][url=""]CS:Wizards[/url][/b] and the [b][url=""]CS:Warriors and Commoners[/url][/b] are sharing the same structure.[/center] [center]They are 100% compatible and allow developers to mix textures, animations, objects, hairstyles...[/center] [center] Take a look at the [b]Realtime demo[/b] [url=""][img][/img][/url][/center] [center] And the [b]Animations video:[/b][/center] [center][/center] [center] [size=6][color=#B22222][url=""]and pick up a copy for[/url] [/color][/size][size=7][color=#B22222][url=""]$50[/url] [/color][/size][url=""][color=#B22222]right now![/color][/url][/center]
  14. [center][img][/img][/center] [center][size=5][b]Don't waste your time, prototype your game ideas[/b][/size][/center] Frogames is proud to announce that the ProtoPack Source is out and available here: [url=""]http://www.frogames....packsource.html[/url] The ProtoPack Source provides all the art pieces you need to create quickly any prototype (take a look at the reference page here [url=""]http://www.frogames....oS/elements.htm[/url]). This content pack is a library of commonly used elements in 3D games (buildings, trees, vehicles, character, particle effects, skyboxes ...) and a collection of 3D primitives. A total of more than 200 elements for only $12 usd. Frogames Store [url=""]http://www.frogames....tent-packs.html[/url] Enjoy! [center][img][/img][/center]
  15. Frogames Bundle

    [center]A good way to start 2012? Get [url=""]the entire [b]Frogames [/b]Art Pack Collection[/url] for $99 only, and save $231! [url=""][img][/img][/url] [url=""][img][/img][/url] [b]Hurry up, it's a limited offer from January 5 until January 18, 2012![/b][/center]