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  1. captainmikey

    Spherical Harmonics Resources

    Hi, I don't suppose you could post that document of recommended sample apps? I've been looking for that exact sort of thing...
  2. captainmikey

    Float number random

    Hello. When you say "+ or - 0.5 of 12", you mean -6 to +6, right? To do this using rand: float x = (rand()%1201)/100.0f - 6; rand() gives you a number between 0 and RAND_MAX (a compiler-dependent constant). rand() % 1201 gives you a number in the range 0-1200 Dividing by 100 gives you 0.00 to 12.00 (in 0.01 steps), and finally subtracting 6 puts you in -6 to 6 range. I guess a general formula for a float in the range [a,b] in steps of n would be: float x = (rand()%((b-a)/n+1)*n - a; And you'd want to make sure the (b-a)/n + 1 is not bigger than RAND_MAX.
  3. captainmikey

    Terrain too rough

    Quote:Original post by Hippokrates I divide the value by 1000 because Pi is defined as 3141 (since you cannot use modulo on floating point numbers) Just for the record, you can do that with the fmod function.
  4. captainmikey

    Crow - "Inventor" of Shadow Volumes?

    Google harder :P Shadow Algorithms for Computer Graphics (PDF)
  5. captainmikey

    Help plz

    Quote:Original post by _Kyle_ Than am I to just dump my plans all together and do something else? I can't draw whatsoever. If your plan is to read a book or something then magically become a world-class 3D artist in two weeks or two months, then yes, you should probably dump your plans because it's not going to happen. If your plan is to work at it for a couple years and become a highly skilled modeller, that is definitely doable and you shouldn't give up before you start! It doesn't matter in the slightest if you can't draw yet. You're still young, and it's never too late to learn. But what are your plans exactly? Do you want to go to art school and make a career of this? Or do you want to learn by yourself as a hobby while schooling for something else? Both can work. Regardless, just keep modelling and don't get discouraged that your work doesn't look like the pro's yet. Practice a little every day, and maybe start worrying if in two months you haven't improved at all ... but that won't happen, trust me ;D
  6. captainmikey

    2D animation program

    Quote:Original post by SiCrane On the whole After Effects is fairly nice for doing motion graphics animations. Huh? Maybe I don't know how to use it right, but I found it disgustingly unstreamlined. For each frame, you have to add a layer, paste your frame into that layer, then add an animation frame, then select every previous animation frame and hide the layer that you just added in them (since new layers default to visible in every frame). WTH.
  7. captainmikey

    But what if the NPCs ARE telepathic?

    I guess it depends on the hive's "personality", but would they even let you into their city? To a society that could hear each other's thoughts, an outsider seems like a high-risk, unpredictable factor that would be feared or at least regarded with extreme suspicion. It would be like letting a stranger with a ski mask into your home - even if they allowed it, you'd be watched too closely to get away with anything.
  8. captainmikey

    Hi, I need help with a school's project...

    Ooo, I dug up a link I'd read some time ago that might help. The pledge algo, or Tremaux's may be what you're looking for. Maze Solving Techniques
  9. captainmikey

    Need a book suggestion: 2D Art

    I just wanted to say that there's no "artistic talent", only practice. If instead of programming you had spent all that time drawing, you'd be a great artist ;D I haven't heard of any books specifically for drawing game art, but such a book probably wouldn't be much use. Learning to draw in general will improve your work, and for that I've heard good stuff about Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Good luck!
  10. Oooh, I see what you're saying. Since the target vector is constantly changing it's a much more complex problem o_O I briefly tried thinking of things in terms of "motion curves". Thrusting perpendicular to your velocity would result in a "medium" curve, with constant speed. Thrusting with an angle less than 90 degrees (between facing and velocity) would result in a wider (widening?) curve with increasing speed. More than 90 would give a tightening curve but slow you down. But then there's the latency of having to change orientation... I think you're looking at an AI problem here (or a simplification like ajas95 posted), because the mathematical approach seems horrifying :D I'd be interested to hear about what you come up with.
  11. captainmikey

    Friction force (Fluid - Plane

    First hit on Google for "fluid friction" yielded this equation: fdrag = -0.5CρAv2 C = numerical drag coeff, ρ = fluid density, A = area, v = velocity from http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/airfri2.html I imagine C will be nigh impossible to calculate, so you'll have take a guess at it. Given that a sphere has C = 0.5 and an extremely irregular surface has C = 2 (from the same site), an airplane would probably be--well, less than 0.5, but your guess is as good as mine :P
  12. captainmikey

    Allegro SpeedHack 2005 - 38 Games

    What a fantastic contest! I would love to get in on something like this, but I haven't been able to finish anything with infinite time, so 72 hours seems unlikely :P I'm not through them all yet, but maybe people could post which game(s) they liked the best.
  13. captainmikey

    the best way of head modeling

    If the face you're drawing is symmetrical it's much, much easier to only model one half. You'll need to create a "linked duplicate" (meaning any changes you make to the original affect the dupe as well) which you mirror along the symmetry plane and place next to the original so you can see what the whole head will look like. I'm not exactly sure how to create a "linked duplicate" in 3D Studio though.
  14. Do the ships have a maximum velocity? If not, to get there the fastest you'd want to accelerate continuously for the first half of the trip, then slam on the brakes for the entire second half. You'd be going way too fast to handle anything along the way though :P Okay, the simplest way I can think of is a two-step approach. First, eliminate any velocity perpendicular to the target vector, then simply solve the 1D problem. For step one you get the perpendicular velocity vp, then just thrust in the opposite direction until vp is zero: u = Unit vector pointing to target. v = Velocity. vp = v - dot(u,v)*u Is that good enough?
  15. captainmikey

    Progress so Far (movie!!)

    Solo project?! Wow, colour me impressed :D I'm surprised you're having trouble recruiting people! I bet if you got just tossed some slightly prettier art in there people would jump all over it.
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