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  1. Onemind

    Collission detection

    Calculus! I'm guessing you're using calculus to calculate resultant forces and the like. If all you want is simple collision detection, Bounding boxes should do just fine.
  2. Onemind

    Friction Vector's direction

    I think #2 would be best for a video game. The first way sounds complicated, and I don't see the advantage to it (it seems like you're just adding friction the frame before).
  3. Onemind

    Water + Reflection help please

    Those cracks may be caused when the reflection matrix is added, but if you're having trouble using the camera transformation, then I would put water reflections on hold until I understood how basic trasnformations work a little better.
  4. Google for Lex(A Lexical Analyzer Generator) and Yacc(Yet Another Compiler-Compiler).
  5. Onemind

    SDL/C++ - 2d Bitmap Rotation

    Don't worry about taking up too many CPU cycles for rotation. Almost any PC will have no problem quickly rotating a 2D image. After you feel confident with your SDL abilities, you might want to look at its OpenGL features. SDL is a great way to start learning OpenGL. At some point in time you might want to learn DirectX, but I wouldn't be in a hurry since SDL + OpenGL is definitly easier and generally as powerful. To Everyone who loves DX: Please don't flame me about being partial to OpenGL, I'm not, but I am partial to using SDL to handle 2D drawing, and then using OpenGL to add cool 3D effects. DX8+ never really offered a good way to mix 2D and 3D without 3rd party stuff.
  6. Onemind

    sdl , flickering bmp

    Could you post the code with the changes. Take a look at color keys, and see if that helps.
  7. Onemind

    C# beginner

    The problem is you have made those functions static. Try removing the static word in front of them and see if that helps.
  8. Onemind

    Traps in TBS's

    You could use Voodoo to curse objects, and/or terrian. For example, A Witch Doctor could foul a lake, causing everyone who goes near it to lose health. The witch doctor could also hex individual heros (assuming you could lay hands on a personal item), and curse items so that only certian people can use them.
  9. Onemind

    The feasibility of an interactive RPG.

    I don't really see the advantage of cutting down random trees either. If I wanted to chop down a tree, I'd go outside and chop down a real tree. Video games are fun because they let you interact with an enviornment in a meaningful way. Anyone remember Red Faction? That game sounds quite a bit like your RPG idea. You could shoot out the supports of a watch tower, blast through walls, and the like. When you're planning a game, don't think about what technologies haven't been implemented yet, think about what would make it fun. For example, Half-Life beat Red Faction, Unreal, and Quake3 - even though Half-Life was arguably the least technologicly advanced of the 4. Also, are you planning a single player RPG or a MMO game?
  10. Onemind

    help me build the server (hardware)

    You'll probably want more memory. 256MB might be a bit low for a server.but I'd play it safe and go for 512MB. Remember, your running your server software, a DB, SSH, and possibly FTP! If you're using Apache, you'll certainly want to up the RAM Also, why do you need a CD-RW? Idealy, you'd just set up SSH, and tunnel in whenever you need to change something. A word of warning, even on a cable connection, your server will still be slow - not because the box itself is slow, but because you're connection wasn't designed for servers. If you'd like this to grow, you'll probably just want to rent space from a hosting company. I've been very happy with 1and1 (I admin a few web sites). If you do decide build you're own server, I'd go with either Fedora or Debian. If you are familiar with command line linux (I mean very familiar), use Debian. If this is your first linux box, use Fedora.
  11. There's nothing that can keep you from using similar namespaces as DirectX (if your library or game had to be completely original, then Id could sue just about every FPS maker on the planet). The only thing copyrights protect is the actually product (i.e. DirectX), and derivatives of that product (i.e. DirectX 10). BTW, I vote Pragmatic.
  12. Onemind

    [class] = *this

    Could you post the pointer version?
  13. Onemind

    First C++ Program

    try replacing int main() with int main(int argc, char **argv)
  14. Onemind

    Separating animation and game code

    There's no simple answer for this. I'd suggest using a parametric line equation position = starting_point + t * (termination_point - starting_point) the "t" paramiter is what percentage of the line segment you have traversed. If t = .5 then position is the midpoint of the line. If t = .75, then position is much closer to the endpoint than the starting point. If t = 1 then position = termination_point. If t = 0 then position = starting_point. By incrementing t, you can create animations. Once t reaches 1, the animation is over.
  15. Onemind

    weird inheritance problem

    It may by a MSVC 6 error. In any case, explicitly call the base class constructor in every subclass constructor. Ctriangle ():Cpolygon(){...}
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