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  1. xanin

    Your favourite game?

    I've probably spent more time playing the following than doing anything else... Stars! Hearts of Iron II
  2. xanin

    cheap lunch

    Waffles freeze better and reheat better. Just pop them in the toaster for a bit and out comes a nice crispy tasty waffle.
  3. xanin

    Do I know C#?

    No, you dont know C#, but... Given what you've said about your experience with other languages, take a page from MS's shelf and say you are 'C# Capable'
  4. xanin

    What mouse do you use?

    Evoluent Vertical Mouse at work - it took about a week to get used to, but its pretty awesome. I used to have problems in my forearm and wrist if I was using the mouse alot at work, those have pretty much all gone away. I still keep a regular intellimouse explorer on standby for then i need more fine-grained control (like lots of checkboxes near eachother on a webform...) At home just an old 1st or 2nd generation Intellimouse Explorer (depending on which computer)
  5. xanin

    Game Development Comic

    If she fired only 2 shots, why is she dumping 4 casings?
  6. xanin

    Network printer adapters

    a) Yes b) Usually not that I know of c) No idea d) No - depends on the adapter and the printer. Many seem most likely to work if your printer talks PCL6, less so if its a GDI printer. Some manufacturers keep lists of tested compatible printers. Otherwise, google around and decide what sort of risk you're willing to take on it not working.
  7. xanin

    Overly big cars.

    Quote:Original post by MSW Keep in mind that your fuel gauge, just like your speedometer and odometer are not 100% accurite. When I fill at a station I always fill to the brim and reset the trip odometer after calculating my mileage. Thus, armed with the pump's readout on how much gas I poured in and the trip odometer's pretty-darned-good-guess of how far I've travelled, I come up with a pretty accurate mpg value, and I write it down in a little book, complete with the odometer reading, date, gallons, cost and what station I filled at.
  8. xanin

    Overly big cars.

    For those who want to look up their EPA Fuel Economy ratings FuelEconomy.gov
  9. xanin

    Overly big cars.

    I drive an 03 Grand Am with the 3.4l v6. The EPA says I should be getting 18 city, 27 highway. My mixed commute (17 miles but heavily influenced by stop and go/agonizingly slow traffic for at least half of that) gets me around 24-25 in the summer, 20-22 in the winter. If I cruise across the state (about 300 miles) for a highway trip, I've gotten up to 34 - but usually am around 32. I don't alter my driving habits to be fuel friendly, I like to put my foot in to it, and I feed it 'regular'.
  10. xanin

    What's the deal with PayPal?

    My understanding is as follows (and it maybe out of data or flat out incorrect...) If the buyer pays via a linked checking account, you get the small fee. If the buyer pays via debit or credit card, you get the big transaction fee - this likely covers their cost of the CC transaction and a little change. Paypal's information on the matter is here (for US users - not sure how it changes for the UK)
  11. xanin

    Any ideas as to how to keep a kitten...

    Try covering the printer with a plastic bag or vinyl cover when its not in use? My youngest cat loves to lay in the output tray of my laser printer, its like his personal nest or something. It also happens to be the highest point in the room and has a view out the window. And I hope Dunge was joking (its not funny even if he was...), because if you treat a cat like that it will only learn to fear you for your violence.
  12. xanin

    Upgrading CPU's... does anyone ever do it?

    I upgraded an athlon slot from a 500 to a 900 and then the next system after that performed a forced upgrade on my athlon xp proc by merit of cracking the edge of the die on the one i had...
  13. xanin

    US Supreme Court strikes down DC Handgun ban

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Does anyone know where one can find a transcript of the Justices' opinions? I'd be interested to read the full reports. Recent Opinions of SCotUS District of Columbia v. Heller (pdf)
  14. xanin

    Nasty suprise comming home.

    I came home the other day to find that one of my cats had staged a protest in my living room, demanding a litterbox in the vicinity by leaving several piles of fecal matter on the floor and urinating liberally on my couch. Yeah, not cool.
  15. xanin

    ACing a room with no windows

    Buy one of the portable units. Mount the exhaust line to a piece of plywood cut to fit a little loose in your sliding door opening (about 8-9inches wide and however high). Obtain weatherstripping and run it along the outside of the plywood so that when it is in position within the doors track, the door can be pushed against it to create a good seal. Obtain a piece of wood of appropriate length to hold the sliding door closed to hold the seal and prevent unwanted entry.
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