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  1. RLE Decompress

    Whoops, updated my post to reflect the correct value for raw pixel count. Thanks Erik.
  2. RLE Decompress

    RLE TGAs have 2 types of run headers. A leading byte of 0-127 indicates the number of raw pixels - 1 to read (no RLE encoding). A leading byte of 128-255 indicates the number of times a pixel is repeated + 127. Thus a value of 2 means "read 3 pixels (2 + 1)", while a value of 129 means "read 1 pixel, and repeat it 2 times" (129-127). (Fixed incorrect value for number of raw pixels, Thanks Erik Rufelt) [Edited by - terminate on November 1, 2010 4:30:45 PM]
  3. Which book to get next?

    The first GPU Gems is now available in its entirety Here
  4. GDNet at the Movies: Live Long and Prosper!

    Quote:Original post by curtmax_0 - The cast was waaayyy too young. It was like watching that section in episode 200 of Stargate. The cast isn't THAT much younger than the original cast. Ages based on the start of the original series. Name | Original | Recent | Kirk | 35 | 29 | Spock | 25 | 32 | Mccoy | 46 | 37 | Uhura | 34 | 31 | Scotty| 46 | 39 | Sulu | 29 | 37 | Chekov| 30 | 20 |
  5. [C++] Critique my debug header

    The biggest problem I see at a glance is __DATE__, __TIME__ and __TIMESTAMP__ are constants defined by the preprocessor when it is run. Therefore calling PRINT_DATE will always print the date on which the file was compiled, not the current date.
  6. C++ how to cout variable inside quotation marks?

    You need to close your quotes before you try to output anything else. #include <iostream> int main() { int a = 147; std::cout<< "She said, \"You " << a << " deserve a treat!\""; }
  7. Regular expression help

    If you are using visual studio you can use the dollowing syntax: Find: \#define:Wh+{:i}:Wh+{:hx:h} Replace: const uint8 \1 = \2; :Wh+ matches 1 or more whitespace characters (tabs/spaces) :i matches C++ identifier (DIK_KEYCODE in this case) :h matches a hex number { } groups the matches together and \1 and \2 are the first and second grouping
  8. Long respanwn time to encourage self-preservation?

    I think one thing that hasn't been touched on yet is group play. An MMO includes challenges that are meant to be beaten by groups of people (hence the Multiplayer part...). Because players are only human they tend to make mistakes or things happen beyond their control. A long respawn timer will discourage group play. I mean who wants to log in just to get killed right away when your one of your teammates' cats jumps on his lap and barfs all over the keyboard? It also deeters people from working together. You lose one person early on in the fight, forget trying to help the others, I am running out of here so I don't die, seeya suckers. In addition, many groups or guilds would constantly be unable to do stuff because two or three of their players decided to play yesterday and accidentally got killed. Extreme death penalties also prevent people from going into new content. People want to play the game, not go into unknown or new content and risk getting locked out for 3 days. To counter that developers would make the content easier, and that takes away all the risk that you claim to want. In short, an MMO with long lockouts is going to be a failure. Buy game, log on, get eaten by wolf because you don't know how to play yet, find out you are locked out for 3 days, cancel subscription, uninstall game. Ultimately I think there should be a penalty for death. However it has to be small enough so that people are willing to take on new challenges. Playing cautiously is one thing, but playing the game in constant fear of dying only limits what the players can and will try. Why try to beat CoolNewMonster when I can beat up OldMonster for 1/2 the xp with little or no risk? I like the idea of multiple death penalties. You can either pay a fee to be resurrected (easy way out) or you can do a ghost-quest, perhaps as mentioned above become a monster and kill another player or fight your way out of the underworld. However the longer and harder paths need to come with some benefit. A small stat buff, xp buff, unique items, or other small incentives would go a long way.
  9. Permadeath

    Short answer, no, I would not play a game that had perma-death in it in either fashion described. Time limited characters would just piss me off. I spent a lot of time working on this character whether it be skills or gear or whatever just to have to do it all over again? no thanks. As for the second, all it would do would make the average gamer afraid to try anything as he might die. I enjoy a challenge in games, but a challenge that if I fail I have to start my character all over again is not a challenge, its just stress. I do not enjoy being forced to start over for any reason. Having my character wiped out because someone jumped me while I was on the phone would just cause me to stop playing. While I agree with your sentiments about not being able to affect the world you play in, I fail to see how permadeath would change that at all.
  10. Open packaging question for the readers

    Personally I prefer This type of case. They are extremly sturdy, small, easy to mail and protect the CDs well. For an inexpensive product I would combine option 3 or 4 with this type of case. They start at about $0.22/ea (carton of 200) from the site above and go down as you buy more. _Evan
  11. My free list

    Irfanview is the best image viewer on the planet. It is extremly fast to load, supports every format I have ever needed, and has tools built in to convert between formats. Also has plugins to support viewing/listening to tons of video and audio formats and more advanced image manipulation.
  12. Stuff

    Make sure your router settings are set up to connect to B devices. My router has 3 settings, B only, B and G, and G Only. If you are on the last one, your PDA wouldn't be able to connect.
  13. Usage Control

    Quote: For those of you who said to have it require having the CD in the drive... do you know how easy it is to mount the game to a emulated drive and play it? Very easy using programs such as dameontools, I do it for most of my games to keep from needing to hunt out the CD and for speed reasons. I think some interesting discussion has gone on here today. Here is a simple list of my "wants and needs" when I am playing a game. - Do not attempt to hide stuff on my computer (Sony, Turbotax) - Internet connectivity will be available when the game is installed (for activation etc) but may not be afterwards. I like to play games on my laptop and its not unusual for me to be in places that do not have network connections, friends houses, airports, etc. - It should be able to be simultaneously installed on both of my computers. This may require two activations, one of which may be a more involved process, that is ok. But I do not want to have to do anything special if I am playing the game on my desktop and suddenly have to travel with my laptop. The other problem I see with your scheme that I do not see addressed is what if the server goes down? -E
  14. Usage Control

    How does this system allow me to play the game on both my laptop and on my desktop, two systems that would have different hardware keys on which I am the primary user? I think requiring the internet EVERY TIME you start up the game is, for lack of a better word, asinine. People play games in places that do not have internet connections all the time. What about users on dialup? Needing to connect (30+ sec) then authenticate, then disconnect would be a horrendous pain in the ass every time you started the game. Keep in mind that a large number of households still use dialup in the US. Now, if you want to do a one time activation I would agree with that, but needing to activate every time? out of the question. Even Half-life 2 only had to connect once, and look how much outrage there was over that. I can say with certainty that if the game needs to connect to the internet every time it is played, and is not an online game, I will not be playing it. Not only because I disagree with the concept, but because it is wholly impractical for me to be connected at all times. Quote: HL2's protection is annoying, but I still own a copy of the game and I suck it up and make sure i'm on the net before I play. However, to play singleplayer you only had to connect to the net once. After that you could set Steam to offline mode and play the singleplayer all you want. -Evan
  15. coding in a darkened room

    I have a small desk light in the computer room that bumps the ambient light up a little. This cuts down on my eye strain as well as allows me and my roomates to move about without killing ourselves. -E