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  1. botman2

    Improve forms on your website

    I've updated the page to add solutions to various browser quirks that have been mentioned in feedback.
  2. botman2

    Improve forms on your website

    Heh :P I suppose demonstration would be more correct. Thanks!
  3. For anyone interested, I've written a quick tutorial on how to improve forms on your website. For example newsletter signups, or order forms. If anyone finds this useful, please let me know. There are plenty of other things I could write about as well. I did consider posting this in the Web Development forum, but I think that is more for Q&A, where as I'm advertising my writing.
  4. botman2

    [web] Browser based games

    Yes, that will do it. And you just need to run a Cron job however often for your turn ticker.
  5. I admit I wasn't very specific (or accurate) in my post, so I dug around on the net: "The reason that these machines pose no threat to your disks is that X-rays are not magnetic. They are a form of electromagnetic energy, and perhaps it is this name that causes the confusion. Guess what electromagnetic energy is? Light. X-rays are just light waves of a specific wavelength, much like visible light, infrared (radiated heat), microwaves and radio waves. While some of these energy forms can damage media through heating (if exposed to strong enough sources, like the sun on a hot day), none affect magnetic fields. And they are present in much lower energy levels than those required to generate damaging heat." http://www.pcguide.com/care/care/mediaAirport-c.html "Remember that hard drives are magnetic in nature. X-rays are no more magnetically charged than the light from the light bulbs in your house. X-rays will erase highly sensitive photographic film, but that's about the sum total of damage that they could ever do to any of your stuff." http://ask.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=8908&cid=616279 And seeing you asked furby: "It is also true that x-rays aren't particularly related to electricity. However, electricity has very little to do with the fact that we call light Electro-Magnetic waves. We do it because a while ago (anyone correct me if I'm wrong) someone discovered that a lot of the properties of light (and x-rays, UV, IR, etc) could be explained if they were actually waves of an electric field at right angles to, and propagating in the same direction as, waves of a magnetic field. Hence, electro-magnetic fields. I don't think this is the accepted view any more, but the name stuck." http://ask.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=8908&cid=616290 Edit: By the way, I'm not trying to get into an argument over this. I just think I was critisised a bit harshly. If those quotes are all completly wrong, and you can explain to me why, then I'd be happy to have learned something.
  6. Heh, I worked on one of those X-Rays at the local international airport for a few months. A lot of times passengers asked, and no, the X-Rays don't damage computers at all (we also had a number of studies that showed they don't damage film), not that that stopped the occasional person asking for their film or homeopathic medicine to not be put though in which case we searched it. Never had someone not agree to have their computer go through though. It's not possible for the X-Rays to damage electronic storage because the X-Rays are not magnetic, they are just light.
  7. botman2

    Getting Some.

    Heh, I only have 56k. It was a very crappy MMORPG.
  8. botman2

    Getting Some.

    Well I don't get to say this nearly enough so: I met my girlfriend playing an online game (an MMORPG no less). So you don't need to go outside or be a people person to form true friendships.
  9. botman2

    Getting Some.

    Don't worry goober, you're just one of the lucky ones who don't carry their brain in their pants.
  10. botman2

    RTS Resource Types

    If resources are your thing, try the Settlers series (2 is the best IMO). There the game is about your economy in terms of resources. Eg/ Say you want a new soldier, the process would be something like so (working backwards here): An unemployed person becomes a soldier using sword and shield. Weaponsmith makes a sword and shield using coal and steel. Smelter produces steel from iron ore and coal. Coal and iron ore are mined. Miner needs to be fed either fish, meat or bread. Baker makes bread from flour and water. Miller makes flour from wheat. Worker gets water from well and wheat from farmer. Farmer sows and harvests wheat. Builder builds farm using wood and stone. Stonemason cuts blocks of stone. Woodmill produces planks from lumber. Lumberjack cuts down trees. Ranger plants trees. Now, imagin inbetween each step having a bunch of workings carrying the resources back and foward on the hundreds of roads you individually build -- that's Setters 2. Great game. :P
  11. botman2

    Isometric Sims/Habbo hotel Game

    Point taken. I just figured that seeing the game sounds like it's partly about social interaction, and that he used Habbo Hotel as an example, it was worth pointing out that HH is a chat room and not an enjoyable one-player experience.
  12. botman2

    Isometric Sims/Habbo hotel Game

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Habbo Hotel just a graphical chatroom? On account of the limited networking options with GBA wouldn't mobiles be a better platform of choice?
  13. botman2

    gahh.. need CSS help.

    I'm not sure on the solution, but I get that same thing all the time too.
  14. From BBC News: Quote: 'Liked for his flaws' According to Jacob Weisberg, who has made it his job to catalogue the gaffes commonly known as "Bushisms", even when Mr Bush trips over his words he does not always fall flat on his face. "I don't think it does him any harm, because people who are appalled by the way he speaks tend not to like him for other reasons," he told the BBC's World Today programme. Indeed, he says, his flawed public performances should not be misunderstimated - to borrow a "Bushism" - as they actually strengthen his bond with ordinary people. "I think his inarticulacy is part of it, people identify with his problem. You know, its hard to speak in public - one makes mistakes, it can be embarrassing. And this bonds him to people."
  15. botman2

    Your CS professors.

    My introductory CS lecturer was great. Stereotypical semi-crazy looking old hairy guy. Always good for a laugh, always had something to bitch about (not about us, I mean, Windows, Linux, Sun, etc. He has the experience too, he charged $300US an hour to program outside of Uni, which was how he could afford to come to NZ to teach and be payed beans in comparasion, which was good because atleast you knew he was there because he enjoys it. Naturally though, once you get through the intro course, it's onto the 'normal' lecturers.
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