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  1. Good stuff. I was going to ask you where you put your break point because there was other stuff in there where stuff could have gone wrong.
  2. That means that it could not determine what that number should be ( like dividing by zero for example ). Can you paste a more complete code example, including where/how you print out these values. If it always faults in the same place each time you can also try to step through it in the debugger to get an exact idea of what is going wrong.
  3. Hmm, not much information to go on here. A couple of things to check. 1) Is your sql server running ( mysqld for example ). 2) Has the database name or login details changed. 3) Have you upgraded/patched the machine lately 4) Some SQL systems can do sanity checks and repairs on database. Depening on what exactly you are using as a SQL server there might be some options there so need a bit more info.
  4. acraig

    I've been here 7 years.

    Account ID=56
  5. acraig

    The other desktop thread... [56k suicide]

    ----------- Andrew
  6. It's been a while since I've read that and I don't remember my gama login so I hope I don't repeat what's already in there. It also depends on how the object is moving and the rate at which you send out updates. So if you have something that is constant velocity and heading ( maybe like a passenger jet ) then you only need few updates. If, however, you are a fighter jet making many movements and velocity changes you need to ramp up the rate at which the server sends out the DR data in order to keep things in sync. The 'jump back' problem exists in almost every multiplayer game and its up to you to figure out how much is acceptable. By having some smart client prediction and a variable correction rate you can reduce it to be 'reasonable' :)
  7. acraig

    How to host a MMORPG?

    Quote:Original post by intrest86 Anyways, I don't think our point is getting across. This is a deployment step. The game should be almost done before this is even a consideration. Develop it on a local network, you don't need an ISP to write it. Rating++ There are also companies out there that are willing to donate resources if you show them that you are a credible group of people. On the indy MMORPG that I am involved with we have never paid for a server or hosting. Granted, we are still working on bring up our concurrent numbers but for now it meets our needs. ( And can't resist a chance to show a screen shot :) ) ============ Andrew
  8. acraig

    MySql player table design

    In our system we deal with characters/items this way. Table 'characters' - Basic character information like name, stats, location, etc. Table 'item_stats' - These define item templates, thing such as name, item stats, flags etc. Table 'item_instances' - These are actual instances of the items in the above table. This table has keys into the character table for owner and key for it's 'stats'. This gives pretty good flexabilty and ease of updating. For example, if we want to make all apples give a +5 HP buff we change one entry in the item_stats table and all apple instances in game are reflected with that. Second when a player drops or picks up an item we don't need to delete/add rows to different tables. We simply update the item_instances table with it's details. An item doesn't really change just because it's in somebodies inventory. ========== Andrew
  9. I'm going to be getting a new PC after the holidays and looking at getting one of those XPS 720 systems from Dell. I will dual boot it for linux ( flavour not picked yet ) for development and Windows for gaming. Anybody have one of these and have any comments?
  10. acraig

    a logical progression with learning programming

    Second the idea of doing console things first. One of my first programs was to calculate the slope of a line given two points :). By doing many small programs you get a feeling for the language and understanding of how the syntax flows. If you start on too big a project you might get too fustrated and end up not learning much. By doing many small programs first you get those 'victories' under you belt and your confidence builds.
  11. acraig

    Books on Algorithms/Data Structures

    Data Abstraction and Problem Solving With C++: Walls and Mirrors
  12. acraig

    What keeps people motivated to program?

    I either listen to or music that is developed for our game. I find that stuff without lyrics is best when I am programming because you might get the feeling to sing along in your head which can be a distraction.
  13. Agreed, print out the exact query it's doing and cut and paste that into some other tool ( web or command line based ) to see what result it returns. If it's not valid then you know the issue is with the sql statement. If it does return a valid data set then the issue is elsewhere. ======== Andrew
  14. acraig

    Good open source games

    Our game is open source. Here's a link into the sourceforge tree as well as the doxygen comments
  15. Quote:Original post by JBourrie Top Five Reasons to NOT create an anti-MMO thread ------------------------------------------------ Rating++ worthy.
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