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  1. Someone suggested that it might be useful to have a sticky list of physics engines and reference material available here (for convenience...the info is all available elsewhere). So, I am giving it a try.This thread is [b]not[/b] for discussions. It is simply meant to contain links to commonly-requested information. I'll leave the thread open for contributions, but I will remove anything that is remotely off topic or tangential. Add links, but do not discuss! [b]-------------------------------------------------Commercial Physics Engines (usually written in C++)-------------------------------------------------[/b] Note that most of these have license options that are attractively priced for indie and hobby developers. [url=""]Havok[/url] (3D, free for non-commercial and inexpensive commercial PC games, fee-based for games above a price limit, non-game applications, and consoles. Download available from [url=""]Try Havok[/url].) NovodeX (see Ageia PhysX) Ageia PhysX (previously NovodeX, now NVIDIA PhysX) [url=""]NVIDIA PhysX (previously Ageia PhysX)[/url] (3D, free for PC-based games, free for PS3 through Sony pre-purchase, fee-based for other consoles)Oxford Dynamics (3D, vehicle sim - appears to be dead...) [url=""]Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) from Pixelux Entertainment[/url] (3D, fee-based licensing) [url=""]SPE[/url] Simple Physics Engine (3D, free for noncommercial, fee-based for commercial) [url=""]Chrono::Engine[/url] (3D, free for noncommercial use, fee-based for commercial) [url=""]True Axis[/url] (3D, free for noncommercial, fee-based for commercial with a reasonable indie license option) [url=""]Gino van den Bergen's SOLID collision detection library[/url] (3D, fee-based for commercial, open sourced for GPL/QPL projects) [url=""]SimVex[/url] - (previously simul-X) Addon library for Havok enabling game-quality vehicle creation of any configuration, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, etc. [url=""]CarX[/url] - CarX is a car physics engine for AAA racing games. (3D,C++,fee-based licensing) [b] [/b][b]-------------------------------------------------Open Source and Freeware Physics Engines-------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]Bullet[/url] (3D, open source Zlib license) [url=""]Open Dynamics Engine[/url] (3D, open source BSD license) [url=""]Box2D[/url] (2D, open source permissive Zlib license) [url=""]Tokamak Physics[/url] (3D, open source BSD license - [url=""]Sourceforge Link[/url]) [url=""]Newton Game Dynamics[/url] (3D, custom free-use license) [url=""]JigLib[/url] (3D, open source Zlib license) [url=""]Chipmunk[/url] (2D, open source unrestrictive MIT license) [url=""]Open Tissue[/url] (various, open source Zlib license) [b] [/b][b]------------------------------------------------------------XNA-Compatible ports------------------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]JigLibX - XNA port of JigLib[/url] (previously JiggleX) [url=""]Bullet for XNA[/url] [b] [/b][b]------------------------------------------------------------Other ports------------------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]JigLibFlash - port of JigLib to Flash via ActionScript 3[/url] [b] [/b][b]------------------------------------------------------------"Abstraction Layers" that support multiple physics engines------------------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]Open Physics Abstraction Layer - OPAL[/url] (is this dead?) [url=""]pal[/url] [b] [/b][b]-------------------------------------------------Technical References (most are quite advanced)-------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]Tutorial presentation materials on game physics from GDC (Essential Math)[/url] [b]A good starting point for beginners[/b] [url=""]Kenny Erleben's Ph.D Thesis on Multibody Dynamics Simulation[/url] [url=""]Article on Sweep-and-Prune collision detection by Pierre Terdiman[/url] [url=""]Dr. Jan Bender's page on impulse-based dynamics, with papers and a downloadable library[/url] [url=""]Claude Lacoursière's Ph.D Thesis on multibody dynamics simulation[/url] [url=""]Advanced Character Physics - Thomas Jakobsen[/url] (often referenced) [url=""]Position-Based Dynamics by Muller et al[/url] [url=""]Links to various papers by David Baraff et al[/url] [b] [/b][b]-----------------------------------------------------------Links to other physics directory/resource/wiki/blog sites-----------------------------------------------------------[/b] [url=""]Hardwire's Game Physics Resources[/url] [url=""]Erin Catto's Physics Weblog[/url] [url=""]Christer Ericson's Real-Time Collision Detection website[/url] (companion to his book) [url=""]David Eberly's Geometric Tools website[/url] - home of the Wild Magic game engine as well as numerous technical articles and useful code