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  1. shmoove

    JAR file size

    Make sure you don't have a "thumbs.db" file in your jar. Windows creates this file automatically wherever it sees media files, so it's possible the one in your resource folder sneaked into the jar. shmoove
  2. shmoove

    First Person Movies

    Quote:Original post by Kest Why haven't any movies been made entirely from this perspective? Does it cause the masses motion sickness? Are there a few already out there? There's porn filmed entirely from the first person view. I haven't heard of anyone getting motion sickness from it. But unless you are going for some sort of smart ass plot trick, I don't see much of a point for regular movies like that. People like looking at the protagonist, and without a controller the first person perspective loses much of it's appeal. shmoove
  3. shmoove

    Bad dog!! (game idea)

    Reminds me a bit of Berlin Chaos (which is a very fun little time waster). shmoove
  4. shmoove

    twist vs pop (beer)

    The only twists I've seen here are Miller Genuine Drafts. That's why I have a bottle-opener/key chain. shmoove
  5. shmoove

    Good Lebenese dishes?

    Quote:Original post by Moe Thing is though, it didn't seem dark red like pickled beets, and it was quite crunchy. I suppose it could have been, though. Sounds like pickled turnips. shmoove
  6. shmoove

    Good Lebenese dishes?

    First course: Taboule salad Main course: Harouf mahshi (lamb with a meet and pine nut stuffing), and majadra (rice with lentils) Dessert: Malabi (creamy flan-like dessert) shmoove
  7. Peer-to-Peer Communication Across Network Address Translators shmoove
  8. shmoove

    Extremism and Fundamentalism

    Quote:Original post by d000hg This is pretty controversial, so for the record - my rating is currently 1218. I wonder what effect this thread will have on that... Now we won't be able to tell if you were rated down for your opinions or for mentioning ratings. shmoove
  9. Quote:Original post by NoWo Can someone tell me how such files (I assume they contain mostly graphics) can be done and included into a game? The trivial way would be to rename your "mysprite.png" file to "a". Then load it with Image.createImage("a"). But these files usually pack more than one resource in a single file in order to save jar space (less files = smaller jar). Making a tool to pack files isn't too hard, and if you know how they are packed you would also know how to unpack them in your MIDlet. There are tools like bincompiler available if you don't feel like reinventing the wheel. There is more stuff you can do to protect your media/squeeze your jar file, which depends on the type of data you are using, and this thread has many of those tips. shmoove
  10. DRM is usually handled by the handset itself, so it's really up to the phone manufacturer. Some telcos might alter the firmware on their branded phones to add DRM features too. As a developer there is not much you can do. Sure you can try to add some protection schemes into your app, but since Java is so easy to reverse-engineer I think that it would be an exercise in futility. shmoove
  11. shmoove

    Shows you grew up with

    El Chavo del Ocho. shmoove
  12. Yup, looks like the page suffered a spam attack. It will probably be back in a while. Here are a couple of threads from there that I remember for now: (1), (2). shmoove
  13. shmoove

    rawr stupid verizon!!

    Quote:Original post by trojanman No, there is no easylegal way of loading your games onto most of theseany BREW phones. FTFY. As a registered developer you can get your phones test-enabled and you get the tools you need to transfer your apps with a USB cable. shmoove
  14. An obligatory link for threads like this IMHO: There is some good information on indie publishing in the threads linked from here. shmoove
  15. shmoove

    GUI Images on Mobile Phones

    Most commercial games will have many different versions for different devices. But if you want to minimize the number of versions one thing you can do is not use one full screen image, but instead have separate smaller images to "build" a background. For instance, have some graphics that can be tiled to form a nice border and a smaller image with the game/studio name or logo in the center. If you detect that the resolution of the phone you're running on is not big enough you can draw the screen without border. Another option is to use simple rendered effects like star fields, animated gradients, animated fonts and avatars over a simple background, etc. that can be rendered properly by getting the resolution at runtime. Also, if you want to resize images, here's some code. shmoove
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