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  1. Microsoft's Express editions only integrates help with the included MSDN Express edition, shipped with it. Platform SDK and DirectX SDKs must be used separately outside of the IDE, using their own search methods. That's a cheap way to make more money though. They did that with old Visual Studios too, version 6, for example, was ditched by Microsoft a long time ago, so the latest MSDN collections don't work with it. In fact, the platform SDK itself isn't built to integrate with microsoft's products, MSDN collection is. I hope I'm accurate with this information, but that's what I've gathered until now.
  2. Reading your post, I noticed one thing that also happened to me when using directdraw. The tooltip speeding up things part. A while ago, I programmed a graphics engine using directdraw (software only for alpha blendings and stuff), and when a translucent window was drawn on screen by any other program while my engine was running, framerate could like double or so. I never found a solid and definitive explanation, but it seems to have something to do with the way windows handles your drawing. While another translucent window is being drawn, directdraw seems to default to a "lesser" method of blitting, so that it can cooperate with the other transparent window, but it seems that this lesser method is faster in many cases. I happened to convert my library to use GDI only and found out that GDI's BitBlt is significantly faster than DirectDraw's blit when using software rendering, so that's the truth :)
  3. persil

    I Made Tetris!

    I made a couple of tetrises, I don't know why, I always want to remake that same game, hehehe. My first one was with QuickBasic in text mode, second was still in QB, but with SVGA graphics and sound. My latest one is made with C++, Boost, SDL, FMod and I'm proud of it. Now here are your answers. Quote:How did you go about it, did you start and work though it or did you use tutorials to help along the way? I haven,t used any tutorials, it helped me learn the language to code it. My first ones in quick basic were so simple they were clean procedural language. My latest one is OOP all the way, I learned a lot along the way. Quote:How did you implement it, most notably how did you store the board and the pieces and how did you handle those interactions? I used game states, and an entity manager. Everything in the game was an entity and the interactions were controlled by the states. The board is a boost::multi_array of blocks (an entity). The current piece is a piece entity and the next piece is also an entity. Etc. Quote:How long did it take? My first tetris with SVGA graphics in QB took me around a month of programming, because I also learned POV to create graphics in this version. My latest took around 3 weeks to program on free time, I had the graphics mostly ready when I started programming it. Quote:Would you recommend beginner game programmers that are just starting out to make this game? Yep. Sure. As someone pointed out, the game itself is not so simple in itself, but compared to most other games, it is. And everything comes down to simple solutions, so it is a very good practice to learn the basics that are redundant to all games: states, entities, interactions, user input, graphics, etc... Someone mentionned that programming a breakout clone is easier, but I beg to differ!!! I tried making breakout clones after my first tetrises and you can be sure the collision detection is a lot harder. It's more difficult to come out with a routine that effectively makes the ball rebound correctly and not get stuck between blocks.
  4. I'm not sure all files which must be installed, but I'm sure of this, they require the .Net 1.1 framework to be installed, and programs compiled with the new 2005 versions, managed, use the 2.0 framework. So I find that it's quite a big requirement.
  5. persil

    The Adventures of Bobo :)

    Hi, I tried your game and it's very fun, as someone said, it's indeed time someone made a Lolo clone. Your game gives me the exact same damn frustration feeling I felt at times playing these puzzles ;) It's great, I haven't found a bug yet. Good job.
  6. After having read almost all the replies carefully, I'm not quite sure what to answer. I've started programming at the age of 6, with some cheap Basic code on a Texas TI99/4E, with a whopping 16kb of system memory. I've been through GWBASIC, QBasic, QuickBasic, Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal Objects all on my own, chugging and learning along. I learned the basics of ASM, Delphi (Pascal with Forms mechanism) and C in college and then went on with C++ ( the wrong way, may I add ). And now I've read a couple of books about C++ and the real OOP way of doing things, and I think I can say I know C++ pretty well now. And then, you ask me, is C++ over-used? I don't know, but I sure hell like it and I wouldn't say to anyone that it's a waste of time to use it. I've been through Basic, Pascal, C and C++, and I can tell you that C++ is the language I prefer, with its quirks and pluses. (Rant) I think, as some people mentioned (less than I would've guessed), the main reason why I wouldn't move to C#, or anything based on .Net for that matter, is that it is mandatory for the user to install the .Net framework, which is a huge piece of wrapper stuff, not even mentionning that now two versions exist and are not combined, so you end up with .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0 installed on your computer. Anyway, I really hate the direction it's taking. Sorry for that rant, I just can't stand it. (/Rant) As for an example that C++ can be a good tool for relatively rapid game development is that it took me around 3 weeks of free-time programming ( couple of hours a day max ) to program a game from ground-up using Boost, SDL and Fmod as basic libraries. I made up an entity system and extensively used it, so the end result was quite complex, yet everything was working like a charm, and I haven't had to fight against many bugs during development. So, well, my answer to the question is: no, I don't think it is over-used.
  7. now this is going against STL's purpose, but you could easily do what you were doing with your arrays with your vector doing something like this: write( (char * )&vector[0], vector.size() * sizeof( short ) );
  8. Sorry, I could've helped you, have you decided to use my project, but as for PhysFS, I just pointed it out to you, I have no experience with it.
  9. The easiest way to do that would be to use a library like PhysFS, or my own library if you prefer C++ style. PhysFS: http://icculus.org/physfs/ VFS: http://www.emilieprema.com/persil/vfs.html Good luck.
  10. Geez, thanks all, I feel better now! jeffason: it's ok, I'm happy that you thought about it in the first place!! Anonymous and evolutional: My library isn't really cross-platform, as I don't have any other platform than Windows, but I've tried my best to leave all doors open to that, like the endian module for converting endianess to correct platforms. The only thing I needed for this, was testers like you to confirm that either it is possible or it needs some extra work. If you test it, I'd be grateful if you'd contact me with the results!!! Guimo: Thanks for the tip, I'll look into this, during my research for other VFS libraries and stuff, I had not come up with this. Nuget5555: Oops, you're right, sorry for the mistake, intially I was building it with MSVC2003 but I dropped it for the downloadable version of 2005, so I can't create a 2003 project anymore, sorry. I think the C++ compilers are similar though, tell me if it works out ok. If anyone of you have success with any of the topics, like cross-platform compatibility and other compilers, I'd be happy to modify the source accordingly and acknowledge credit to your efforts! Thanks again. - Persil
  11. So, I guess my project isn't very interesting then... Anyone?
  12. Hi, I've posted about it some time ago, but it was still in early development, but now I'm ready to call it final beta. Virtual File System is, if you are not used to the term, a library that allows a game's programmer to use standard files on disk while programming a game, and when he's ready, to simply pack the files in an archive ( either the commonly used ZIP file or a special file format I made up especially for the library ) and distribute the game without all the files being spread out as is. And the best thing about this is that what it takes to change from disk files to archive files is only as few as one line of code in the source. For those who are familiar with these libraries, there's at least one thing that stands out from my library, compared to some others that exist, is that it is OOP from ground up and uses STL for its container needs. I'm pretty proud of it right now and I would really appreciate to have some testers! Here's the link to the web page where you can read some additional info and download the source: http://www.emilieprema.com/persil/vfs.html. Thanks.
  13. persil

    Update: Project Tetris and VFS

    Per request from DeadXorAlive, I have put up a ZIP only release of Project Tetris on the website. So if anyone has looked over my game because of a hatred of windows installers, well, here's the chance! Anyway, if anyone else wants to try it, I'd love more comments, positive or negative! My website.
  14. persil

    Update: Project Tetris and VFS

    Jervin: For the scoring issues, well, I think there are bonuses for making tetrises. Scoring is like this: Single: 6 points Double: 24 points Triple: 54 points Tetris: 151 points The formula is: pow( num_lines , 2 ) * 6 It's more or less random, but it gives an increasing number of points. As for the music, that information was not available during the last build, so it's written unknown in the game, but in the readme I had updated the information, so it's there. The author is Richard Hollis, a person whom my friend asked permission to use some of his old work for this project. Thanks for the comments!
  15. persil

    Update: Project Tetris and VFS

    The previous anonymous poster was me, don't ask me why, I dunno, I was logged in when I started to write my reply?!
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