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    Game Engineering

    You might want to check out Object Mentor web site(www.objectmentor.com) and read some articles there, for example those: http://www.objectmentor.com/resources/listArticles?key=topic&topic=Design%20Principles and these: http://www.objectmentor.com/resources/listArticles?key=topic&topic=Object%20Oriented%20Design If you are new to OOP they might be a bit advanced, so read them a few times until everything becomes clear.
  2. OrthoDiablo

    Resource and manager class design

    I would really like to see more comments that explain what the functions do exactly. If you are unsure how good your design is go download CppUnit and write some unit tests. You'll probably be surprised what these suckers can do for you. Something you might want to consider. If you will inherit from Resourse class to accomodate different resource types, you wont need a void* since each subclass will have its own resource specific members. You might want to look into the RAII principle to get rid of some Create and Release functions. There is also a principle of an object doing only one task. You might want to separate the loading, unloading and the actual usage of the resource in three different objects.
  3. OrthoDiablo

    Microsoft Compilers

    You cant download Visual Studio. If you are a student you can buy a student version (but you might not find version 6). Your university library might let you checkout a copy if you are taking CS courses. Might as well grab a new version of windows while you are there.
  4. OrthoDiablo

    Game protection

    Offering a gaming service is probably the best way to protect a game, but it'll only work for multiplayer-heavy games released by very large publishers. Single player games are stuck with traditional serial/number approach plus the available anti-cracking tools, like encriptions, hasing, SafeDisk and etc. The best way to learn how to protect games from being cracked is to learn how to crack them.
  5. OrthoDiablo

    Release build problem

    Turns out normalfreak was right. One of my functions did not copy particle's colour properly resulting in the alpha value to be always zero in release build.
  6. OrthoDiablo

    C++ Fucntions - Help please!

    #include <iostream> #include "Functions.h" using namespace std; int main() { int RndNum(RndRange = 1) // no, semicolon, and you are calling function incorrectly system("PAUSE"); // dont include a correct header to use this return 0; } and then a .h file with: //GENERAtE A RANDOM NUMBER int RndRange; int RndNum(RndRange) // its int RndRange(int range) { srand((unsigned)time(0)); // again, no headers int RndInt; for(int index=0; index<1; index++){ RndInt = (rand()%RndRange)+1; cout << RndInt << endl; } }; Thoses are all i could find
  7. OrthoDiablo

    Another Fun Question

    I am pretty sure its zero. The correct way to evaluate 1/tan(90) would be to take a limit.
  8. I made a simple opengl program that shows something similar to fireworks. It works fine in debug build, but I cant see anything except a black window when doing a release build. I am using Visual Studio 2003 to compile everything. Any one has any ideas on how to approach this problem (other than steping through it and putting more printf statements). Here is the debug and release builds if you wanna try them: Debug Release Any key makes firework, escape exits. Appreciate any help
  9. "Making tetris clones in an hour" or "Next time you wanna make MMORPG"
  10. You are probably right. The thing is that easiness of storing whole objects outweighs the speed penalty most of the time.
  11. This one stretches rules 2 a bit, cause good luck finding an architecture that will run this: 4865 6C6C 6F20 576F 726C 6421 0839 0002 FFFF F7F3 6700 FFF6 13C0 FFFF F7F7 4E75 48E7 C040 222F 0010 2241 222F 0014 6700 000E 1019 6100 FFD6 5381 6000 FFF2 4CDF 0203 4E75 2F3C 0000 000C 2F3C 0000 014A 6100 FFCE 508F 4E75
  12. Personally i dont like storing lists of pointers in STL containers, because of the issue 1. This sorta kills half the purpose of the container to manage memory for you. A more elegant solution than a for_each would be to write a custom allocator to automatically delete your pointers, however its much easier just to store copies.
  13. OrthoDiablo

    Protocol Design

    I dont think you should be using udp. You'll endup reimplementing an inefficient version of TCP just to transfer your files.
  14. OrthoDiablo

    College Game Developer Course

    A university comp-sci degree will generally involve a lot of in depth, theoretical stuff, not directly related to practical computing. Engeneering degree will probaly also invole significant hardware component. Both of these programs will also make you take subjects like history and etc. I suggest you take a broshure with more detailed course descriptions and look at that. Ask if they have interniship programs, ask what employers recruit there, ask how close their deploma to a degree. The main difference between university and college is that university teaches how to transform information into knowledge. Colleges tend to focus more on the practical skills.
  15. OrthoDiablo

    Visual Studio templates(not normal C++)

    Write a Visual Basic macro to do it
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