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  1. Hey all - I'm looking for recommendations for books (preferably) or online resources that delve into specifics of skeletal animation, FK / IK animation, etc. I'm primarily interested in solid descriptions of the theory and math, not ill-explained example code. If anyone can recommend something I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  2. This is absolutely required for any game besides the most basic stuff. The easiest way I have done this in the past is to use create a cache class that uses a hashtable keyed on the filename. If you design it right, you can make it generic enough to handle multiple types of resources (if handling them the same way makes sense in your project).
  3. Linux client and Windows server...

    Uhh... hopefully that guy was being sarcastic. Of course you CAN get that to work if they communicate over a standard network protocol such as TCP/IP. Any platform can connect to any other in that way since it's platform independant.
  4. Parsing XML

    The other model the previous poster is referring to is called SAX. For most applications I find DOM easier to work with but it is certainly true that it does use more memory than SAX. There are plenty of XML parsers - besides TinyXML, check out Microsoft's XML parser (MSXML) and Expat.
  5. A new Game Dev website.

    Quote:LOL, its grammar and spelling! Perhaps he should have paid more attention in those classes. :)
  6. A noob question. What exactly is .net?

    .NET is both a useful class library and a byte code compiler/interpeter similar to Java. C# is just one of the languages that can be compiled into .NET "managed" code. Perhaps interestingly for your question, so can C++ (look up "managed C++"). C++ will definitely survive, don't worry about that, but it is true that .NET will be more highly integrated with Vista than with current versions of Windows. If you have the time I would recommend learning and experimenting with C#. If for nothing else it is great for coding UIs and tools.
  7. In my experience, companies use both terms interchangibly for what boils down to the exact same job. For example, when I was working at "company A" my title was "software engineer". I now work at "company B" doing similar work and my title is "programmer". I'm in agreement that if there is a distinction it is very blurry.
  8. MFC

    Quote:Original post by krum MFC is an awsome toolkit and it doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves. I'm tired of pansy-ass programmers dissing it because "they don't get it". Well I tell them, "hey if you want to be hand held go use C#, and take the 50% to 80% performance hit on your UI." Please tell me that was a joke...
  9. game designer salary

    What country? What do you mean by "developer"? Programmer?
  10. Game Engine, with C#?

    C# is great for creating hobbyist games, I definitely recommend it due to the ease of using the .NET class library.
  11. How to convert binary number to decimal

    Wow... I didn't think of the performance constraints of using division! :) Good luck solving this one then.
  12. How to convert binary number to decimal

    You need to use modulo (%) multiple times in base 10 to get out single digits from your int. Then, from the number 0-9 you get from the iterative modulo result, use that to figure out which ASCII character to output based on the ASCII table. I.e. if "0" in ASCII is decimal 60, then your char is (60 + modulo_result). Disclaimer: I don't think "0" is 60, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Did that make sense?
  13. DirectX SDK October

    Thanks for the heads up. I think they have changed the acronym of XACT to now meana "Cross-platform audio creation tool" or something like that. Nice and convenient way to change it, eh? :)
  14. Yeah... just set the direction as a uniform paramater from the application. Then you can change it every frame if you want.
  15. 8 Lights Limit

    If you use shaders you can have as many lights as you want, it will just get slow if you have a ton and a lot of geometry. A typical game level could have 100 dynamic lights but the engine will only choose a couple to affect a character at any point in time to save on performance.