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  1. X-0ut

    Ludumdare 48hr

    The rules page should clear everything up: http://www.ludumdare.com/rules.html
  2. X-0ut

    Ludumdare 48hr

    The page is not up right now, but everything will be up very shortly. I'll explain the rules that I can remember from previous contests. At the begining of the contest a theme is announced, you then have 48hrs to make a game based on that theme. All content/code must be made during this time, no existing code or content. Practically any language and libs are ok, excluding those which have game logic. The finished product must not need something commercial for other users to try (for instance no mods). Thats pretty much it afaicr, I'll ask Geoffh if he can get the rules page up asap. ok so the rules page has been up all along :) http://www.ludumdare.com/rules.html
  3. X-0ut

    Ludumdare 48hr

    The ludumdare 48hr contest starts friday the 28th april. All those interested in taking part should register asap @ http://ludumdare.com/ludum/
  4. I prefer to make my games use a configurable window size. It makes no difference to the game logic, or even the rendering. What I do is simply make the window selected size, but use a constant orthographic setup - lets say 800*600. The graphics are then mapped to that resolution.
  5. X-0ut


    Ok site is up: LudumDare 
  6. X-0ut


    Geoffh says he's working on the site. Theme voting would usualy have started by now, we may have to hack something together just to get things rolling. Eitherway, I will enter.
  7. X-0ut


    Just so everyone knows there is an upcoming LudumDare 48 hour competition starting on the 9th of december. You can visit the IRC channel on irc.afternet.org channel #ludumdare .
  8. X-0ut

    [1W1B2]Screenshot thread.

    I only found out about the contest yesterday (tuesday) night, and so I spent most part of today on artwork. Tommorow I'll get started on the code. For now heres a mockup shot with said artwork:
  9. X-0ut

    [4E4] #40: A Violent World

    Any tips for 'Snow Storm' ? I find this stage incredibly hard, zombie spawns pop up right near the base etc.
  10. All I can say is, next time I'll be putting more time and effort in.
  11. X-0ut

    [4E4] #40: A Violent World

    I'm actually still playing this now. Its weird, because normally I wouldnt even take a second (or first) glance at this kind of genre yet I'm hooked. Its quite difficult at times, and theres some random crashes which can be annoying, but as a whole I find it really addictive. Out of the entire list of games, this is #2 on my list( - everybody knows whats #1). Good job.
  12. X-0ut

    [4E4] #29: Ninja Loves Pirate

    I actually find this quite funny. It was ok when people where digging out engines they have been working on for x years, oh but no, you used game maker pff! Who cares! The game is bloody good whatever it was made with! Ok enough with the exlamation marks. Your game was good enough for me to actually go to the gamemaker website, granted its not for me, but kudos to you guys for doing something cool with it. In retrospect, I wish I had done something else with my time. My game turned out rather sucky, and imensely hard. I'm not going to whine about it though - gives me a bit to think about for the next contest :)
  13. X-0ut

    [4e4] #18 TimeBlasters

    I have completed it three times allready. Now my kids want me to beat it again co-op. Very cool, much fun :)
  14. Avatar God: I tried Paranoia. I managed to escape the cell, but couldnt get past the robot. Kinda reminds me of an old game called Mercenary. Theres still a couple of games I havent played (because I need to install the latest DX) but heres my pick of the crop so far: Ninja <3 Pirate A Violent World Time Blasters The curse of de... oh I allways forget the name! Theres plent of other cool games, these ones really impressed me though, different reasons for each.
  15. Damnit I allways forget to include that dll :(
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