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  1. For the current project I am working on I am going to be converting all files to xml for data i read in/save. I am wondering how I can elegantly work this into my OO design. I initially am thinking for each xml element I will want a class. This way when i am parsing and i read in elemnt x, I can create a new class x, and it will read the attribs, sub elems, and initialize the class with proper values. I'm not sure if this is the right approach though. Any ideas from people who have done this. Thanks
  2. I have been using the java media framework (JMF) to display videos in a JFrame. I am unhappy with JMF for a few reasons and would like to find a different way to display the videos. They are encoded with xvid. The main problems I am running into is the slow speed of JMF and when scaling the video it looks terrible. Anyone have suggestions on a different library to use. Thanks
  3. corrington_j

    text recognition

    thanks, those will be helpfull.
  4. corrington_j

    text recognition

    I am looking for information on text recognition from images, or optical character rocognition, as I have heard it called many places. This will just be for computer typed characters, not handwritting. I have already found some info online, but am wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and may be able to point me in the direction of some papers or books to help me along. I am prepared for some serious work, but there is no sense in reinventing the wheel here. Thanks
  5. I have never done much with xml, but now have the need to read in some xml files. ANy good open source xml parsers out there.
  6. I have made my first mfc app by subclassing CWinApp, but I can't figure out how to get the command line arguements. Is there some method in the winapp class that will return them. Thanks
  7. corrington_j

    s-video out on geforce fx 5900

    any ideas on s-video to rca.
  8. corrington_j

    s-video out on geforce fx 5900

    well i tried the s-video from my dvd to tv, and that didn't work. could the cable just be too long at 100 feet, or maybe the s-video on my tv simply doesn't work. I was thinking of getting an s-video to rca converter, would the 4 pin be fine, or should i look for a 7 pin.
  9. corrington_j

    s-video out on geforce fx 5900

    My card was OEM and didn't come with that. The link you provided is bad also.
  10. corrington_j

    s-video out on geforce fx 5900

    I have a fx 5900 with a 7 pin s-video slot. I have a 4 pin cable and a 4 pin slot on my tv. I hooked it up and I can't get it to work. The computer and the tv are set up correctly w/ computer set to tv and monitor and tv on input. Do i need a 7 to 4 pin connector. My cable is 100 feet, am i loosing the whole signal, because it's just too long. Please help I am banging my head on this one.
  11. I have a project that builds a c++ static library which is using a few open source static libs. That project works and builds fine. The problem is when i try to link my library that I built into another project I get tons of link errors. Half of the link errors are for undefined function calls from the open source libs. Do I have to link those into this project too, shouldn't they already be in the library I built. I can get rid of those errors by linking in the open source libs, but then i Get a butt load of link erros that mainly said something is already defined somewhere else. Some are stl, and other basic functions, nothing that is created in mine or the open source lib. Any idea on how to fix this. Thanks a lot.
  12. corrington_j

    paid online surveys

    So the other day i got an email from www.nrgsurveys.com saying that i could get paid to take online surveys and make 600 - 900 per week. It seemed too good to be true, so I think there may be some scam here, but i am not sure. Has anyone signed up here and tried it. They charge a $30 signup fee, so i am a little reluctant to give it a try.
  13. corrington_j

    programming tools to watch memory access

    i found where to download it, and i must say it is awsome, and so easy to use. Thanks so much.
  14. corrington_j

    programming tools to watch memory access

    "Paul Nettle's Memory Manager" sounds pretty good, although i cannot seem to find a site where i can download it. The only download link i found is broken. Any ideas.
  15. corrington_j

    programming tools to watch memory access

    Thanks for the link to the CRT dubug, that may be what i need. It keeps saying that when you call _CrtCheckMemory() if there was a memory problem like overrun, it will make a debug report. Does it mean a text file with a report. Because the function is returning false, but i don't see any report. Thanks
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