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  1. ray_intellect

    Introduction to Game Programming with CUDA

    Nice article, I learned CUDA, have to admit the logic of some CUDA programs can be difficult to follow, however its a pleasure.
  2. There is a demo for Ogre3d that has a fully destructible voxel based environment
  3. ray_intellect

    How NOT to Market Your Indie Game

    Thanks for that, marketing information is gold dust, very difficult to obtain or even pay for. I really lost time trying to figure this out.
  4. ray_intellect

    Scripting Custom Windows in Unity3D

    I want it, however the price for a solo developer just wanting to build a prototype scared me away, the giro here is just £140 for two weeks, and as I am currently out of work I really can't afford to buy. Credit is due to the fantastically talented team, I'd just say, please do not make the word 'unity' into a metaphor for 'monopoly' if only for the sake of beautiful code (or something), maybe give us some real goods to use for free before we consider a release?
  5. ray_intellect

    Introduction to the Graphics Pipeline

    Hmm, but if you consider two colour buffers and alpha blending then you need stencil states and gamma ramps, fog, slope scale, near and far planes and suddenly the permutations have become so large that you need to write a 10 page article ... I would just add the GS and tessellation shaders then mention compute shaders as a non cooperative part, for completeness. However I suppose that as fixed function is basically obsolete you might be right to just mention the minimal vertex and fragment shaders.
  6. ray_intellect

    Checking the Open-Source Multi Theft Auto Game

    I think its interesting how a program with a very sophisticated hack as its foundation would have so many elementary coding errors, it must have been prepared in a hurry and perhaps written on a tablet device with an auto spell checker (just kidding). Have you considered using a decompiler at all? A good resource for information is the world famous Rybka case, where the former strongest chess computer turned out to contain elements of syntactic equivalence to Crafty (a recent predecessor of kray blitz) and Fruit (former strongest engine containing rotated bitboards and other 64 bit goodness) ... but of course its sad to see how Rybka lost the titles, but you could probably make some very rich, very fat producers wriggle like snakes just to cover their asses.
  7. ray_intellect

    The Game Development Library (GDL) Project

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