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    Vehicle Physics(Variable Terrain)

    I would suggest downloading the aegia sdk, there are bunch of trainer tutorials.
  2. Aiursrage2k

    Tank Simulation

    I am trying to create a multiplayer tank arena game. ***** My first idea was to do this: ->Clients send data to server ->Server waits for all clients. It then updates the world. ->The server then sends the data to the clients. The client would only have to render the world. ->If the waiting is too long we can boot the client from the server (ala warcraft3/starcraft). The problem with that (I imagine) is that it would be too slow, since the usual ping across a network would be ~200ms/5 frames a second. *** I started reading up on dead recokoning, but I am not sure if what I have is right... No need a server, its peer to peer. Each frame ->The client will update the entities in the world (excluding all tanks not owned by the player). ->The second update, the client will update all the tanks and an imaginary tank (owned by the player) using the last known pdu. If the values of the imgainary tank and the real tank differ too greatly then the a new pdu will be sent out. The reason there there is two updates. We dont want the client to produce a collison (for a entity it doesnt own) that is provided by inaccurate values (IE out date pdu).
  3. Aiursrage2k

    What happened to Help Wanted?

    It still seems to be there. Its possible you minimized the Community Interaction list.
  4. Aiursrage2k

    RTS engine

    I am looking to create an RTS game, but I dont want to start from stratch. Are there any good' free/none free RTS engines.
  5. Aiursrage2k

    Death Tag

    Based on the anime death note. Quote: A Death Note is a book held by a Shinigami which has the power to kill people if certain conditions are met. All Death Notes follow a long set of specific rules, and the writer revealed a few of these rules with each volume of the manga in Japan. [edit] Rules of the Death Note Main article: Rules of the Death Note [edit] Written rules * The human whose name is written in this note shall die. * This note will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. * If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the subject's name, it will happen. * If the cause of death is not specified, the subject will simply die of a heart attack. * After writing the cause of death, the details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. ->3rd person camera ->Multiplayer game ->Takes place in a similar environment to the recent Spiderman, Superman, Hulk type games. By that I mean a large city, civilians running around, random robberies/attacks. ->Requires a conversation system, for the kira to acquire the name of the person The game takes place in rounds. At the first round, a random player is given the death note, and becomes the kira, the other players are police officers. The polices objective is catch the kira. The kiras objective is to kill as many evil doers as possible. ->Some kind of a scoring system, 1 point for regular civilans, two for criminals. ->There are teleprompters around the city, that display the news telling of criminal names. ->As the kira kills more people the world becomes brighter As the kira: In order to kill a person you must be thinking of them, and write the name in the death note. Implementation idea: Have a list of faces, and another list of names, they should be come jumbled up as more names are added to your list. You have to match the face and name to kill the person. When you kill a person you have to draw out your notebook. "Death gods only eat apples" The world/city should be filled with apple vendors. Ryuk, a death god, will have an apple timer, when the timer reaches zero he will 'have' to eat an apple. Ryuk can only be seen by people who touch the notebook, so as the apple is being eaten it will be floating in the air. ->The kira have a time limit to how long they live ->The kira is also given the option of obtaining demon eyes, which allow him to see true name of the person. He loses half the time he has remaining. ->Officers revive if killed, after a penalty timer at random police station The player who catches the kira, becomes the kira the next round. There is alot of things missing, such as a penalty for arresting the wrong person, etc.. but it was just a quick idea.
  6. Aiursrage2k

    Collison Problem

    I am looking for a better solution. Right now I am just using a simple sphere-aabb test, the problems is that I sometimes get stuck. if(movx) { Vector3 prevPos = m_hero->getPosition(); Ogre::Vector3 src = m_hero->getOrientation( ) * Ogre::Vector3::UNIT_X; m_hero->translate(src * movx); if(m_objectManager.checkForCollison(m_hero->getPosition())) { m_hero->setPosition(prevPos); } } if(movz) { Vector3 prevPos = m_hero->getPosition(); Ogre::Vector3 src = m_hero->getOrientation( ) * Ogre::Vector3::UNIT_Z; m_hero->translate(src * movz); if(m_objectManager.checkForCollison(m_hero->getPosition())) { m_hero->setPosition(prevPos); } }
  7. If you want another method. You could use instancing. IE create a batch of of 256 'A's, another with 256 'B's, etc. Then you could render in batches, albeit inanely...
  8. Aiursrage2k

    How to cut holes into a polygon?

    Forgot to login.
  9. Aiursrage2k

    Winsock 2 Pausing on Recv()

    I suppose you could try forking the process.
  10. Aiursrage2k

    Discussion: what makes a game good?

    The game should have a hook, something that differinates it from all the other games out there, something that inhances the gameplay. IE Max Payne had the slow motion feature. People have a very short attention span, so you want to hook the player within the first five minutes of play. Making a rather intuative control schemea goes along way. Maybe plunge the player into the middle of the story -ala the James bond movies intro. A good story can keep you playing a boring game for a while, but with not many will finish. It all comes down to gameplay, it doesnt how good it looks/sounds because if you dont have great gameplay its not worth spit. What is good gameplay then: A rather subjective question, and really depends on the gametype. My favorite game is Zelda 64: Which has most of these features: Massive explosions, big boss battles, puzzelisc areas Difficulty ->The game starts off easy and gets progressively more difficult The enemies/puzzles/challenges get tougher, but so do your abilities, health etc... and obviously the players skill level WayPoints I prefer infinite lifes rather then reloading the level, ala halo. A game doesnt need to original, it just needs to be really good. Look at Warcraft/starcraft with there KISS model.
  11. Aiursrage2k

    World, Meet Crystal Tiger

    Very ambitious, good luck. You should finish it even if it takes you 50 years...
  12. Aiursrage2k

    [4e5] Graphics card, What are you using?

    Radeon x1600 [Edited by - Aiursrage2k on August 9, 2006 9:59:57 PM]
  13. Aiursrage2k

    How old is the competition?

    23 maybe 24 I cant remember.
  14. Aiursrage2k

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    CEGUI for the menu Game will be played in a cinematic type mode, the orange-block will eventually change to a minimap.
  15. Aiursrage2k

    [4e5]Discuss: Europe

    To create a european atmosphere... you could add various sounds. IE if you are in Occupied France, then you have the nazi robots are yelling at you in German. The dead german robots drop a seriously under devalued currenecy, in the form of coinage, all the supplies cost a boat load of money. So you have to cart around a wheelbarrel... the heavier it gets the slower you move. [Edited by - Aiursrage2k on June 28, 2006 10:00:21 AM]
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