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  1. GodBeastX

    Grab from webcam

    Game Programming Gems 2 Book talks about this subject specifically. (I believe it's book 2, I have it in my bathroom where I do all my thinking ;))
  2. GodBeastX

    Bad double accuracy

    You take a large cycle hit on some operations in float, however. You can have divisions that can take as many as 80 cycles on some system. You sound like you know what you're doing, however, and I'm sure you realize this issue :)
  3. Quick search yields: timeGetTime() can be used to get values in milliseconds. ANother alternative can be: GetSystemTimeAsFileTime() - Which has higher resolution but is based on the system clock, so if someone/something changes their system time, the values between calls will change. And then there's the tried and true: GetTickCount() - Which will return milliseconds, but the resolution is 10 - 16 milliseconds and isn't changeable. For most uses this is fine, but I'm not sure how detailed your results need to be. Anyway, that's a few I've found.
  4. COM is terribad. Sorry for people who like it :) I think the question you should ask yourself is, why do you really want to hide the class? Paranoia can stifle creativity :) That being said, you're going to have to define some sort of interface people can communicate with and access. I personally find the virtual interface the most desirable. It seems no matter what you use, however, there's going to be an inherent overhead of dereferencing or call lookups. COM's is going to be the worst IMHO as it has to convert things to variant types and lookup implementors and worse (Holds head in place to stop eyes from spinning). My suggestion, however, is don't hide the class, and simply hide the function's internals in lovely .lib/.dll files :)
  5. GodBeastX

    Ascii Roguelike

    You're going to want to interface with the console directly. How you do this depends on the API you use. Many Rogue-like games uses curses and ports of curses. If you are in windows there's many console APIs for use in where to render what. Here's an example API: BOOL WriteConsoleOutput( HANDLE hConsoleOutput, const CHAR_INFO* lpBuffer, COORD dwBufferSize, COORD dwBufferCoord, PSMALL_RECT lpWriteRegion ); You can find all the Console API calls on MSDN pretty easily. I forget the API call for getting the handle to the default console window for console apps. Your loop will essentially consist of updating console view, waiting for input, updating console view, waiting for input, etc. Psuedo code: while(game_running) { UpdateAI(); DrawLevel(); DrawObjects(); HandleInput(); }
  6. GodBeastX

    New in graphic programming !

    Black Art of 3D Game Programming - This is where I learned 3D programming. It's pretty dated since it's from DOS days (I've been coding since MS-DOS 6 was the major OS on people's boxes) but all the topics still apply today with matrix and vector math. :)
  7. GodBeastX

    Worryd about my Dream being Crushd

    If you're looking to start your own company, these days are the "Golden age" for it in my opinion. When I started game programming (Back in like 1993), such ideas were a pipe dream. In 1995 - 2005 shareware was pretty much a dead art. These days it's simple for indie teams to get exposure considering how accessible their titles become with systems like App Stores and Steam, etc. Not to mention, with engines being handed out like Unreal for indie licenses, you have many more tools to work with than say people who wanted to code a doom-like engine back in the day where it was a quarter of a million to license an engine. It's all about ambition and dedication. It's not an "if" you'll succeed but rather, how far are you willing to push yourself to.
  8. GodBeastX

    Getting away from "C with classes" (C++)

    Looking at disassembly, references are pointers are passed the same way through the opcodes. It's going to end up a grammar/syntax difference more than an execution difference.
  9. GodBeastX

    Unknown delay with opengl

    Could it be something with syncing? Eventually an opengl API call is going to be in a wait state to sync with the vertical refresh if you have sync enabled.
  10. GodBeastX

    FBO between multiple contexts

    Ahh, I may have mispoken. I read FBO as VBO, my bad. It may not be shared for contexts. Still, I would use the same idea.
  11. For those who don't know, QPC is actually the number of cycles executed by the CPU since startup (You can trace the assembly to find the Opcode). This is literally a pentium opcode that is called and filled into the results of a 64-bit buffer. I DO NOT recommend using this for any time sensitive source code for the following reasons: 1) CPU clock frequency is dynamic on some CPU's (Especially mobile ones). 2) Threads could be running on different CPUs at any time depending on how they're setup giving you a different result at time of execution. 3) Granularity is system dependant. 2GHZ machine vs 800mhz, etc. Even though you can get the clock frequency, it just gives different results which isn't fun ;) Depending on your OS there may be better time sensitive measuring APIs.
  12. You could read backwards by progressively scanning in reverse, looking for line endings (1024 bytes at a time or so). It's a bit of nuisance but would work and with caching you shouldn't see much of a disk access overhead.
  13. GodBeastX

    OpenGL Text

    I recently used FreeType to get unicode fonts working (Multilingual). It has it's own headaches for getting everything just right. In the end you're going to end up with quad rendering no matter what you go with. It'll likely end up depending on your needs and how far you're willing to manually code them.
  14. I use DevIL for all my image file handling. I forget what it is able to do and not do. The API is similar to OpenGL. It's worth a look at least if it might do what you're looking for. I pretty much just load/save images with it.
  15. GodBeastX

    Unknown delay with opengl

    Have you figured out at which point in the C++ code the delay is actually occuring? On what API call?
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