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    How do I reset the curser?

    Frogot to mention, This is in basic c++, not .net or windows. Just the dos console the comes up with the basic cout.
  2. In the consol, in C++, What is the commands to reset the curser back to the top left? That way, when I'm writing the next peragraph, it will write over what is already there. Also, is there a way to lock the scrolling in the consol so if there are to many char, the top line willnot go off screen.
  3. Xeneth

    beginner, college..

    I'm in a programming program now. (Bored out of my mind in the begining classes) and They assume NOTHING!! Math is a must, That's a given seeing Computers are nothing but. As much math as you can learn, the better, but not needed when your just learning. The classes might be good, if you wish, to fill in the blanks of what you already know. It's also much better having a teacher to ask when there is somthing that confuses you. Depending on where you live, It may be hard to find a school that teaches programing insted of lecturing about it(only 2 schools here, and only 1 of them is considerd a collage). Good luck on that.
  4. Xeneth

    Network Programming

    Thanx for the help. Just for your Ref, I know a bit of c++, Learning java and Visual Basic. I wanted to learn the basics so I can implament it into whichever language I'm using at the time I'm doing the code.
  5. What books/site can I read to learn the basics and more on programming things to make a connection through networks, both LAN and the internet? I am learning Java and Visual Basic, and know a little C++. I would prefer text that explains it without getting into the languages because I want to learn the bi-linguistic ideas.
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