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    Future of Gaming

    if you would like an insight into where hardware will likely go, here is a very good read from a reputable source.... Herb Sutter [url="http://herbsutter.com/welcome-to-the-jungle/"]http://herbsutter.com/welcome-to-the-jungle/[/url]
  2. Stowelly

    Game Design Decisions

    Quote:Original post by coderx75 Not a joke... but there is some sense behind the madness. sorry was referring to the 49.99 comment, i read the thread and am subscribed to the feed. just want to show some gratitude to jwalsh, looks like this is quite a mammouth task for someone to take on board, and will be looking forward to getting this working on my 360 although not too sure how long it is going ot be until they add network support to xna on the 360 yet, hope its soon though
  3. Stowelly

    Game Design Decisions

    am i missing something or is this a joke? lol "for only 3 easy payments of $49.99."
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